December 04, 2020

Friday Night Photos

I have no idea what to write about today! I figured I'd just go through my camera roll and find some pictures that I could post. I can't remember what I've already shared, so hopefully these aren't duplicates! Anyway, here are some Friday night photos...

I was in the mood to play Grandma's Game recently--it's been a long time! We had a lot of rainy days in a row and it felt like a good time to break out the cards. I lost, as always. (Here is a video tutorial I made of how to play the game.)

I came across this in my Instagram feed and I was totally confused for a minute until I realized... Waaaaait a secoooond... (I wish I could spell out how Jerry and I say that "Wait a second" phrase... but it sounds like how I wrote it, kind of...? Anyway.)

I walked into the bedroom while Jerry was sleeping and saw Estelle sleeping on top of him. I thought it was super cute, so I took a photo. (And judging by the window sill, you can see that I really need to either make or buy nightstands soon!)

I know that Euchre is a midwest thing, so many of you probably don't understand why this is worthy of a picture. But this is legit the first hand I was dealt in Euchre when we played last week! Serious question: Would you call trump if you had this hand? (I didn't--I tend to play conservatively. And as awesome as it looks, it's a losing hand!)

I wanted to find a meme of Frank Gallagher to text someone a couple of days ago and I found this picture of him with the caption "If 2016 was a person..." and I just had to redo it for 2020. I'm so sad that the final season of Shameless is starting soon. It's been my very favorite show of all time since it started!

I'm pretty excited to read this book! As you know, I LOVED The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. This book takes place prior to The Pillars. I very rarely buy books, but I didn't want to wait on this one to become available at the library! Besides, I had Amazon credits to use :)

I finished two more scrub caps for Jeanie. I figured out what I was doing wrong with the pattern, and corrected that. (I'm going to try to turn the pattern into a PDF for a couple of you that volunteered to make some caps! Hopefully I do that in the next couple of days.)

I was FREEZING in the garage, so I made a little sewing station near the heater that's on the ceiling. I had to rearrange some things, but I love that I managed to make a little nook for me to sew. I used to have to drag everything out in the house and take up the table space while I worked on things. Working in the garage is nice! The heater still doesn't heat the garage enough for me, so I bought a mini space heater to set on the table for my hands. It should be here tomorrow, I think.

My friend Jessica posted this on Facebook, and I laughed because it's totally true :)

As you know, I love memes--and this one seemed so appropriate. I feel so bad for the teachers trying to work things out while everything else just goes to shit right now!

Finally, we can play "find Duck" in this photo. The kittens are hilarious with the tree! They've broken God-only-knows how many bulbs and the tree is pretty much bare at this point. Bahaha! Thankfully, we've accepted that this is why don't have nice things ;)


  1. That's hilarious, the cat in the tree!

    1. I know! He blends in so well with those bright eyes :)

  2. This made me smile! I love memes!

    1. Me too! There are memes for just about everything I'm thinking, haha.

  3. I love "sampler" posts like these, with lots of different things going on! I know nothing about Euchre, but to be dealt 4 of a kind is pretty amazing!

    Those scrub caps are pretty cool; I know Jeanie will be so happy with them because you took the time to make them. And I like your sewing station! I'd probably do sewing if I didn't have to lug everything out and then put it away again. Your caddy is pretty nifty as well. I'd be interested in a little photo tour of it. I have my stuff in plastic bins and an old dresser.

    1. In Euchre, the best hand to have is all one suit, especially if you have the jack of that suit--and even better, if you have the same color jack from another suit. (For example, the jack of clubs, jack of spades, and then the rest of the hand would ideally be high cards of either clubs or spades). The best cards in the game are jacks, as long as they are what is determined to be the "trump" suit. So confusing, I know! But by having all four jacks, the hand was really no good because I didn't have enough of one suit to win three tricks (hands). Too bad we weren't playing poker! haha.

      The caddy is very neat! I believe it was my grandmother's friend's caddy that her husband made for her. My mom wound up with it and didn't want to get rid of it, so she gave it to me. I'll take pictures and post them sometime :)

  4. I would absolutely call spades on that euchre hand. You are guaranteed to take at least two tricks, so you only need one more! There's a good chance that either your 10 will take one or your partner will be able to get something. It's not foolproof, but I think it has a much higher chance of winning than losing.


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