August 10, 2012


Today was supposed to be a rest day, but as I was lying in bed this morning, I thought about how that would mean tomorrow I'd have to come home after running 14 miles and do the Wii Active workout. I know I'm not going to want to do that, so I did the Wii workout this morning.

It was mostly arm and upper body work, so I won't be sore for my long run tomorrow. I actually finished before the kids woke up! They've been sleeping in until about 8:00 lately. Figures, they only have three more weeks of summer vacation and now they start sleeping in.
Workout 17 of 20, done.
I had promised Noah that I would take him to the pool to do a swim test. When we were at the pool in Illinois, he was too scared to go down a slide that went into 5-feet deep water. And then when we went to the beach a couple of days ago, he wanted to take off his life jacket--I told him no, that he had to prove to me that he was a strong swimmer first.

He was really mad at me at the beach, and said that he feels like a baby wearing a life jacket. So I told him that I'd take him to the pool and he would have to swim across the deep end to show me that he was a strong swimmer. I could tell he was scared to do it, and he kept asking if he could just swim where it was "a little bit deep". I said no, that he could do the 12-feet deep part.

So anyway, today was the big day. We went to the pool, and even though I hate to swim, I got in with them. I took them to the deep end, and Noah held on to the side until I told him to let go and swim across. I swam along with him, and he did great (as I knew he would). I knew it would give him a lot more confidence in himself, and I was right.

Eli then did the same thing (he's fearless, though, and was excited to try it). Then Eli asked if he could jump in off the side. I explained that he wouldn't be able to push off the bottom to get to the surface, because it was too deep, but he still wanted to do it, so I said sure. He did awesome! And after he did it, Noah was feeling brave enough to do it too. They did that for a while, and then Eli asked if he could jump off the diving board.

I was nervous about that, because I knew jumping off the diving board would mean he'd go down a lot deeper than he was used to. But his swimming teacher was there with a student (they were the only other people in the pool), and I asked her if she thought he was ready. She said absolutely, so I let him go.

Eli jumped off the diving board, swam up to the surface and to the ladder by himself. Noah watched him do it a couple more times, and then decided he wanted to do it, too. He did great! I was so surprised that he went from not wanting to go down a slide into 5 feet of water last week to jumping off a diving board into 12 feet of water this week. I told him that next time we go to the beach, he won't have to wear his life jacket as long as an adult is in the water with him.
The kids spent two hours jumping and swimming. I spent most of the time treading water for exercise (which is pretty tiring!)

The kids are staying the night with my parents tonight. In the morning, I have my 14-miler and Jerry has a softball tournament. After my run is over, I'm going to come home and shower and get the kids, and then we'll go to Jerry's tournament. I think it's supposed to be an all-day thing.

Since Jerry and I don't have the boys tonight, we have a "date night". But we're trying reeeally hard to save some money, so instead of going to the movies like we would have liked to do, we ended up going to the state park for a three-mile walk. (Besides, it would be so hard to go to the mall for the movie and NOT get a cookie from Mrs. Fields!)

I weighed myself this morning, and it was not good at all. I knew I had gained weight while in Illinois (I always gain when I eat out, and we did a lot of eating out). But now, a week later, I'm still 4 pounds up from where I was before we left (148).

I've been doing really well with counting calories, and not binge eating. It's been super hard to get back on track, but I keep reminding myself that I was already over my maintenance weight range before vacation, so I MUST get back down. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing all week, and hopefully, I'll be back to normal soon.


  1. Way to GO, Eli and Noah! Isn't it great to see our kids challenge themselves and grow?!

    You are a strong fit woman! Even on your rest day you did the Wii fitness, tread water AND did a 3 mile walk. And NOW you're going to do 14miles tomorrow and instead of curling up with aches and pains (like I would be doing) you'll be out with your kids cheering on your man! Awesome!

    Best wishes for tomorrow!

  2. Yay for swimming boys! How fun! And good for you to get your workout out of the way. I think after a 14 mile run I'd just want to drop dead! hehe

  3. After being in the pool in PA and watching all of the kids jump fearlessly off the diving board, I've decided it's time for me to grow a pair and do it myself! (when and if I ever get to my sister's house)

  4. Did you measure before you did the wii fit? I bet you are building muscle.

    Congrats to the boys! What a wonderful accomplishment.

  5. Your kids are fish! Those swimming lessons really paid off. I would be thrilled to see 148 on my scale. I've been weighing in at 153 for a while now and can't seem to go lower. Course my eating habits could be the reason for that.

  6. Hey!!
    I just found your blog and am super excited to start following! Your progress is amazing!!!

  7. I'm so glad you started the EA Active. You totally motivated me to do mine again. I have always started those and end up failing. I usually stop after like the first 3 times. Ironically I actually have all three in that series. EA Active, EA Active More Workouts and EA Active 2. All three of them have challenges like the first, and I'm doing one of the two in EA Active 2 and it's actually like a 3 month program. I've gone the farthest I have ever gone so far and am planning to finish. They have a lot of fun activities but I HATE squats and in this one you have to do them with a resistance band. It's been great though.


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