December 02, 2020

My December "To Do" List

Even though I didn't exactly follow my list last month, writing down some things I wanted to get done actually did help me. For this list, I'm going to print it and hang it on the fridge where I will see it frequently. And hopefully I'll get the full list done!

***Prep my goal planner for the new year. For the particular goal planner that I recently bought (Amazon affiliate link), there are a lot of pages to fill out about goals in all areas of my life and then mapping out how to reach them. I want to take time working on that and really thinking about what I'd like to accomplish.

***Empty my inbox! I am so so so bad at keeping up with emails. It would feel great to start the new year without feeling bad about taking so long to reply to people. 

***Buy some winter clothes for walking. Walking in the cold is so different from running in the cold! When I was running, I'd warm up fast and I didn't need to bundle up. It's not even winter yet, but I have felt miserably cold sometimes while walking. And I never know how to dress! It's odd that it's completely different from running. I just have to learn as I go.

***Touch up the paint in the kitchen in the spots that have gotten dinged here and there. This was on last month's list, too, but I didn't do it. I also need to replace the caulk. 

***Make a list of projects for 2021. I'd like to have things lined up so I always have something to work on. I love to work on projects, but after finishing the garage, I haven't been able to think of something that really excites me (other than building nightstands, but I've already written my problems with that).

***Deep clean each room of the house. From top to bottom, I want to make it feel like it did just after I was done remodeling. It's not filthy now, but I want to clean all the spots that usually get ignored for too long (like the ceiling fans, baseboards, nooks and crannies in the windows, etc.

***Read one book. I was reading a lot the past few months (the 10 pages a day goal helped me go through books quickly--usually because I'd get caught up in them and keep reading) but I haven't been reading at all the past few weeks. So if I can finish just one book this month, I'll be happy with that!

Okay, I think that's enough for now--the cleaning and the inbox alone will take up 90% of my time, hahaha. I'm going to plan out a schedule specifically for these tasks so that I don't forget about them or put them off until the last minute. I can chip away at them a little at a time!


  1. I just bought some fleece lined leggings from Old Navy that are GREAT for walking in the cold (and cozy for just hanging out in the house too :) )

  2. When you find the winter walking clothes that work well for you, could you write about that? Definitely a barrier for me walking outside...Thanks!


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