August 13, 2012

From Fat to Finish Line Documentary

Last night, before bed, I told Jerry I wasn't feeling "right". I wasn't feeling really sick, but just kind of "off". I don't really know how to describe it. And then when I woke up this morning, it was even worse. I really didn't want to run (do I ever?!) so I was lazy making my way to the treadmill this morning.

I had a bunch of ice water (I was feeling hot) and read my e-mail before finally getting on the treadmill. I was bummed when I saw that today's run was supposed to be 20 minutes easy running, then 6 repeats of (3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy), and finishing with a 10-minute easy run... 68 minutes total. I'm not used to running over an hour on my weekday runs.

I knew I wasn't going to be pushing it very hard today. I did the 20 minutes easy at my usual 6.0, and then my plan was to do the hard intervals at 8.0--but I changed my mind once it was time to do it! I ended up starting with a 7.5 interval, and it felt pretty tough. The next one, I lowered it to 7.0, and I still felt crappy. The third and fourth were 6.5.

I drank a few sips of water while I was running, and immediately felt really nauseous. I was really tempted to call it quits early, but I remember how mad I was at myself when I stopped my 14-miler a couple of weeks ago after 10 miles. I felt like a quitter. So I just decided to keep at it, unless I actually vomited or something.

I did the last two intervals at 7.0 and then 7.5. I was actually pissed after the last interval, because I knew I still had 13 minutes to go (which felt like forever!). Finally, I hit 68 minutes. I was so grateful it was over.

I still don't really know what was wrong with me and why I was feeling so crappy. After my run, I actually started feeling a little better. But not much, because I still had to do my Wii Active workout. Today's workout was #19 of 20!! That means tomorrow is going to be the last day of my 30-Day Challenge--woo hoo!

Today's was mostly upper body strengthening and a ton of running on the track. The track part is always super boring (running in place while looking at a track on the TV... yup, as exciting as it sounds), so I continued to watch The Biggest Loser on my computer during that part.

I can't wait to finish the challenge tomorrow. I think after that, I'll continue to do the workouts, but only 2-3 days per week.

You may have already seen this on Facebook, but the documentary I'm taking part in finally has a website! You can check it out at I've already introduced you to all of our team, but on the site, you can read shortened versions of our stories, see more pictures, see a sneak preview of what the film is going to be about, and all that good stuff. I can't watch the video without crying, and I've seen it dozens of times ;)

We also have a Kickstarter page. If you're not familiar with Kickstarter (I had no clue what it was until recently), it's a site where people with ideas can set up a page to try and get the funds to make their ideas become a reality. So if you'd like, you could go to our Kickstarter, and pledge a certain amount of money (that goes to the film company to hopefully make this documentary happen!). There are prizes for the different amounts you can pledge--for example, if you pledge $25, you can get a DVD of the film (with special features!) when it's released.

Media Meld Studios has to raise $50,000 in pledges in the next 31 days. If they don't get enough pledges, then your credit card is never charged. So, for example, I pledged $25. If there are $50,000 worth of pledges by Sept. 13th, then my credit card is charged the $25 and I get a copy of the DVD when it's released. If the pledges don't reach $50,000, then I don't pay anything (but the film won't get funded). I'm explaining it the best I can, but it's still hard to describe, sorry!

Anyway, if you'd like to help support the film, the Kickstarter page can be found here: From Fat to Finish Line Kickstarter. I'm praying that we get enough pledges to make the film!

Well, I have to clean my house (at least a little...) Renee is coming over for wine tonight :)


  1. WTG with getting thru that run! I've been struggling lately and because I'm not following an official plan I've been in the land of "I'll just do 2 miles" for a while now. I have to shake that off! Hopefully with the cooler weather coming, I'll be able to get my act back together!

  2. Fingers and toes crossed and plugging this film like crazy!!! I've got to get my family on board, dang it!

  3. Good for you on getting through the run. I probably would have taken a sick day, haha! I really hope the dvd gets backed!! I'd love to see it! When hubby gets home I"ll see if we can pledge :)

  4. Love your blog and I am super excited to see From Fat to the Finish Line!

  5. Blah, sorry that you didn't feel good during your run. No fun. :(

    Thanks for the link! I'll have to check it out!

  6. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. Strange! I was feeling really nauseous after running last night, too. I know I should have eaten and really tried, but I had to just lie down and sleep it off. Well, in and out of sleep anyway. I ate a little bit later and feel much better this morning.

  8. sounds like maybe low blood sugar??

  9. is this a treadmill-marathon-training plan that you're following? where can i get more info?


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