December 06, 2020

My Answers to the Never Have I Ever Game From Yesterday

I hope this was fun to think about/guess! (If you missed yesterday's post, I said that there were five items on the list that I've never done and I asked you to guess what they were--with an Amazon gift card up for grabs to those who get it right!) It's interesting to see the responses, and I think everyone got at least one or two correct. So here goes... I'll go through each item and explain the yes or no.

Skipped school
Yes, I have done this. There was an auto shop class I took in high school and my friend Jake and I used to go get fast food during class! Sadly, auto shop was probably one of the most useful classes I could have taken. Wish I had paid attention.

Broken a bone
YES! I've written several times on my blog about how I severely broke my jaw in 2010. You can read the whole sordid story here.

Fired a gun
Other than shooting BB guns when I was a kid, I got to try out shooting my brother's rifle when we were up north a few years ago. I felt so badass--it took forever to line up a shot (at a target--I could never go hunting!). But I liked to imagine I looked like a sniper ;) This is a cool slow motion video--I love how the shell casing flies at the camera.

Done drugs
So many of you guessed this one! I actually can say that I have done this--but only marijuana! I had hoped it would help with my back pain, and my doctor even suggested trying it (medicinal). However, it triggers depressive episodes for me. I also smoked it a couple of times for recreational use but it never really did anything for me.

Been in a limo
I was a bridesmaid in my siblings' weddings, and I can't remember whose (maybe both?) wedding transported us by limo to the reception.

Gotten a tattoo
Yes, I have a tattoo. And I hate it! I've written about it here because people always used to ask me if it was a mole. And I got emails telling me I should get it checked for melanoma. Haha! It's *supposed* to be a ladybug on my toe. When I used to do Wednesday Weigh-Ins, it was obviously visible in the photo. I got it when I was 18. I'll never get another!

Ridden a horse
I've ridden a horse a few times in my life (I have a photo on one when I was very young, but I don't remember it. I rode one at 5th and 6th grade camp. The last time I rode one was in 2002 when I was at a girls' weekend at a ranch.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was just barely pregnant with Noah. I remember thinking that I was supposed to start my period that weekend, and it was late. When I was on the horse, I told my friend Sarah, "Man, if this doesn't make me start my period, nothing will!" because it was so bumpy. I took a pregnancy test when I got home and it was positive :)

Here is a picture of my mom and me--I was probably three years old. 

Sung karaoke
Nope! I've never done it. I am way too shy and self-conscious (not to mention I can't carry a tune!). I've always wished I was outgoing enough to do it and not care what other people think, but I would feel super awkward. Even after several drinks.

Gotten a ticket
Yes, I've gotten probably about four tickets in my lifetime for speeding. The most recent was a few years ago. I was super upset, because I hadn't gotten a ticket before that since college! I actually wrote about my most recent speeding ticket on this post

Now, I am actually really good at following the speed limit (I might go a few mph over, and even then, people pass me). I'm not in such a hurry, and even if I am, I know that speeding will only get me there a minute or so faster--it's just not worth the risk of a ticket or causing an accident.

Been arrested
Nope! I've never been arrested. I've never even done anything that I could probably get arrested for, actually. I am pretty law-abiding!

Gone zip-lining
Yes! It was one of the first posts I wrote about on my blog. I went to Tennessee with my family, where we rented a cabin in the mountains for a week. We all went zip-lining and it was a blast! (Interestingly, I'm not scared of it.) Left to right: Jerry, Shawn, Jeanie, Brian, me, my dad. Here is the post I wrote about it.

Doing a fancy awkward trick of flipping upside down, haha...

Been on TV
Well. I'm not sure whether to be humble, to brag, to toot my own horn just a little, or to be embarrassed! Hahaha. I've been on TV a few times. I was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show for his 400th episode--it featured weight loss success stories. I was on The Today Show to talk about the From Fat to Finish Line documentary, and when I got home from Florida, I had to go to the news station to appear on the very early 6:00 Channel 4 news in Detroit.

And then, of course, there was the feature length documentary, From Fat to Finish Line--I still can't believe that you could find me on Netflix! Now it's no longer on Netflix, but you can find it on Amazon Prime. You can read about the individual 15 minutes of fame--including magazine, newspaper, and podcast interviews--on this page.

Been on a cruise
Nope! I've never been on a cruise, and honestly, I don't have any desire to go on one. I'm not a fan of the water. I am not entirely scared of it, but I think I'd actually be more comfortable flying on an airplane than I would be on a cruise! (And that is saying a lot, because I had the biggest phobia of flying for a VERY long time--to the point that I wouldn't go on any trips.)

This is a dinner cruise (I don't think this counts as a cruise!) in the Detroit River in 2017. You can see the ambassador bridge in the background (the bridge to Canada). I love this picture of my mom and me. We were there for a family reunion on my dad's side.

Gotten a piercing
Of course! I've had several, but I really love ear piercings. When I was 18, I got my eyebrow pierced. I probably only left it in for a year or so. Jerry and I wanted my parents to take our relationship more seriously, so we thought we'd be more "mature" and take the eyebrow piercings out (he had one too). Looking back, I regret it! I liked the piercing.

When I was probably 20, I actually got my nipple pierced--kind of on a dare! It was awful and I didn't leave it in long. (No picture of that, haha!)

I got my nose pierced when I was 25, and I still have it--I love it.

I had my lobes pierced since I was very young--second grade, maybe? I got a second piercing in my lobes in high school. I pierced my own cartilage (helix) at about 16 years old--stupid of me. It's at an awkward angle. Pierced it a second time just above the other shortly after, but removed that one and it closed. A few years ago, I had my rook, conch, and tragus pierced (all cartilage piercings). This picture was just after getting my rook and conch piercings (notice how red my ear is!)

My favorite to get done was my tragus. Eli wanted to get his ears pierced, so I took him to a tattoo/piercing shop (rather than get them done at the mall!) and to do something special with him, I got my tragus pierced as well. It was a fun mother/son bonding time! ;)

Smoked (I'm assuming this means cigarettes)
I've never been "a smoker", but I did try smoking once or twice when I was a teenager. Thankfully, I thought it was totally gross. The first boy I ever kissed was a smoker and I knew right then I could never be with a smoker.

Met a celebrity
I just wrote a post about celebrities recently! The most famous of the people I've met was probably Dr. Oz. I met him in 2009 at a small seminar about women's health. Then I met him again when I was a guest on the show.

Been skydiving
Nope, nope, nope, nope. You couldn't pay me enough money to jump out of an airplane! I did, however, do something WAY out of my comfort zone that is about as close to skydiving as I will ever get. My brother's college roommate has a tiny one-engine airplane called the Breezy--it had no top, sides, and barely a bottom.

Even though I nearly threw up at the thought of it (I literally dry-heaved over the toilet before I went up) I wanted to do something totally unlike me. And I LOVED it. I cried--ugly cried--while we taxied and then as soon as we lifted off the ground, I felt so calm and peaceful. It was amazing!!

Had a one-night stand
Nope, never done this. And almost all of you guessed this one correctly! Jerry and I have been together (very happily) since we were 17 and 18.

Skinny dipped
Yes! I was on a girls weekend with a few friends, and we had SO much fun drinking wine on the beach and taking goofy pictures. (One of the girls' in-laws owns a house on a lake with a very secluded/private beach.) There was a gorgeous "moon rise" over the water and the night was so quiet and still. Someone suggested skinny dipping, and we all shrugged and agreed to it. Not in a "girls gone wild" kind of way! Just in a holy-cow-this-night-is-beautiful-and-I'm-swimming-naked kind of way.

Been drunk
Hey, I went to a university and lived in the dorms--I had my share of alcohol, which certainly contributed to the 20 pounds I gained in the first semester! I didn't drink before college, so I was inexperienced. Once I tried Mike's Hard Lemonade, that became my drink of choice--blech! I don't regret being stupid in college--I had so much fun with my roommates and thankfully, no harm was done. I'm just glad that social media wasn't around back then ;)

These are my college roommates. On the far left is my friend Sarah who now lives in Arizona (I mention her now and then on my blog). The other two girls I didn't know ahead of time--they were just assigned to our dorm. We got really lucky! They were great roommates. I found out several years later that Kelly, in front, actually had a baby boy the same day that I had Noah. Interesting!

Well, there you have it... five things from the list that I've never done:
Sung karaoke
Been arrested
Gone on a cruise
Been skydiving
Had a one-night stand

Out of all the responses, there were seven people who got them all correct. I will only count six of those, because Jerry was one of them ;)  And FOUR of them were anonymous people, so I can't give you credit--but nice job!

The two people who got them all correct were Kate and Cheryl. Since there were only two of you, I'm going to send each of you an Amazon gift card, so check your email!

I hope it was fun trying to guess and possible learn a few things you didn't already know about me. I'd *love* to hear that I'm not the only one who got 15 points on this thing...? Haha! Please share if you are up for it!


  1. Hi Katie, I'm so stoked and can't believe I was one of the winners. I am a longtime reader but I rarely comment because I cant figure it out from my phone and thats where I usually read your blog from (I seriously think my grandma is better at technology than me)...anyway, I apologize for not commenting more. My score on the never have I ever is a 10...I have led a boring life:)

  2. I think I got at least 3 correct!! My score for the game is 4 😳😬😆

  3. Oops and my score of 4, I mean there’s only 4 things on the list that I haven’t done!!

  4. Thanks for the gift card Katie. I was so excited to see that I got them right. I am a long time reader but had to go with my gut on a couple of them. This was a really fun post!

  5. Dang I only got one wrong! I thought for sure you would have sang karaoke like in college or something! Lol that was fun though! I got 11 on the game for myself!

  6. Holy smokes! There are 12 on the list I haven't done! I always knew I was sheltered, but geez!

  7. There are 7 I haven't done!
    - Never fired a gun
    - Never done drugs
    - Never smoked
    - Never been arrested
    - Never gone skydiving
    - Never had a 1 night stand
    - Never skinny dipped

  8. Frequent Reader Infrequent CommenterDecember 08, 2020

    Our lists are almost exactly the same! Swap out getting a ticket (I haven't) for karaoke (I have) and the rest are the same. That's kind of funny!

  9. There are 11 things I haven't done. I've never broken a bone (maybe I'm too careful, haha), fired a gun (not for lack of desire!), gotten a tattoo (I want to, but it is low on my priority list right now), been arrested, gone zip lining, been on a cruise (I'd be interested in it, but my husband is not), been on TV, smoked (though there was one time I was drunk enough that it actually looked appealing!), been skydiving (hell no, never never never), had a one night stand, skinny dipped.

  10. Only one I haven't done is getting a tattoo (and I never will)!

  11. I almost had them all right.I thought you never have been on a horse instead of a cruise.


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