October 24, 2011


With Dr. Oz in 2009

THE DR. OZ SHOW CALLED ME!!  The associate producer called and talked to me over the phone. She said she LOVED the idea of my having an "after" pic to go along with my "before" pic with Dr. Oz. She asked me some questions about my weight loss, and then said she wanted to go talk to such-and-such about me and would get back with me tomorrow.

About 5 minutes later, my phone rang again and it was her--she said such-and-such LOVED the idea as well, and she asked if I would be available to fly to New York on Tuesday, Nov. 1st to tape a show on Wednesday!! (I'm excited right now, can you tell?!)

She said what she was thinking was to keep it a surprise to Dr. Oz--not tell him my story or that I have a before pic with him--and they would show my picture with him, and then I would walk out "looking fabulous" (her words, not mine, lol).

She wanted to know what tips I have to give viewers, and I told her I would think about it and e-mail her. I wanted to come up with something fresh and not something that everyone has heard a thousand times before. Are there any tips I've shared on my blog that have really struck a chord with you? Something that you don't read in every diet book or magazine?

Let me explain quickly how Dr. Oz changed my life--because I'm sure this will come up on the show! We've all read tons of diet books and magazines, tried all the weight loss programs, etc. They tell you what to do and you do it, right? Until you don't want to anymore, and you gain the weight back. Well, when I read Dr. Oz's book YOU: The Owner's Manual (this was before he had his own show), it sparked something NEW in me.

He explained all of the WHY'S. WHY you should exercise, and what it's actually doing inside your cells. WHY you should eat leafy greens, and what they are doing in your body. That was the reason I started to eat a little less sugar and a little more veggies. I still only ate foods that I liked--I never ate crap I didn't want!--but I tried to make healthier choices. Over time, it became more natural to me.

Okay, so please help me think of a unique tip--if there was something you've read on my blog that inspired you, NOW is the time to share! ;)

Remember, this Dr. Oz show thing isn't 100% for SURE until I have a plane ticket reserved in my name. But it sounded very promising, so I'll let you know as soon as I do!


  1. It is your emphasis on eating foods that you love that has inspired me. Weight loss doesn't have to mean eliminating all of our favorite foods. Well done!!

  2. Wow Katie! I'm SO excited for you! There are two things about you that have inspired me.
    1. You lost weight by counting calories. Sounds crazy, but I have tried EVERY diet known to man without great success, but did you know I've never counted calories...DUH! As soon as I did, guess what...started losing! Who'd a thunk it?? Until I really counted calories, I never realized that I over eat.
    2. YOu've inspired me to run...even though I haven't yet. Want to get me a Garmin first. I HATE running, but I think that if you figured out a way to do it even though you didn't like it then so can I.
    That's how you've inspired me.
    HOpe it helps! Laura

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! Sooo exciting. I think more than anything it's how blogging has kept you accountable (and this is what has been helping me as well!). When you ahve 10, 20, 85 or more followers you almost dont wan't to disappoint them. It's easier to explain bad choices away to yourself then it is to people who are gonna call you on your bullshit...make sure you let us know if and when your show airs so we can set our TiVos :D YAY!

  4. This is so awesome! I hope you get to go on the show!

    As for tips, I think you should demonstrate that you can make eating well and exercise work for YOU. You don't have to eat foods you hate, you just need to find healthy foods you love. You don't have to join a gym if that doesn't appeal to you - you can start walking, running, or do whatever activity you think is fun. AND you did it as a busy mom with two kids - it's so admirable. Kudos :)

  5. wow..this is so exciting!! Please keep us posted on when it will air! (I say will, because I believe it will happen)

  6. The first thing that inspired me was your blog about the marathon and how you did it at your heaviest weight. No excuses you just went and did it. Plus you never sugar coat(kind of ironic) anything. If it's hard or you hate it we know. You are as real as it gets for me. You do know how it feels to be fat...and seeing you happy about a pair of pants is motivation to me because I too want to be able to cut up my pants and cross my legs in a movie seat! You are amazing and I have no doubts you'll make the show!! So in a sense...your grasp on how real it is to want something and achieve it is how you inspired me!!! Congrats!!!

  7. Yay!!! I'm so happy for you!! :)

  8. AWESOME!!!!!! Wow that is just incredible news! Between this and your surgery coming up you should be feel amazing. I agree with the comments before mine about how blogging keeps you accountable and how you keep it real. You admit that running sucks some days and that it's hard to resist temptation. I'm sure anything you come up with will be great! Can't wait to hear more!

  9. This is super exciting, and I'm sure many of us will be living vicariously through you. I've been following you on this site and spark for quite some time now and what always struck me was that you eat what you like. I've never noticed you whining about what you "have" to eat because you seem to truly enjoy everything you do eat. Kudos to you!

  10. That is so fantastic!! I hope it works out!!

    I read something not here on your blog, but on Spark when I first found you. You mentioned something about not making changes that you're not willing to live with for the rest of your life, and that struck a chord with me. Most diet plans seem to advocate lifestyle changes, but then make whole diet overhaul suggestions which flat-out will not work. The nice thing about making changes you can live with means that eventually those things will become commonplace and you can make more little changes, until it DOES become a whole lifestyle change.

    I hope you get on the show! And I hope somewhere will show the clip online because we don't actually get television in our house...

  11. Okay Katie, Here's what I love most about your blog (and what I find so incredibly inspirational). YOU, my friend, use every resource you have at your disposal to continually educate yourself and find new ways to keep this healthy adventure fresh.

    I constantly learn about new ideas (from Garmins to pb2 to peanut butter oats) by reading your blog and OFTENTIMES you site other blogs or resources you've used to find these little gems. That's what makes you you and what makes you successful. You don't talk about spending zillions of dollars on things - you celebrate your success with new jeans from the consignment store, with new pics from your latest workout (may I remind you of the lawn mowing workout!) and with tips and resources you've discovered because you're out there sharing the success of others by reading their blogs.

    Katie, I hope this show does become a reality - you couldn't be more deserving and I just don't know that you realize the power your voice has had in empowering others to find within themselves the strength to make good health work! Thanks - you're a doll!

    Daria (daria82601@earthlink.net)

  12. OMG!!! How exciting!!! I think the sheer excitement will keep you from being terrified on the flight (hopefully!). I can't think of anything specific right off hand but I do know that I love everything about your blog. You keep it real and I love that! I hope that the show becomes a reality for you!! Nov 2011 will be a very memorable month for you! GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. What great news! Looks like November is going to be a huge month for you. I've been reading now for a month or two and here's why I keep coming back:

    1) you're as real as it gets. You have good days and not so good days but whatever it is you don't give up. It's a marathon not a sprint and you're in it for the long haul. I appreciate that reminder.
    2) you've figured out how to work a healthier diet and exercise into your life in a way that it truly works for you. If you want to drink wine, you do. You have made running part of your routine and it totally works for you.
    3) you realize that it really does take a village. You encourage others and get support from a network of people you don't even know in "real" life.

    In addition, I love reading your recipes, have purchased (and love) PB2 and am totally with you when it comes to the Garmin. I love my Garmin and can't run without it. You do, however, make me feel very, very slow. But that's ok. I'll just keep doing my thing. :)

    Best of luck to you and keep up the great work.


  14. Katie -
    That is awesome news! So excited for you!
    A couple of things that have resonated with me...I agree with Amanda, the statement about only making changes you intend to do for the rest of your life. Also, when I first started reading your blog - your '100 pound difference' really hit home with me - made me cry thinking about how I identified with so much of what you said. Unfortunately, I'm still working on getting to the '100 pound difference', but I find that list inspiring. I think a lot of people can identify with many things on that list. It was so honest! Like you were saying things that I've hidden and kept to myself.
    The other thing that has struck me is your recipes and the fact that you typically cook 4 servings - 1 for you, 1 for Jerry, 1 for the kids and 1 for Jerry's lunch. So much control and so smart! When I read that I was like 'duh' - stop making so much food Lynne!
    Have a good night!

  15. 1. You have to tell us when you might be on...I would LOVE to watch this!!
    2. I love it whenever you write about YOU knowing it was YOU who ate the food and YOU who ate too much to get to the YOU you didn't want to be. I think so often people are too quick to blame others, their upbringing, their spouse, their stress...I get it ...I want to blame every one too...but, they are not shoving the ice cream down my throat...I am eating every bite on my own. YOU have been honest with that and that has opened my eyes to the WHY? Why am I eating like that?
    3. Exercise...its simply fun that you are honest about your exercise...it does suck but its sooo necessary to awesome health.
    4. Is Dr. Oz just as good looking in person? He will be thrilled to meet you I am sure!

  16. Wow Katie! I'm so excited for you! I've been reading your blog and checking in on your sparkpage since I started my own journey. Since then I have lost 65 lbs of my own. You have always inspired me with one thing in particular and I am forever grateful that you talked about this as much as you did. But you always talk so much about if you are not willing to give up something for the rest of your life then do not give it up now! You've taught me that everything is fine in moderation! I have always had this backwards thinking process that I have to cut absolutely everything bad out of my diet and live on salads and vegetables. I see now that that is exactly why I have always failed every attempt to lose weight before this one. Many people think they can eat only healthy foods and once they lose the weight then they can devour all the cupcakes, cookies, pizza, etc that they have deprived themselves of to lose the weight. You have taught me that I do not have to eat things I do not like. You have taught me to make my diet and fitness fit into MY LIFE not to let it take control of my life! You have basically taught me to learn and practice maintenance before you are actually to the maintenance point in your weight loss. I really had a hard time understanding the concept that I could be on a technical "diet" and still eat my favorite pizza too! You have helped me with that more than you can imagine. It's funny because everything in moderation is very much common sense, but people never seem to be able to grasp it. Just last week I went to a family party and they ordered pizza.. I sat down eating 1 slice of cheese pizza (while everyone else was pretty much on their 3rd or 4th slice) and my uncle was like "Wow are you breaking your diet. You lost all this weight and now you are giving up. You shouldn't be eating that." I hate that way of thinking, but quite honestly I used to think like that too. Everyone automatically equates a diet with not being able to eat anything they love and you have taught me this is NOT TRUE! Thank you so much Katie! You are a constant inspiration! I've recently started running because of you too! I have been running for about 1 month now and I'm working my way into it just like you explained to do! Thank you again Katie!

  17. Congratulations, this is awesome. You will spark on the show as you spark on your blog. I love reading your blog and the fact that you exercise without a fancy gym just the dreamill when outdoor running is impossible. I have read your story over and over especially how you started running and that gives me great hope. I started my journey and over the summer completed c25k. I am a slow running but when I see what you have acomplished and continue to accomplish I am ernormously encouraged. Just be YOU. We are all excited for you.

  18. I love the way you ate really good dessert everyday. I think that would be a good tip because it helps keep you sane lol. Congrats on the show! That is so exciting!

  19. OMG I HAVE CHILLS!!!!!!!! I think you have inspired me to understand I don't have to eat a boring salad everyday to get the results I want. I can eat foods that I enjoy, that are still healthy, but are not in that stereotypical "diet" like salads, and celery sticks lol!

  20. I know it sounds simple, but the biggest thing I have taken away from this blog thus far (I just started reading and have lots of back posts to read still!) is when you said to choose a goal and not let anything stand in your way of reaching it. Of course I had set goals before, but I never "protected" the goals... I let my family, friends, myself, even food itself keep me from my goal. I put everything else before my goal of being healthier. This time will be different for me because I keep your words in the front of my mind!

  21. Squeee!!!! So HAPPY for you!

  22. Katie, I am SOOOOOOOO excited for you! Can't wait to see you on Dr. Oz! I found you at the beginning of my (-32 lbs so far) journey this year, in January. I have learned so much from your blog, but some of the things that have stuck out are keeping it interesting for yourself, keep plugging away even when you have setbacks and find ways to get motivated again, and like others have said, not doing anything that you can't live with long-term. Really enjoy the food that you do eat! I am now about halfway to where I want to be and this is the longest I have been able to stick to a good plan and not binge in my WHOLE, LONG DIETING CAREER. Thank you yet again for your inspiration and I really hope that this comes to fruition...it sounds very promising and you SO deserve it! Dede

  23. So excited for you!! I can't pick one specific thing that stands out but I remember when I watched your video on Sparkpeople was just how inspired you made me feel... I mean what you did was no small feat. I think what draws me to you is that we have a very similar out look on fitness/food where it's a lifetime commitment not just some fad. I have lost almost 60 lbs and I swear people keep waiting for me to stop or tell me that I am skinny enough it's like well um this is my life now it's not just a gimmick lol. I don't know. I hope you get to be on the show, I know you will defitely inspire countless others to get up and move :)

  24. Someone else mentioned this too but it was the same thing that I remember reading and that was that you weren't prepared to make changes that you weren't willing to keep for a lifetime (or something to that effect). That's awesome that you have a chance to be on the show. I love Dr. Oz too and watch it when I'm not working. Would love to see you on there. Best of luck with it all working out!

  25. OMG! I am SO glad they called you! I've been reading your blog since June and have never commented - but I have to now! I'm so excited for you!

    I first logged on to Sparkpeople on June 7th, and I was thinking maybe I was ready to make some changes, but I wasn't really sure I was going to commit to anything. Just a few days later I saw your video "Journey of 125 Pounds" and I KNEW I could do it. I have read your blog every day since then, and if I feel like I'm losing my 'spark' I watch your video again. You are a huge inspiration to me.

    From you I learned to count my calories, but not to deprive myself from eating things I really want. If I eat it, I track it.

    I think the most amazing message from you was this: You made a decision to change, and you changed. You never claim to be perfect, you keep it real, but you never give up. I get the sense that you really DO believe that anybody who really wants to lose weight, reach their goals, and maintain CAN do it. Thanks for believing in yourself and in all of us.

    You're going to be on the show - you absolutely deserve it!

    Brenda (silver_cat7307@yahoo.com)

  26. omg katie that is so exciting. so happy for you, you always wanted the after picture, can't wait to see it yay!!!. one of the things that I'm thankful to you is that I read one of your blogs and how you were talking about the garmin. I always wanted to run outside but I'm the kind of person that needs to see how far I'm going and how much I'm burning and in the blog you said how you did your 8k and how you don't run without your garmin. I did a little research on it and my husband was just buy it and I did. so thank you for that :D. you are truly an inspiration

  27. Oh my gosh Katie! I am totally freaking out right now! As I read the news I had to get up and do the happy dance! I LOVE Dr.Oz and I DVR his show everyday and I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday. I just made my husband come in the living room and listen to me read your blog entry for today. He thought it was really cool and then he laughed at me for being so excited. I told him it couldn't be better, Dr. Oz and my virtual friend Katie in one place!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for you to find out more. Yay!!

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  28. @Amanda

    I agree with Amanda, this one from the Spark blog really struck a chord with me. Sure you can exercise 7 days a week, eat 1200 calories a week and lose weight faster; but if you are not willing to keep it up for the rest of your life, don't do it. It really emphasized for me that this is a life style change and not a temporary thing.

    This is where many of us have gone wrong, we do something we lose weight and then we jump on to everything as soon as we get the first chance and put all the weight back.

    The second thing which I already read as well was your blogs, 24hX7 days support! Not a once weekly meeting.

  29. OMG I am so flipping excited for you!!!! What a great month November is shaping up to be!

    I have a link to your blog post "FAQ #3 How did you stop binging". It has been a huge help for me. I probably read that at least once a week to remind myself how to stay on track and avoid a binge. You do so much to inspire everyone, but I think what sets you apart from the other weight loss bloggers is your honesty about dealing with BED. It's a tough thing to admit to and speak candidly about, but you do it in a way that is very open and makes you so relatable for me.

    I hope everything works out and you make it on the show. Just think how many more people you'll light a spark with!!!! :-)

  30. When's the show going to air!! I need to record it! I'm so happy for you!! I just recently started following you so I haven't had time to go through and read everything but your whole story is inspiring to me! Your pictures, your progress and your determination!
    Good luck with the show, keep us posted so we can all watch!!

  31. OMG YAY!!!! I knew they would be CRAZY to not bring you on there!!!! YES!! Awesome news - when would that show air? You must let us all know so we can watch you!! YAY!! I'm so so so so happy for you!! I'D LOVE to go on a show! that would be amazing!

    As for tips - what you did and always say to never force yourself to eat things you don't like or you'll more than likely go back to eating things you do - allowing yourself to have a 'dessert' everyday no matter what it is but of course either a smaller portion or healthier version of it - but still in your mind knowing its a dessert. Not thinking of certain foods as 'bad foods' but just as what you are eating and want to eat at that time. Not feeling guilty about it either! Oh and if you have a craving for something - allow yourself to have one serving of it and then wait to see if you still want more. That was also a huge tip!! :) Because that would prevent people from BINGEING a ton of it later!! :)

    Can't wait to hear all about the trip and show and to see his reaction!!! YAY!!

  32. HI
    im from kuwait .. and my english is not so good

    you inspire me A LOT i even send you email to sparkpeople as soon as i saw your pic and read your story
    one of the GOOD tips i get from you.. is exercise is good even if you hate it .. every time im trying to skip my workout i remember what i read on your blog abou " you hating running but you like what it did in your body" and that what makes me go on

    i apologize for my bad english but i want to let you know im really thankfull

  33. AHHH! That's so exciting!!!! I know you must be bursting with excitement! :) Can't wait to watch the episode you're on!

  34. OMG! Please tell us when the show will air. I will DVR it! The difference in your before and after is so stunning. You don't even look like the same person.

    Things that hit home with me:
    Eating only what you like. I'm pretty picky and I get discouraged when I see diets that have so many foods that I hate. Cause I know I can't stick with that.

    Which leads me to point 2 - only making changes you are willing to stick with for life.

    You are so inspiring!!!


    I am so excited!! It is about time you got "noticed" by a tv show or magazine.

    I will think about the tips and get back to you. :)

  36. Wow!!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited for you!! I know how much you've wanted this for so long!!

    I agree with much of what the others suggested:
    1) eat the things you love... because honestly, it's not going to work if you don't enjoy it!
    2) only do those things that you are willing to do for life (this goes with #1)
    3) you CAN do SOMETHING no matter your weight -- seeing you walk the race at your heaviest was inspiring to me. Yeah, I might be slow, but I can DO something!
    4) take responsibility for your actions (*I* ate this, therefore *I* weigh this, and *I* need to exercise or cut back on this -- no blaming others and no excuses for not getting it done)
    5) make sure you have both accountability and support! Whether it's through a blog or through SparkPeople (make sure to give a shout out for SP!) you don't need people just to support you, but to also hold you accountable... and likewise, you don't need people just to hold you accountable, but also to support you!

    I know you'll do FABULOUS!!! Do they have your Journey video from SP? Cuz I can totally see them using that!!
    ~*~*~*~ Happy Dance for you!! ~*~*~*~

  37. The best tips: Don't go on a diet, begin a lifestyle you can live with. Don't expect it to be all smiles and sunshine -- sometimes you do need the "dreadmill" to make it happen.
    I enjoy that even though you are a busy mom, you take care of yourself. That is a great example for your kids to see. Also, the accountability by blogging, and the example you give to others just by being yourself and honest with your success and not so successful moments help to make you remarkable.
    I hope you get the call. How exciting!

  38. It's Me, JaneOctober 25, 2011

    Sooo incredibly awesome!

    The one thing that resonates with me in terms of your weight loss is that you didn't have to eat salads to reach your goal! LOL! I think of it this way, Eat what you like, love what you eat...just make smart decisions.

    Proud of you! :)

  39. WOW!!!! That's so exciting! A couple things have inspired me. ONE - you only ate what you like, not salad every day. TWO - you only work out a few days a week because it's all about sustainability. You are so inspiring, it won't matter what you say, the pics will speak for themselves. *HUGS*

  40. So excited about Dr. Oz show! Of course they want you to be on the show. You may as well prepare yourself for flight!

    I don’t care what you say on the show by way of diet help, your pictures alone speak volumes. Basically everyone in the world wants to be healthy, but they strive/struggle/long/make every effort to look good and that is what everyone sees in you. You transformed your body with diet and exercise. I tell everyone this. Diet and exercise works. But like you always say, the diet has to be forever, so make it healthy and tasty with foods you love, because it is FOREVER.

  41. OMG .. I had just looked into the Dr. OZ website a few days ago about submitting you as a recommendation to his show. How exciting for you. I met you on Sparkpeople and I believe you are my most inspiration person on weight loss. You totally deserve. Yeah for You.

    Christina Moczygemba paiton0614@aol.com

  42. Tammy/TexzanOctober 25, 2011

    Fucking Fabulous My Friend ( I have been dieing to use that word in a response to you LOL ),, Love you Katie,, cant wait to see the show,, you will Rock their Socks ,, It may become the Dr Oz and SlimKatie show by the time you are done Girl !! XXOO

  43. You surely are an inspiration to me. You were the first person to mark me back as a friend on Sparkpeople :) I love to read about your successes and your struggles; it helps me know I am not alone.

  44. I think everyone has summed it up on here already - you definately keep it real! I also hate salads, have 2 kids and hate to run. I had given up because of that. I have learned from you that the rest of my family can eat what I eat and be healthier also, and it doesnt have to be things we dont like to eat. I have also learned to take time for me, even if I have to get up extra early to do it. Your pictures do speak volumes!

  45. Congratulations Katie! I found you through SparkPeople and though I haven't commented before, I read your blog every day. You have inspired me because, as silly as it sounds, you just seem so normal (in a good way!). I felt like if you could make this transformation, especially after having kids, then I can too. I'm only 26 and don't have little ones of my own yet, but I want to soon and want to get my weight under control first. Reading your blog makes me know I can do it. :) -Jessica F.

  46. Yay! I knew they'd call you - your story is just too good to pass up! I like it that you're so real and candid on your blog...I've been following you for quite awhile (first on sparkpeople) and it feels like you're a friend. I like it that you decided on your goals and made choices that work for you, to reach them! I think you should hurry and get those ads on your blog before you go on the show, cause you're gonna get a whole lot more traffic!!
    You've worked so hard for this - enjoy it!!

  47. Big congrats!!! Is your possible appearance on Dr. Oz's television show affiliated with the "Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You Contest (the “Contest”)"?

  48. Good things come to those who wait, right? Finally getting that after picture with Dr. Oz- CONGRATULATIONS! I agree with what everybody else has said already. We are all not made from one cookie cutter, so what works for you might not work for me, but by eating the foods you love and finding an exercise regiment you can stick to you will create success.

    I found you when your SP video posted on FB. It made me cry because I finally know after so many years of struggling how it feels to be a success story. So, I'm beaming with you on this accomplishment!

  49. THIS is so much better than People Magazine! I can't believe our very own Katie is going to be on national TV with Dr. Oz. So exciting!!! I have applied to be on that Joy Weight Loss club thing they do on the Today show, but all I did was send a form in through their site. I heard they have 100s of people who apply, and that was months ago, and I haven't heard back from them. I wanted to win a trip to NYC for hubby and me. I hope they let Jerry go with you.

    Perhaps there is a way you could work your new "gockets" into your tips. I'm going to do some hard thinking and maybe some re-reading of your blog to think of other unique things you told us about during your weight loss and maintenance. I definitely think you should mention your running, and how you hardly ever eat out. I also like the idea of how you serve the meals, you get one portion only on your plate, the rest of the food is not even placed on the table. That is a great idea for limiting portion size.

    WOW--Can you believe how this is working out, and right before your surgery? You are finally getting some of the recognition you have deserved all along. Can't wait to see the Dr. Oz & Slim Katie show!!!

  50. I've been reading your blog for about 3 months but I've never commented before now. Like a lot of the other Anons coming out of the woodwork, I found your blog through SP and I have to admit that I check it every single day.

    The only reason I'm commenting now is because you've finally asked a question that lets us try to give you a little something back. The things you've said that have stuck with me...

    - You said "I think I only ate one salad in the whole year I lost weight." I don't know if you were being hyperbolic or what, but I thought that was a great way to sum up your philosophy of finding good nutrition that didn't feel like a sacrifice. For people who love to eat and enjoy eating, being forced to eat something we don't like just because it's healthy is absolutely not going to last. Which brings me to the second and most important point (already mentioned by a few other commenters):

    - You said "I didn't make any changes that I wasn't willing to stick with for the rest of my life." I think you even gave an example, like: "I could have made myself run 5 times a week... but it wouldn't have lasted. I'm willing to run 3 times a week for the rest of my life so I lost my weight running just 3 times a week." Honestly, that was SOOOO important to me. When I started out, it was summer and I had a lot of free time (I'm a teacher) and I was working out 5 times a week. When school started, 5 times a week became impossible and I cut back to about 3 times. If I hadn't read your words, though, I'm sure I would have quit. I had such an all-or-nothing mentality that after missing a few, I'd have just given up.

    I am really confident that the Dr. Oz producers will call you back and fly you out for the show and I hope that you'll decide to mention these tips on the air. I am so excited for you!!

  51. I agree with many of the other people who have commented -- you personalized your weight loss instead of finding a program that you fit into...does that make any sense? lol

    Congrats Katie!

  52. "Right back what is wrong, we move along."

    You chose the perfect song to accompany your video. Your blog is heartfelt and honest, through both the good and the bad. Six years ago, I lost 100 pounds. However, I failed to realize the importance of maintenance and slowly but surely the weight found its way back to me.

    I am happy to share that I am now 51 pounds into my 100 pound weight loss goal! Your blog reminds me that with hard work and determination, anything is possible! I ran my first 10k this month & signed up for the martian HALF marathon this upcoming spring.
    Pretty sure you live somewhat close to me.

    When I feel blah, wanna skip a workout, etc., I hear music in my head... GO ON, GO ON, GO ON.....In fact, when I think of you, those two words immediately pop into my head.

    Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration!

    -your friendly neighborhood sparker

  53. congragulations love! Eat your desert.

  54. How super exciting!!! I'm so stoked for you hon!!! I can see you've already got a ton of advice for what kind of tips you should share so I'll just leave it at that. WTG KATIE!! ^_^ Can't wait to see you on the show! You're a shoe in!

  55. This is freaking awesome Katie! I hope they put it online so I can see it, sometimes being in NZ is a pain in the butt lol

  56. OMG Katie...this is SOOOO exciting. If it comes to fruition (and it sounds like it will) let us know when the show will be aired. You are a MEDIA SENSATION my e-friend!!! And a true inspiration. Glad all your hard work is being recognized.

  57. How exciting! Wow!

  58. Wooohooooo! I havnt been a reader for long, but I am so excited for you!

  59. I think the best advice that I have gotten from you is from your Sparkpage. You said that you were only going to do things during weight loss that you were willing to do for the rest of your life. That makes it so much more achievable, and hopefully easier to mantain once I meet goal!

  60. Fabulous =) You deserve it!

    I know I am repeating quite a few folks, but I have to say the reason I read every day is
    1.You did it without spending a fortune
    2.You eat 'normal' food
    3.keeping the kids in mind with your meal plan. So many dishes are NOT kid friendly (at least not with my 2 boys,Toby 1.5 yrs& Noah 3.5yrs) And most of the recipes on your recipe blog I can coax them to try.
    I am just starting out on mu journey. Your success proves to me it can be done with common sense. Thank you so much & CONGRATS!

  61. So thrilled for you Katie! I would say that your running is probably the #1 thing that is keeping you looking great and feeling even better. I know you lost a good deal of the weight before starting to run, but I firmly believe it has to be a balance between eating LESS and moving MORE that creates lasting weight loss.
    Your tip about ONLY eating what you enjoy is a very good one. I think people feel hopeless when they think they can't eat foods they love anymore.


  62. I love the fact that you allow yourself to eat like a normal person - you do everything in balance. If you want a cookie, you eat a cookie but then run it off. You don't deprive yourself of what you love, you just eat consciously and deliberately. That is the philosophy that I strive to live by. MAJOR congratulations, by the way. This is proving to be YOUR YEAR!!

  63. ************DOING THE HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU!!!!*************** So very excited for you Katie! I teared up reading all of the comments...yes, I read every one! Do you see how inspiring you are to so many people?! Do you see all of the newbies who are "silent" readers but never comment? I KNOW the show will pick you, how can they not?! I'm hoping maybe you'll reconsider that book you've got collecting virtual dust...don't you think it could help and inspire so many more?! Proud of you girlfriend!!! <3

  64. Katie, this is so awesome! I'm so excited for you!

  65. This is so awesome katie!!! Yes I have been reading your blog for a long time!!! LOL!!! I can't wait to see the show, I know you will be picked!!!!!!!!

  66. I love that you are a real person. It sounds funny to say, but you're honest, open and yes, the most inspiring is that you did YOUR WAY. No fads, just honest to goodness diet and exercise. And a good diet, not salads and grilled chicken for the rest of your life. Your blog is so true to yourself from the looks of it, and that makes me refer to you as "my spark friend Katie", even though we have never met and I basically lurk without ever really commenting. But because of the way you write and the struggles you share, I feel comfortable feeling like I know you without feeling like a creeper! Congrats, you really deserve it and I know it will work out! Just be true to you!

  67. For me, you a are a real person whom I can relate to. You have your ups and downs and get through them and in turn you allow me to know that I can (and should be allowed to) have a horrible calorie and exercise day, but tomorrow is a new day.
    You also teach me to set my goals and work towards them. Ultimately, if you stick to your plan you will achieve; whether it's weight loss or getting on the Dr. Oz show. Congrats!!!
    Your family photos also make your blog much more personable.
    For me, you're like a family member without the drama. I can check in on you when I have time, no questions asked! :)


  68. Beverly in TexasOctober 31, 2011

    This is sooooo awesome! So many times, I have thought about emailing them and suggesting having you on his show. Can't wait to find out once it is a dun deal and find out exactly when it will be.


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