August 22, 2012

My love-hate relationship with running

I woke up feeling much better today than I did yesterday. It had to have been Jerry's Chicken Casserole Surprise ;)

I wanted to get my run out of the way first-thing. My running schedule got a little screwed up since I did my long run on Sunday instead of Friday. I'm going to have to do this week's long run on Sunday as well (unless I want to run 18 miles on the treadmill... HA!). So today, I did the run I was supposed to do Monday. And on Friday, I will do the run I was supposed to do today.

Today's was intervals--ugh. I have a love/hate relationship with intervals (actually with running in general, but especially with intervals). I love that intervals go by quickly, because you change pace so frequently. But I hate that they are so TOUGH. Today on the schedule: 20 minutes easy running, then six repeats of (3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy), then 10 minutes easy. A grand total of 66 minutes.

The first 20 minutes went by pretty quickly today--I set the treadmill at 6.0 and just watched The Biggest Loser until my Garmin beeped that it was time to start the intervals. My plan was to try doing 8.0 for each 3-minute hard segment. I pressed the '8', and the speed shot up. Toward the middle of that sprint, I was thinking, "Well, maybe 8.0 is just too fast today".

I finished out that first sprint at 8.0, but decided to cut back to 7.5 for the rest. I didn't think I'd make it through 5 more intervals at that speed. Even the 7.5 was feeling tough toward the last minute of each sprint, but I fought through it and kept reminding myself how good I was going to feel when I was done. I love getting uber-sweaty, where there isn't a dry spot on my clothes; and I love having my muscles feel tired and a little achy for the rest of the day. But I hate feeling like I'm going to die during the run ;)

For the last sprint, I decided that I was going to try 8.0 again. I told myself, "If I can do 2 minutes of 8.0, then I am allowed to cut the interval short and go back to 6.0." See the mind games I play with myself? I ran at 8.0, and as soon as I hit 2 minutes of that, instead of pressing the 6, I kept running. I told myself, "You can do ANYTHING for just 60 seconds..." "...30 seconds..." "...10 effing seconds left!!" I was totally spent.

Unfortunately, I still had to run 13 minutes easy, so I set it at 6.0 and caught my breath. Those last 10 minutes were the longest part of my run, honestly. But to my delight, I was drenched in sweat.

Today's workout was a true testament of my love-hate relationship with running. To summarize:
I LOVE--dripping sweat, torching calories, using my muscles, feeling a little sore and spent, being able to eat yummy treats with the calories burned, sleeping better, relieving stress, doing something I never thought I could.
I HATE--running.

See? I was born to run. ;)

Speaking of running, all hope is running out the door (see how I did that?) about the documentary's Kickstarter page. I was so confident before the page launched that the film company would raise the funds needed for the film. We're about $43,000 short right now, and only have 24 days to go ;)  If you've pledged money, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope to will do you proud in Key West!

Angela (one of the producers of the film) made a few changes to the preview of the film, and I think it's awesome!! Check it out:

Every time I watch this and hear Rik's voice breaks a little, I can't help but get teary-eyed. Even if I had nothing to do with this film at all, it's a documentary that I would love to watch! So I hope lots of other people (about $43,000 worth of people) feel the same ;)

I asked the producers why it costs so much to make a film, and I was really shocked at the costs of everything. They said that $50,000 is actually a pretty cheap budget. By comparison, the Hood to Coast documentary cost between $500,000 and $1 million (source)!! I'm so glad I'm not a producer. When Jennifer and Angela came here to interview me, I realized just how much work goes into everything, and I think I would lose my mind.

True to my word, I logged my food into SparkPeople today. I kept really busy all day, so my calories were actually pretty low (1300). I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my annual physical, and I'm bummed because I think my weight is up about 5-10 pounds from last year at this time. I don't remember exactly what it was when I went, but I was hoping it would at least be the same this year.

Getting back to counting calories is HARD. I haven't counted consistently since I broke my jaw in 2010. But clearly, this summer I haven't been doing so well, and being 10 pounds up from my maintenance range does not make me happy. So my main focus right now is getting back to counting on a consistent basis. It would be awesome to be back at my goal before the marathon; and if not then, for sure when I go to Florida for Ragnar!

Do I sound like a broken record yet?


  1. Are you running with music? I think the love/hate relationship exists for a lot of runners. I find that finding the right song or songs on my iPod can be a run saver. Although, I have to be careful playing air drums while on the treadmill.

  2. Wow! I would love to see the this film! I've been following since february 6 this year and have read you blog daily. I've lost 31 pounds of my 90 to lose and you have been such an inspiration! I have 3 young kids and since being more active can play outside running around with my Kids longer and hope to teach my son to ride his bike this summer. I too get depressed in the summer and this one with the heat and drought in the Midwest has been hard. I love fall and look forward to starting the c25k once my injury heals.

  3. I love the term "easy running". I have had good runs and bad runs but I don't think I've had an "easy run". I wouldn't worry yet about the kickstarter. It's in the last week and especially the last that things surge on that site. The Bia sport watch had to get to $400,000 with some pricy pledges and they only had a 1/3 of that with 7 days left and I think made the last 25% on the last day. Thing is - people keep an eye on things and if what they want to happen hasn't happened by the last day, they pledge. As word spreads, it will pick up I think. More blogs will share the link and so on. In fact, I'm going to go add the link to tonight's post right now!!

  4. What an incredibly honest post. I worry though about people who just have one main form of exercise to lose or maintain weight. That was me in my 20s and when my knees couldn't take pounding the pavement any longer then I had to stop. The problem is that I didn't take up anything else that I loved more than running and eventually gained all my weight back. Not trying to give advice but you may want to consider another major form of exercise that is not so hard on your knees.

  5. KATIE..

    You are an inspiration... I totally read your blog EVERY day. I have done 2 1/2 marathons and now a relay race because of you. You Rock it Sister.. Great run today. :)

  6. I love reading your blog!!! I look forward to it everyday and live following our training and see you going faster and faster!!! I too have a love ate relationship with the intervals, you pretty much hit them spot on!!! Have you tried doing thm on the tracks? It's way more fun and you feel alot more badass!!!

  7. I've only just begun reading your blog. I'm about 2 1/2 months and 23 lbs lost into my weight loss journey and just reading your story and your posts have truly inspired me! I hope I can be just like you when I grow up...or rather grow smaller? :)

  8. I play the SAME games with myself... it's amazing they work when we know full-well we play them! LOL

  9. No you don't sound like a broken record. Everybody struggling with weight loss and/or maintenance has to obsess over this crap, as old as it gets. We wanted to just eat mindfully and not have to be so vigilant constantly, but I'm afraid it's NOT TO BE!

    I love that you have the determination and guts to make it through every running goal you set for yourself. The fact that you hate it and love it, makes me realize that I just need to get out there and get moving, wehter I WANT TO OR NOT! Because the love part of that relationship you & I have with exercise comes after you're done, when you feel hot and sweaty and good about what you did. And in your case, you burn so darned many calories you get to eat a goodie or two. My walking doesn't burn enough calories to allow for much excess snacking. RATS!

    Of course we all play mind games with ourselves. I tell myself that if I don't eat a bite of the candy bar that a student brought me back from the Ukraine, or if I don't eat a couple potato chips (while packing hubby's lunch--otherwise I try not to even open that damn bag), that I WILL keep the weight off. When John said in the movie intro, that it finally dawned on him that he would never be fat again, it brought tears to my eyes too. I wish I was that sure of myself. I wish I could run. My knees are just too shot. But I have been out walking A LOT more lately. I've also cut back on calories all week, and the scale has not rewarded me for my good effort ONE BIT! Thank you very much scale. Do you ever swear at your scale? I did this morning.

    Thanks Katie for being there for all of us who are in this struggle together. YOU ROCK!

  10. Katie-
    I agree with everything in this post!!!! I do EXACTLY the same thing when I am running!!!! I also feel like a broken record all the time regarding eating better... I just recently re-set my SP goal (to be 155 in December now), so I have more calories to work with daily, so I am hoping to stay more consistent!!!!
    I just pledged for the film.... I hope it works!!!!!!!!!

  11. I also have a love-hate relationship with running. Some days I dread it, and some days I wake up WANTING to run! I agree with you about always being happy that I did it, I love the achy-accomplished feeling in my muscles.

    Tabitha @

  12. This post is me. That's as simple as I can make it. I feel the EXACT same way about running; I love the things it does, I just hate that actual act of running. BUT, I do love the admiration I get from people while I'm running. There's always people that encourage you or tell you you're doing something they would never dream of doing. I always love that.

    BTW, I made your (Jerry's!) casserole last night and it was delish. The boyfriend absolutely devoured it. ;)

  13. This post spoke to me! " love getting uber-sweaty, where there isn't a dry spot on my clothes; and I love having my muscles feel tired and a little achy for the rest of the day. But I hate feeling like I'm going to die during the run ;)"


    BUT, I can't wait when I can consider a"6" an easy run. Right now, that's a hard one for me!

  14. I give you extra credit for just being able to figure out how to use the garmin. I just got mine the 450 and had to have my daughter show me how to use it! still a little confused but like running ill stick with it until I get it. Day 4 for me and did 2 miles at a 5.0 pace... tylenol anyone?:)

  15. You have pretty much summed up my feelings on running! Haha. I just haven't been in the mood lately. Who loses motivation a WEEK before their half marathon?! Apparently I do! Eep!!

  16. 6.0 is your "easy"?! That is insane to me... I've been a beginning runner since March and I'm still BARELY making it at 4.5. Sigh.


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