August 24, 2012

Afternoon in the hammock

It totally didn't feel like Friday today. Since Jerry had to work today, I had to reschedule my long run again. I'll do it on Sunday (18 miles!). Today I just did Wednesday's run (tempo intervals): 15 minutes easy, 5 repeats of (5 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy), then 10 minutes easy.

I was really excited to watch The Biggest Loser while I was running, because I finally made it to the marathon episode. I love watching the Biggest Loser marathons! This whole season has been really good (I'm watching season 9). I watched it when it first aired in January 2010, but since my life has changed so much since then, I see the whole show from a different perspective now.

I set the treadmill at 6.0 mph for the low, and 7.0 for the high. I didn't vary it at all from that, and it made my pace chart look nice and neat ;)
On the show, Daris killed the marathon with a 4:02 time!! That didn't mean much to me when I watched this episode the first time around, but now I am in awe. Even his 5K time in the middle of the season was like 21 minutes!

I was really interested in the weigh-in after the marathon, when Daris ended up gaining 2 pounds in the month that he was at home. He said something like, "I was focused on training for a marathon, not on losing weight. It's really hard to lose weight while training for a marathon." And then Jillian started telling him that was "bullshit", and he should have lost weight while training.

This was so familiar to me! I gained weight while training for my marathon, and I agree that I should have lost weight--IF I didn't increase my calories at all. But it was really hard not to eat more than usual when I was running so much. And it's very easy to justify eating junk when you've just run 16 or 18 miles! So I guess I agree with Daris and I agree with Jillian. (Food for thought... literally)

After my run, I showered and had breakfast, then took the kids grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Noah has gotten too smart--now he reads the packaging of junk food he wants to buy, and finds the marketing ploy that is used so parents feel good about buying it for their kids. Like these frozen dinners:
Noah wanted those, and he said to me, "Mama, can we get these? It's a good source of protein..." Eli even caught on to what Noah was doing, and when he saw the fruit snacks, he said, "Mama, can we get these fruit snacks? They're made with real fruit!" I showed him the ingredients list and explained to him why fruit snacks aren't the same as fruit. I don't know why I bother, after the recent lesson in sugar. (By the way, I am NOT totally self-righteous about food for my kids--they certainly eat their share of junk--I'm just trying to teach them about why processed food isn't healthy).

This afternoon, it was really nice outside, so I decided to read Divergent out on the hammock. My parents bought a hammock at a garage sale recently for $10, and they said that ever since they bought it, neither of them has used it. So I told my dad that I want it. Yesterday morning, before going to work, my dad dropped it off at my house.

It was 5:30 in the morning, so we were still sleeping, but as he was unloading it, somehow he hit himself in the head with a pole, and started bleeding like a stuck pig. He said he knocked on our door, but I must have been in a deep sleep, because I didn't hear him. But later, when I went outside, there was blood all over our porch, our sidewalk, the hammock, and there was a small towel on the ground that was completely saturated with blood.

My dad is too stubborn to go get stitches, so he just went to work anyway, and washed all the blood out of his hair. I've heard that a cut on the head will bleed profusely, and now I totally believe it.

Anyway, I cleaned off the hammock and decided to test it out today. It was so nice!

Today was Day 3 of calorie counting, and I logged my food on SparkPeople, just like I said I would. It's been a long time since I've logged three days in a row! I've been keeping pretty busy, so I think that's helping.


  1. I LOVED Divergent! I read the 2nd one too, Insurgent. Also good. How are you liking Divergent so far?

  2. My boss is a runner with a running group and it sounds like the majority of the people gain weight while training for a marathon mostly because they figure they can eat more. At least you're not alone :)

    That hammock looks so comfy! I really need to start reading Divergent..

  3. "...bleeding like a stuck pig..." I literally snorted when I read that and then thought my response was quite appropriate ;-)

    I felt the same way about triathlon training. I was just so stinking hungry all the time; I'm glad I maintained my weight and didn't gain!
    Glad it was a good day, Katie!

  4. NICE hammock for 10.00! I love yard sales..... Glad you had a good day!

  5. Get the Fooducate app. It's free and you scan barcodes of foods and it gives them a letter grade. It also gives you suggestions of better choices. My kids love checking out the grades a food gets and if it is a "C" or lower they will put it back.

    It is one of my favorite apps and helps my kids Make better choices.

  6. I think I told you this already, so I apologize if I'm repeating myself, but Bob Greene (Oprah's "brother from another mother") said if you train at a different intensity, you're not burning the calories you would at the intensity you need to lose weight. (It didn't help that we saw Daris in the kitchen in the middle of the night.)

    18 miles... I am running 8 tomorrow and dreading it with a deep-seated passion. My husband laughs every time I get ready for a run because I let out this deep sigh, like "I SO don't want to do this..." I have the same love/hate relationship with running like you do!

  7. I definitely need to get myself one of those hammocks - they look comfy!

  8. Speaking of Jillian Michaels and marathon training in re: to weight loss/gain I was just listening to a podcast this week and in conversation she said, "The skinniest I ever see people is while they are doing marathon training." Interesting, because everything else I have heard is how people are often unable to lose weight during marathon training.

  9. The sunlight your getting will help you by stimulating thyroid function. The red and oranges are beneficial. Few people known this but the long wavelength of the sun detoxs you from the damage from uvb.

  10. So funny what kids will read into! I'll admit, I've given my boys a healthy choice meal or two. It was quick and better than a kid cuisine at least.

    I hope your dad was okay-darn men acting all tough. Enjoy your lovely hammock. =)

  11. That's a really nice hammock!

  12. Divergent and the sequel Insurgent are awesome! Hope you enjoyed it! I can't wait until the next one comes out in 2013!


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