August 31, 2012

The carstache

Yeah, I knew I couldn't stay away. I ended up bringing my computer with me, because I couldn't stand the thought of not writing a blog.

I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to shower and get ready to head to the airport. The kids stayed the night with my parents, so Jerry was able to drive us. We picked up Renee at 5:30, and got to the airport at about 6:00. I didn't have much hope of getting on the first flight--last night, Brian told me it would be a very close call. I printed out our boarding passes and we went through security and to our gate.

At the gate, we had to watch the monitor to see if our names were on the "cleared" list, meaning we were able to make it on the flight. The entire plane boarded, and all of us stand-by passengers were waiting for our names. There were just three seats left, and Renee and I got two of them! So we made the first flight, at 7:25.

I was terrified to fly, per usual. I opted not to have the wine before the flight, because I didn't know if I would make this particular flight or not. I was super relieved to see that I was in the front of the plane (because of my fear of flying, I am very picky about where I sit--ideally, I would have a window seat just over the wing). My biggest fear was having to sit in the back, where it is most turbulent. But anyway, I was in row 5, which made me happy. I was in a middle seat, which I really didn't like, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

I swallowed two Xanax right away, and hoped it would kick in fast. I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest when we we took off, and then it was a little bumpy right away. The Xanax didn't even kick in until halfway through the 1 hr 45 minute flight. Thankfully, the flight was uneventful. My favorite part? Biscoff cookies!!

My brother Brian picked us up, and we went to his house for a little while before the race expo opened. The Xanax had made me super sleepy, unfortunately, so I ended up taking a 30 minute nap. Then we headed to the expo. Brian dropped us off there.

We saw a fireman right as we walked in...

We picked up our bibs and our jackets (instead of t-shirts, we got jackets--I wish I could say they are awesome, but they're pretty cheap nylon fabric. I don't know if I'll ever wear it. But again, beggars can't be choosers. I bought a couple of Gu's to have for the race tomorrow. The expo was really small, which surprised me. It's a women's race, so I thought they'd have lots of stuff to buy! ;)

We had a quick lunch at a little cafe--I got a chicken basil pesto panini, which was pretty good. Brian picked us up, and we drove him back to his house, then took his truck to the Mall of America. It was so funny, while we were driving, the car next to us kept looking over at us, and hitting the break, looking at us, then trying to get ahead of us--just acting very strangely. Then they were sticking their arms out the window with their cell phones, taking pictures of the front of Brian's truck! Why? Well...
It was so funny! I actually hadn't even noticed the moustache when he picked us up at the airport. (And in case you're wondering you can get one at

We didn't spend a whole lot of time at the mall. We walked around the first two floors. I went into Teavana, and we sampled some tea. HOLY COW, it was soooo good. I don't even remember what it was, but I bought a cup of it (it was $5, which I would never normally pay for a cup of tea, but it was that good). Renee tried a chai one, and she loved it as well. I'm going to have to look into buying some tea from their website.

We just spent some time browsing some of the funner stores. Renee got a chair massage at Brookstone:
On the way out, we got a frozen yogurt. I should have taken pictures: Renee got a small vanilla topped with fruit; I got a regular sized vanilla with cookie dough, Oreos, and Reese's Pieces. My only justification is that it was fro-yo instead of ice cream ;)

Brian made dinner for us, and it was delicious! It was penne with a chicken pesto cream sauce, and sauteed kale. The perfect pre-race dinner.

All-in-all, it was a great day. I can't WAIT for the race to be over tomorrow, so we can really relax and enjoy the time away from home!


  1. We just got back from Minnesota on Tuesday. Hope it's cooled down a bit since we were there! Good luck on the race!

  2. Melissa R.August 31, 2012

    Good luck on your race! I have a 20 miler on my schedule! I'm probably just as nervous as you are!!!

  3. Glad you are having fun and your flight went well.Good luck tomorrow!!
    I thought you'd like to know that we have a Teavana in the mall in Ann Arbor :-)

  4. Good luck tomorrow! You will do great!...I am addicted to Fro-Yo...haha. I justify it to myself by adding fruit to it...;)

  5. I laughed my butt off at the carstache....I'm currently trying to figure out how I can order one and get it past the bf and put it on the front of his Jeep. Classy!

    I've never tried one of the massage chairs...there's always creepy and overly exicted people manning the ones I see in the malls I go to. I'm not about to let their hyper and roaming hands go all over me!

  6. Glad to read that you made it safely. Best of luck tomorrow!

  7. I live in MN about 30 min away from the MOA. I think i know which race you are doing tomorrow. The fireman gave it away! Good Luck!

  8. Best of luck for your race tomorrow, Katie! Is the fireman your prize if you come first?? :)

  9. Welcome to MN Katie! This morning will be pretty nice for a race. The race looks like fun! I wish I would have signed up for it. Oh well, maybe next year! Enjoy!

  10. Have a great race!

    BTW, Angela's boyfriend is an airline pilot. I used to FREAK out over turbulence but Dave told me that not once, in the history of flying, has a plane every crashed because of turbulence. That piece of info has really helped calm me whenever I hit turbulence now.

  11. I hope you both have a great time. Don't forget to enjoy the race also!!!

  12. Thinking about how your run went this morning...

  13. I am SO glad you made that first flight! The anxiety of getting on a plane and then BEING on the plane would be crazy! Have a great race!!

  14. I hope you have a great time in Minnesota - the weather's great right now! I also live within a half-hour of the MOA ( but I go there as little as possible!)

  15. I hope you have a great time in Minnesota - the weather's great right now! I also live within a half-hour of the MOA ( but I go there as little as possible!)

  16. Boy, if that firefighter is indicative of what I can expect at marathon check ins...I'M IN!! Good luck on your race today! I can't wait to read your race report.

    Also - I am right there with you on the fear of flying - I have a diagnosed level 4 anxiety disorder where flying is concerned. And yes, I too want to sit over the wing, next to the window whenever possible.

  17. I'm from Wisconsin, and I almost ran the half there this weekend! I actually ran my last half marathon in Minneapolis, and the same race group that is doing this race, did the one I ran in June also. Love the Minnesota race series! I'm actually in Minnesota now- its hot! Hydrate & good luck tomorrow!

  18. Pro tip: to make xanax/valium kick in faster, dissolve it under your tongue instead of swallowing it. Hope you enjoyed MOA - it's such a magical place!

  19. Their is a Teavanna in Twelve Oaks as well as Sommerset, Just in case you want to smell before you buy. Was the sample Youthberry? I love that one!

    1. Yes, that was it!! I just ordered some online. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I sampled it ;)


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