December 20, 2020

An Afternoon With Shelby

This weekend went by far too quickly. It was such a relaxing few days!

Jerry's sister, Laura, and her husband, Chris, brought Shelby (my littlest niece!) over today. Shelby just turned one, and it was great to see her. Because of the social distancing regulations this year, we haven't seen much of them--or anyone--at all.

Shelby's birthday was on December 2 (which is actually the same as Laura's) so we had a birthday present for her. And we also had a couple of Christmas presents to give her. For her birthday, we got her a little chair/bed similar to one that Noah had when he was little (it was his favorite thing for a long time)--and then we got one for Luke and one for Riley. So naturally, we had to get one for Shelby :)

Chick totally thought it was his after Shelby opened the box...

Shelby was fascinated by the cats. Duck is absolutely terrified of children (no idea why--but he's a HUGE scaredy cat of pretty much everything). Chick is curious about kids and he's not scared of them. I just have to be careful not to let him "play" with the kids because he likes to play by rabbit kicking and grabbing things with his paws (i.e. claws).

They visited for a couple of hours and it was fun to play with Shelby--her smile is SUPER heart-melting. 

It was great to have a relaxing weekend because the kids go back to school tomorrow. Michigan has reopened a lot of public gathering places over the last couple of days. I think it's a little ridiculous that the kids go back to school tomorrow because their Christmas break starts on Wednesday. So, they'll have school for two days and then they'll be off for two weeks.

As of right now, these are the new guidelines:

I'm glad that the COVID cases are decreasing, but I hope that this doesn't cause it to spike again. I'm surprised that things like movie theaters, bowling alleys, and gyms are open. 

Once the kids go back to school after Christmas break, they'll be going in-person for four days a week. I've gotten so used to them being home every day, it's going to feel so odd! I like having them home, but I really miss having time to myself to clean--I used to deep clean/organize their bedrooms every once in a while and I can't even remember the last time I did that. (Yes, I make them clean their own rooms, but it needs a "mom cleaning" now and then!)

In other news, I bought a winter coat today :)  After yesterday's post, someone commented with a link to a coat on Poshmark that looked very similar to my old coat. Then I just fell down the rabbit hole that is Poshmark (how did I not know of it before?).

I found several coats that I liked (similar to the one I posted yesterday) and eventually picked one and bought it. I'll post a photo once I get it. I'm just excited to have a winter coat that fits me! The one I've been wearing during my morning walks is an old one of Jerry's--it's really big and boxy. I like that I can fit a bunch of stuff in the pockets and I can wear heavier shirts underneath it, but it's not very comfortable. Let's just hope that the one I bought today fits well!

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  1. LOVE Poshmark. I really wanted a dress from Athleta but it was more than I wanted to spend. Poshmark had it new with tags for a third of what it had cost on the website!


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