August 09, 2012

Racing plans

When I woke up this morning, I practically dove into my workout clothes to do my Wii Active workout. Not because I was excited to do it, but because I was excited to get it done.

If that makes sense.

Today was workout #16 of 20, and it was a tough one! Lots of squats, jump squats, inline skating (more squatting and jumping), and the infamous squat hold. Again, I had to do two squat holds (where you squat and hold it for 60 seconds). I made it through both squat holds for the entire 60 seconds! I was literally dripping sweat during today's workout.
Tomorrow is a rest day to prepare for my 14-miler on Saturday. I'm nervous about the race. My plan is to get there at around 7:15, run 8 miles, and then pick up my packet just before the 10K starts (starting time is 9:00). I really wish I could try to PR--I'm dying to know if my race times have improved--but I have to stick with my marathon training plan, and there was no way to fit that in easily.

When my marathon is over, I am retiring that distance (for real this time!). I can't wait to get back to training for 10K's and half-marathons. I like trying to run hard to improve my time, and I can't remember the last time I actually raced hard. I think it was in October 2011, at a 10K. I have a half-marathon on September 1st, have I haven't yet decided if I'm going to race hard or just treat it as a training run.

I think I might try and find a half-marathon in November to do. I'll be in good running shape from having just done the marathon in mid-October, so I won't have much training to do. My next big race after the marathon is Ragnar Florida Keys, and you know I can't wait for that!!

After my workout this morning, I took Noah to his dentist appointment. I sat in the waiting room with Eli while Noah got his teeth cleaned, and Eli started running laps around the coffee table in the waiting room. Literally, running laps. After about 20 laps, he stopped and asked me, "Mama, did I run a mile yet?" I told him no, that it would take a LOT of laps to run a mile.

And he kept going. Nobody else was in the waiting room, otherwise I would have made him stop. But I'll embrace any opportunity for him to get out some energy! About 20 more laps, and I told him he probably did about a quarter mile. He kept going. He actually probably ended up running a half-mile total, all around the coffee table. And I thought it was boring to run on a treadmill?

When Noah came out, the hygienist told me that he has FIVE cavities!! I was stunned. I'm 30 years old, and I've only had 3 cavities in my life. I let the kids brush their own teeth, but I'm terrible about making them floss, so I'm going to change that starting today. The hygienist said the cavities were probably because his teeth are pretty tight together, and he's not flossing. So now he has three appointments to get the cavities filled (they do separate appointments so that they only have to numb a little of his mouth at a time).

I have a couple of anniversaries coming up--my nine-year wedding anniversary is August 16th (next Thursday), and the three-year anniversary of when I started losing weight is on August 19th (next Sunday). I haven't decided what to do for either of the anniversaries yet. Jerry and I usually don't really celebrate our wedding anniversary, so I don't know if we'll do anything. But I kind of want to do something to celebrate my weight loss anniversary!


  1. you should consider the wine and dine 1/2 marathon in disney on Nov. 10, that's the one I'm training for! :)
    My 5 yr old has had a ton of cavities too. it's pretty crazy.

  2. I'm so with you on the marathon. I'm sick of long and slow already! Can't wait to work on 5K and HMs. I'll be looking for a half in Nov or Dec as well. There is one in Midland on Nov 10th, but I probably won't do it because it's the same day as my favorite fall 5K (going for a PR!): the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot at Hudson Mills Metropark.

  3. I used the same race Jerry ran as a training run for my 16 miler. I was supposed to run 10 before the race but ended up running 9, then the 6.2, and the final .8 -the point is that it kept me going! Jason said he saw you and the family there. Anyways, we plan to incorporate as many races into our marathon training that we can. Seems to help with motivation. Best wishes for your long run! Keep up the good work. :)

  4. Get a second opinion in regards to the cavities! A friend of mine took her two children to a different dentist after finding out they both had multiple cavities. They had significantly less when they went to the new dentist. If you trust your dentist, it's a different story!

  5. (been out of town- I climbed Mt. Fuji!!) Yay for anniversaries!! And holy wow that's a lot of calories! I had trouble with flossing too, what really helped me was buying one of those flossers on a stick, I think it's called Reach? You have to replace the floss heads on them but they get the job done quick! And thank you for posting info about the Active Wii game. Do you notice a difference in your body or weight or any progress since you started playing?

  6. When my oldest daughter was 5, she was told she had 7 cavities, for the same reason-all her teeth touched. We chose to take her to a same-day surgery center and put her out to get them all done. It was much less traumatic for her than awake visits in the office would have been. How old is Noah? I forget.

  7. August is a big month for you too!

  8. Way to stay committed to your fitness program. I agree on the marathon. The training time for me is the part that stops me. It's hard on the body and the family. The farthest I run is 10 miles for the Broad Street Run in Philly every May 18 years straight. I am happy to run a few days a week consistently 3,4,5, or 6 miles. My knees are happier too. Good luck.

  9. Mine and my husband's 8th wedding anniversary is August 21st. : ) We have decided to go to Mackinac Island for the 8 mile race around the island! It will be the first time that he and I RUN in a race together. You and Jerry might like to do something like that. I know you said you guys are trying to save money, but you could have it be your 'gift' for both your wedding and weight loss anniversary. : )

    1. BTW...that race is Saturday, September 8th.


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