August 02, 2012

Back to Routine (and a meal plan for the week)

We are back from Rockford now. The day went by so quickly! We lost an hour coming home due to the time zone change, so it feels earlier than it actually is. (The drive was about 6 hours).

Last night at the speedway ended up being a lot of fun! If nothing else, it is really interesting to people-watch. It was $1 beer night, so as you can imagine, the crowd was... fun... to watch. When we first got there, there was a race between two random spectators who wanted to race their cars. I was standing next to the fence that lines the track, and it was terrifying to watch. I kept thinking the car was going to fly right through the fence--Final Destination style.

The announcer came over to us and let the kids talk into the microphone--my kids are shy, but they felt pretty special ;) Eli was being a total sweetheart the whole night, which surprised me. He's been tired lately, and super crabby, so I was happy to see him in a good mood. He even wanted to sit next to me.

This morning, my sister had to go back to work, so I cleaned her house (my kids had totally trashed it) and then we headed out. It felt really good to get home! I actually was missing my kitties. They were really happy to see us.

Jerry and I both agreed not to get on the scale for about a week. I'm SURE we put on some pounds while on vacation (if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know it's not unusual for me to gain 10 pounds while on vacation, from all the eating out and drinks). We had a lot of fun, and I don't regret anything, but I definitely can't wait to get back to my usual routine.

I was amazed at just how sluggish and tired and gross I felt from the crappy food we were eating (crappy meaning unhealthy; not bad-tasting... it tasted wonderful!). I still managed to fit in my workouts--I ran 11 miles and did two Wii Active workouts while at my sisters (in 5 days). I'm happy with that! But I am definitely feeling the effects of eating too much junk.

So I went grocery shopping when I got home. I planned out a general menu for the week:

Breakfasts--eggs with potatoes and green pepper; or oatmeal with usual toppings
Lunches--salad (I'm in a "salad mood" again--I'm sure my body is craving the healthy food!); or homemade lentil soup
  Friday: tofu stir-fry with brown rice
  Saturday: pasta with olive oil, garlic, and asparagus
  Sunday: homemade pizza
  Monday: Mexican Lentils and Rice
  Tuesday: Baked Ziti
  Wednesday: Roasted Tomato & Garlic Soup with Barley
  Thursday: Whole Grain Blueberry Pancakes
Snacks: Ezekiel toast with nut butter; Larabar; fruit; celery or carrots with peanut butter
Dessert: Dove Promises dark chocolate and tea

Scheduled runs are Friday, Monday, and Wednesday; Wii Active workouts are scheduled for Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

I am going to post a weigh-in (no matter how bad it may be) a week from tomorrow.

Anyway, we had a blast at my sisters, but I'm happy to be home and get back to my routine! Right now, Jerry and I are going to catch up on our shows on the DVR :)


  1. glad you had a good trip and I hope the scale is in your favour next week :)

  2. Always good to be home after even the best of vacations! And it's great out got a decent amount of exercise in, even if it's just a bit of damage control. I always weigh in the morning after a vacation- awful, I know, but I like to see the damage I've done and sometimes it encourages me to step it up! I also like seeing those temporary lbs fall away super fast :D If only weight loss was always that quick!

  3. getting back on track after a vacation is tough, but you are smart to have a plan of attack!

  4. Vacations are just! Glad you had a blast. Your menu sounds delish!!

  5. glad you had a wonderful vacation! Quick Question...tell me about the tofu and brown rice? I have never had tofu, but if I mixed it in with something I think my family would eat it. Why do you used it instead of say...chicken?

  6. So glad you had a great time on vacation! Your menu sounds great and thanks for posting the recipes. I have really been struggling to find good but easy meal ideas that are healthy. THANK YOU!! :)

  7. Welcome home!! Thanks for posting your menu. It's something I still struggle with. I noticed you were having pasta one night. You should give Spaghetti squash a try. I now substitute it for pasta in most of my meals and you can hardly tell. It takes the same amount of time or even less (depending on size) than it does to cook pasta. I actually tested this myself. I didn't know if my husband would like it so I cooked him pasta and made my squash and they were both down at the same time. All you do is de-seed it, place the squash halves upside down in a glass dish in microwave, cover with saran wrap (I leave the corner off just a little although the article I read said to cover completely - I'm just scared it will blow up my microwave) and then nuke til soft. It doesn't take half as long as other squashes since the 'meat' inside is less dense. Then when it's done and cooled a little, use a fork to pull out the 'meat' and add your sauce like you normally would. Saves some in calories but get you another serving of vegetables, it's cheaper, and I have found I don't get that gross overly full feeling like with pasta and I'm more satisfied with the flavor. My next adventure will be using zuchinni and yellow squash instead of pasta.

  8. I love to hear you talk about you and Jerry, you guys sound like the cutest.couple.ever.
    Your meal plan sounds good! How does Jerry like not eating meat?

  9. Welcome home! I'm going away for a few days, but I have a feeling I'll do better than usual because I won't have access to lots of food and I'm on my best behavior when there's people around!

  10. We love playing catch up pn DVR shows post vacation!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun, yay!


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