December 01, 2009

Baby Earflap Hat (a free crochet pattern!)

A neighbor and friend of mine asked me to make a hat to photograph her niece in for Christmas. She showed me a picture online of what she had in mind, so I created this for her. It turned out really cute, so I wanted to share the pattern. This is about a 0-3 month size, but I'm sure it'd be easy to make larger by increasing the hook size and/or making a couple extra increase rows.

This is my first crochet pattern I've written, so I apologize if it's not as clear as it should be. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to help!

Here is a printer-friendly version of the pattern!

1 skein Sugar 'n' Cream cotton for main color (MC) (or any worsted weight yarn)
small amount of contrasting color (CC)
G hook (4.5 mm)
tapestry needle for weaving in ends

sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
hdc- half-double crochet
dc- double crochet
st- stitch
ch- chain


HAT: The hat is worked from the top down. Earflaps are added seamlessly. Then the CC is worked around the whole hat.

Using MC, ch 2. (Or you can do a magic ring--here is a tutorial for that. I like to do the magic ring, but it's hard to write out, so I wrote the pattern without using the magic ring)
6 sc into the second ch from hook, and join with a sl st to first sc.
Ch 1 (counts as sc here and throughout), sc in same st, 2 sc in each sc around. Join with a sl st to first sc. (12 sc)
Ch1, sc in same st, sc in next, *2 sc in next, sc in next*--Repeat between *'s around. Join with sl st. (18 sc)
Ch1, sc in same st, sc in next two sts, *2 sc in next, sc in next two sts* --Repeat between *'s around. Join with sl st. (24 sc)
Ch1, sc in same st, sc in next three sts, *2 sc in next, sc in next three sts* --Repeat between *'s around. Join with sl st. (30 sc)

Continue rounds in this manner, increasing by 6 sc in each round, until you have 60 sc.

Ch 1, sc in each sc around, join with a slip stitch. Repeat this round until you have a total of 24 rounds (counting from the very first round at the top of the hat). Finish off and break yarn.


I've put the stitch counts here to center the earflaps, but this doesn't have to be exact. You just want to have the "seam" in the back, and the earflaps centered on each side. You can just eyeball it if you don't want to count out the stitches. You should have 16 sts between earflaps (in front and back)

Hold hat right side up, with the "seam" facing you. Count about 6 sts (doesn't have to be exact--you're just trying to make the seam in the back of the hat, with the ear flaps on either side) to the right of the seam. Flip hat over, and join MC yarn with a sc at that stitch.

Sc 13 more sts across, for a total of 14. Turn.
Ch1, skip first sc, sc in each sc across. (13 sts) Turn.
Repeat this last row until you have just 1 sc. Finish off.

Holding hat upside down, count 16 sts to the left of earflap #1. Join yarn, and work second earflap as you did for the first. Finish off.

Using CC, join with sc in back of hat (where the "seam" is).

Sc around the hat until you get to the bottom of an earflap. Ch18, then sc in second ch from hook. Sc in each ch up to the earflap, and continue to sc around hat. (Work the second earflap the same way). Join to first sc in back of hat, and finish off. Weave in ends.

You can leave the hat how it is, or if you'd like to add the flower, here is how I made the flower:

Using CC, ch 3.
Rnd 1: Work 12 dc in second chain from hook, and join to first sc with a sl st.
Rnd 2: Working in FRONT LOOPS ONLY, *3 hdc in next st, then sl st in next st*, around. This will form 5 little "petals".
Rnd 3: Then, working in BACK LOOPS ONLY from round 1, *work 5 dc in next st, sl st in next st*, around. This will form 5 larger petals behind the small ones.
Finish off and sew onto the hat.

(Copyright notice: This pattern may not be sold or republished without my written permission. You may post links to the pattern, but may not reproduce the pattern. Thanks for understanding!)

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