August 17, 2012

A lion cut

Thanks for the anniversary wishes yesterday! While our anniversary wasn't exactly exciting, it was definitely interesting.

I was bummed that I had scheduled my doctor's appointment at 3:00 yesterday, so I ended up going in at 10:00 just for my lab work (typical annual physical stuff), and I rescheduled my appointment for next week. Our insurance makes us get an annual physical by August 31st, and I always wait until the last minute. I promised my doctor I would at least try and get in a little earlier this year!

Jerry and the boys went with me, and from there, we went school clothes shopping for the boys. This is the first year we've actually gone shopping for school clothes--normally, I get their stuff at garage sales the summer before. But I didn't do much any garage saleing this summer. Jerry and I withdrew $200 from our savings account for the clothes, and we ended up spending $199.86! The boys got all the stuff they'll need though.

After we went shopping, we went out to lunch to celebrate our anniversary--yes, even with the kids. The kids were begging to go to Amigos, our favorite Mexican restaurant. As soon as our food got to the table, BOTH of the boys said they had to go poop--so Jerry had to take them to the bathroom. It took forever, and I ended up eating lunch alone on our anniversary--bahaha!

When we came home, the kids went outside to play, and Jerry and I did the most random thing every on our anniversary--we shaved Paolo (our Himalayan cat). I was so sick of his hairballs and finding his hair everywhere, that I decided we should just shave him. We called a groomer, and she said she "needs time to get to know the cats, so she's not taking on any new clients"... VERY strange. But Paolo absolutely LOVES getting brushed, so I figured it wouldn't be hard to do it myself with the clippers.

Sadly, we didn't get any pictures while we were doing it, but I took some of him afterward. Just like I thought, he loved getting his hair cut. He was rubbing all over me, and lying perfectly still in my lap, and just enjoying it all around. If I had tried this on any of the other cats, I would wind up getting another cat bite! ;) Here is what Paolo looked like before his hair cut:
And then here are a few from afterward:
I didn't say it was a "pretty" hair cut. Believe it or not, that was with a #2 blade shield--I thought he would look nearly bald, but his hair was SO thick it was hard to shave. His fur is very, very soft now--it was soft before, but now it's a whole new level of soft.

After that, the kids went to my parents' house and Jerry and I ended up going through tons of old pictures, choosing which ones to put on yesterday's blog post. We had a couple of beers and chatted about our years together. Then we went to Staples, because I needed a few things for a project I'm working on (for my mom's birthday, so I can't reveal it yet!)

Today is Friday, which normally means it's my long run day. I even asked Renee if she could watch my boys this morning while I ran 16 miles, and everything was all good to go. But yesterday, I just knew I was going to have a hard time with it today--because of the crappy Mexican food I had for lunch, because of the beer I drank, and did I mention we ate ice cream for dinner? Yeah, I didn't think I'd have a very good run today.

So I postponed my 16-miler until Sunday. Tomorrow, I'm going to Jerry's baseball tournament all day, and he's off Sunday, so it will work out. I've been eating really well today, and will do the same tomorrow, to be very prepared come Sunday morning.

Since my last run was on Wednesday, I didn't want to go that long between runs, so I decided to run a short three-miler today. Instead of the treadmill, I took the kids to the rec center where they could play basketball while I ran on the indoor track. I haven't done the indoor track in a while.

I know that my foot pod calibration was way off, because I was running HARD and it was giving me a 10:00/mi pace. I even made a game out of making it stay under a 10:00/mi pace, but I was struggling. But, we'll never know.

Three miles FLIES by when you're used to doing 6+ miles at a time. I can't remember my last run that was less than 5 miles! Before marathon training for sure.
You can see where I sprinted at the end of each mile in order to get it under
a 10:00/mi average pace ;)
Hopefully my 16-miler on Sunday will be a good one.


  1. You should consider yourself lucky that your husband has to take the kids to the bathroom. I always get stuck taking my 4 yr old when we go to a restaurant because she is a girl and of course, you can't have a girl in the men's bathroom. She has to put her hands on everything in there and it truly does take forever. I come back to a cold plate of food everytime! Anyway, happy belated anniversary. I'm glad you and Jerry had a nice time. Paolo is just adorable, but when you said "shaved", I expected to see a bald cat! I was quite relieved to see he still has some hair, LOL. Have a great weekend.

  2. When I was growing up my mom had a Persian that we would shave every summer...she loved it too! It would take like three days because she would get restless and she was a bit overweight so we had to go slow and careful, but it was such an adventure I always had friends ask if they could come watch! hahaha

  3. Aww that kitty is so cute! Also, Miss Katie, you didn't post your post vacation weight like you said you would. LOL

    1. Yes I did! I can't remember what day it was, but I posted it as promised :)

    2. It's on the swimming post...

  4. It seems spending an anniversary doing odd things is a trend...

  5. First off, I just want to day that I giggled like an idiot because you "shaved your cat". I'm really five years old.

    Secondly, great post! Glad you guys had a good anniversary, even if it was uneventful. I would much rather have a slow peaceful day than a day where I feel like I've been run ragged.

    So, really all I got from this post is that your cat is soft after you shaved it. I'll go snicker in the corner now. :)

  6. Oh funny. Our son has to take his daily right in the middle of church. One day they'll go alone!

  7. My granddaughter spent the night. She and I were out in the road where she likes to scoop up gravel ( we're on a deadend so it's not busy). All of a sudden she says "I'm peeing!" in shock as pee ran down her leg. She's just 3 a week ago and hasn't been trained too long , but we were both surprised. So -- it could be worse than visiting the bathroom at the restaurant just as the food comes.

  8. OMG! I have a long haired cat with thick hair. She is at the groomer today getting shaved. I tried one time shave her, with my horse clippers, and they choked. She was NOT at all happy about my attempt. I think you have to be very careful with their skin so you don't nick it since it's pulls away from their body so easily. You are VERY brave to attempt that. My cat is much happier shaved. She's more active as well. The VERY first time I had her shaved was an adventure. I think her hair weighted at least a pound. Ok maybe not that much but it was clear that being short haired affected something. I lived on a 2nd floor apartment with a roommate. We both had a cat. We would leave our patio door open so they could sun bathe on the balcony. They would also sit on the rail of the balcony. I came home with Sophie and let her out of the carrier. She immediately went on the balcony and went to jump on the rail. She completely jumped OVER the rail. Didn't even come close to touching it. I have no idea what happened. Something was off for sure. Cats are good jumpers. She never did that again, but it was strange. We had to go rescue her out of the bushes below! lol


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