October 29, 2018


It feels kind of silly that I have a need for a "Media" tab on my blog! ;) I never would have dreamed. My weight loss and blog have gotten some media attention, so I will post that exciting stuff here. Some places you have have seen me around:

The Big Screen:

From Fat to Finish Line, the movie -

What started as a simple relay race (a teamed I formed of many blog readers) turned into a documentary! The film is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix. The story of how this came to be can be found here on my blog.

Daytime Television:

- The Dr. Oz Show -

So much fun! Here are the posts surrounding my appearance on the 400th episode of The Dr. Oz Show in November 2011

- The Today Show -

The Today Show aired on January 10, 2013 after running the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys. Kerry Sanders was in Key West to interview a few of us after the race! I can't even describe what a dream this felt like. You can view the posts from the interviews for the Today Show here. 

- Channel 4 WDIV Detroit -

The day after I arrived home from the Ragnar Relay in Florida, I was asked to do a short interview at my local news station, WDIV Detroit.

In Print:

- Runner's World Magazine -

I was featured in the April 2014 issue of Runner's World magazine, along with my Ragnar Relay Florida Keys teammates. This was SO exciting for me! I love Runner's World.

- Woman's World Magazine -

I was featured in Woman's World magazine (the March 31, 2014 issue) for my weight loss story--the fact that I lost the weight while eating foods that I love:

- Fitness Magazine -

I was extremely honored to be selected by Fitness Magazine as "Best Weight Loss Blog" in their Fitterati awards. Twelve bloggers were named "Fitterati", and we contribute to a blog on the Fitness website, which you can find here.

- Local Newspaper - 

Twice, I've appeared on the front page of my local newspaper (I come from a VERY small town) in regards to my weight loss, my appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, and the production of From Fat to Finish Line.

Podcast Interviews:

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