August 29, 2012

Weekly goals summary

First, the winner of the PlantFusion protein powder giveaway is:
Congrats Xtina S! Please send me an e-mail at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com within 24 hours with your name and address so I can pass it along to the nice people at PlantFusion.

Believe it or not, I actually made it through an entire week of counting calories! It's been a very long time since I've done that, but I know it was necessary to get back on track and lose these extra 10 pounds I've been hanging on to all summer. Unfortunately, I didn't lose a single pound this week, which is totally disheartening. When I saw the scale, I immediately wanted to go buy a doughnut... but then I asked myself, "Will a doughnut really make me feel better for not losing weight?" And I knew the answer was no.

My three weekly goals were:
Food--Log all of my calories on SparkPeople
Fitness--Do the Wii Active twice, along with my scheduled runs
Misc--Complete the sewing project for my sister

I did it--I completed all three goals! Having weekly goals instead of monthly or yearly really helped me to stay focused. And announcing them on the blog helped tremendously, because I would have been too embarrassed to admit if I quit on the first week ;)

My Wii Active calendar:
Workout on the 23rd and the 27th
And finally, the project I had to make for my sister...

She needed (two pairs of) chaps that were easy-on, easy-off, and one-size-fits-most. This is what I came up with--they can fit over any jeans and are adjustable with velcro, so they are easy to put on and take off. Note, these are obviously not "real" chaps--just for photo opps. I don't ask, I just do what I'm told ;)

I had a really hard time coming up with goals for this week, since I'm going to be in Minnesota for three days. But I will try my best to complete these goals:

Food--Not to go too crazy in MN. I will be eating out, I'm sure, and I WILL make healthy choices. I will NOT eat ice cream three times a day like I did in Illinois!
Fitness--To really try for my sub-2:00 half-marathon goal. It's totally okay if I don't make it, but I want to at least say I tried.
Misc.--To clean out my bedroom closet (last time, I got too wrapped up in all the stuff I found that I didn't actually clean anything).

I'm getting a little worried about getting to Minnesota on Friday. Renee and I are using buddy passes from my brother, which means we have to fly stand-by. The flights look "okay, but not great"--meaning there are some empty seats, but not a whole lot. The plan is to try and take a flight early Friday morning, and hopefully we'll get on. But if it's full, we'll have to look at other options--either a later flight or a layover (probably in Chicago).

I've flown with buddy passes plenty of times, and never had a problem getting on a flight, but I imagine that since it's a holiday weekend, the flights are fuller than usual. Brian said one way or another, we should be able to get there, but I hate that there is no "guarantee". I knew that when I registered for the race though, so I really can't complain. Just hoping that we don't have any trouble on Friday morning!


  1. I was just looking at flights this weekend using our passes (my mom was a flight attendant) and they were not nearly as full as I expect for the holiday! Fingers crossed you make it!!

  2. I cant wait to hear all about the Women Rock half! That run is on my someday list.

  3. I'm so antsy to hear the recap of the marathon! I' also jealous that you're getting to take SOME kind of trip. I'm in need of a trip soo badly! Good luck and be safe!

  4. Wow! I won! Thank you so so so much! You rock Katie! :D

  5. Katie- I feel the EXACT same way when I try to lose weight and don't!!!! It's almost like I am giving myself a "real" reason why I didn't I tried hard and didn't lose, so might as well eat a donut.....doh!!!!
    Have fun with your half!!!!!!

  6. Well done on tracking your calories for a whole week. I always start out very enthusiastic and then forget all about it by dinner time on the first day!

  7. Good luck with the flight and your goal for the half!!

  8. Katie - way to go on tracking your calories, focus on that instead of the scale. Good job for not going to get a doughnut!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! :D

  9. Those are awesome! I need to get the biggest loser out for the XBOX Kinect again. I should really start doing that a couple times a week again.

  10. Thanks for your wonderful website ! It's been a months I began to run, weighted 200 and now at 186 and I just discovered your blog yesterday ; it helps me a lot on my journey !
    Your blog makes me want to continue running and eating healthy, but in an other hand, it also makes me wanna eat cookie when I see them in the title ahaha !!


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