December 29, 2020

Christmas Staycation

This year has not been great. I think pretty much everyone can agree on that.

Jerry and I were planning to take the kids to San Francisco back in April and we decided to cancel our trip because of COVID. We'd planned for that vacation and we were so excited about going. At the time, I had no idea how big the COVID pandemic was going to get. We hoped we could reschedule our trip for fall. Now, I'm wondering if we can even plan something for 2021.

Anyway, Jerry had vacation days that he hadn't used because we didn't go anywhere, so he took a few vacation days this week to be home for Christmas. He's had the last seven days off in a row, and we treated it as a staycation. A very LAZY staycation! I saw this on Facebook today and could relate, 100%:

Jerry and I both checked that off our list this week ;)  Other than a few necessary things we had to get done, we spent the last week watching Grey's Anatomy (I'm ashamed to even estimate how many episodes we've watched). It's even gotten to the point where we BOTH have dreams about Grey's!

The kittens woke us up yesterday (Duck likes to play fetch in the mornings and always brings us something to throw for him) and I groaned that I was having a good dream but I couldn't remember what it was about. I thought hard for a minute and then remembered that it was a dream that I was kissing Jackson from Grey's! Hahahaha.

I also worked on the wood project I mentioned, but it's still not done. The whole thing is put together, but I still have to paint it. I put on a coat of primer, but it was so cold in the garage that the primer was not spreading well at all. I'm going to have to sand the whole thing and try it again. 

Jerry checked out the heater in the garage a little bit and discovered that it's not actually working--it's blowing out air, but not hot air. So, we're going to have to look into that. The propane heater wasn't lighting on the day I tried priming... so clearly it just wasn't meant to happen, I guess! But the project is very cool and I'm excited to post about it. I'll try to finish it ASAP.

We had a couple of movie nights with the kids and played some board games. I still walked Joey every morning. But mostly, we watched Grey's Anatomy and Jerry gave himself a terrible haircut. Haha! Today, he asked me to see if I could fix his hair. There was no possible way to fix it other than shaving it all off completely, but I told him I'd at least cut the sides and back shorter and see if it would make the bald patch less noticeable. Now, instead of looking like a mistake, it just looks like a really bad haircut. If I posted a photo, it would turn into a meme for sure!

I had another appointment with my psychiatrist today, and I'm feeling very relieved. A couple of weeks ago, when I talked to him (we have to do "telehealth" appointments--video chat), he said that he was going to be closing his practice next month. I was shocked. A month's notice to find a new psychiatrist?!

He'd said, " you may want to start looking for a new psychiatrist. But we can talk about that more in a couple of weeks during your appointment." I assumed that meant he was retiring. I was feeling super overwhelmed at the thought of finding a new psychiatrist.

During my appointment today, I learned that he's not actually retiring--he's closing his practice and moving to a different practice quite a bit farther away. I only have an appointment once every six months unless I request to see him in between, so I have no problem making the drive (roughly an hour and fifteen minutes). 

I should have just asked him more about it during my last video chat so I didn't spend the last two weeks with it hanging over my head! Finding a new psychiatrist is extremely difficult--there are waiting lists for all of them. And I really like my doctor, so I am glad that I can keep seeing him.

Jerry goes back to work tomorrow, so it's back to reality around here. I don't have any New Year's plans, so I'm just going to start preparing myself for a fresh start in 2021. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I love New Year's resolutions and I've been working on a list for a while now. I always write a few goals to work on--the start of a new year just seems so fresh.

I'll post about those on January 1st--because it's cliché  ;)


  1. Sounds like an amazing stay-cation! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. So if I transform myself into a couch, will Eugene sit on my lap? ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to your New Year's resolutions too, Katie! I am a dork about them as well and have been brainstorming over the past week. And with respect to New Year's goals, I'm super impressed at how you've posted every single day this year! Congratulations on the streak!

  4. Happy New Year Katie and thank you for always bringing realistic, entertaining content to your blog! I value your wit, enthusiasm and especially your grit :)


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