October 29, 2011


Well my headache is gone, so it was probably related to the caffeine. I never thought I was hooked on caffeine or coffee, but apparently my body felt it. I don't think I'll start drinking it again, but I hate the lack of energy I feel without it. And the fact that coffee helped keep me "regular".

Tonight is the night that Noah was supposed to go to that sleepover birthday party. His friend Michael came over instead, since I chose not to let him go to the party, and Michael is spending the night here. Of course Jerry is working, so I'm here with the three boys by myself!  They're being a little rambunctious, but not bad!

Tonight was Trunk-or-Treating for Halloween at the church (kids get to trick-or-treat from car trunks--sounds creepier than it is). I took all three boys, and it was FREEZING. Right when we left, it started hailing!  My mom and dad were there handing out candy, and my dad was dressed in a homemade Sponge Bob costume. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good!

Eli was some sort of creepy pirate, and Noah a transformer
My dad was finishing the costume literally right up until he left. I went for a quick 3-mile run at 4:00 (Jerry had to leave for work at 4:30, so I had to get home to watch the kids), and I ran past my parents' house. My dad was in the driveway spray painting the costume, and he had to leave at 5:00. Might as well wait 'til the last minute, huh?!
Today's running stats

Before I left, I decided that I would allow myself to have two items there--whether it was popcorn and a piece of candy, or a doughnut and cider, or two pieces of candy--whatever! When I was there, I decided to have a cinnamon doughnut and a piece of candy. My mom was handing out Peanut Butter Snickers (YUM!) so I took one of those home with me, and I ate the doughnut there.

All I could think about was candy going home and getting warm.  I was freezing! The kids were shivering too, and as soon as we got home, I put on my fleece pajamas. Now I'm warm and cozy...

Ahhhh, fleece!
Oh, I also noticed when I got home, that I had a big blob of mascara under my right eye, and of course no one told me!  I didn't realize that the mascara I bought on clearance for $1 was NOT waterproof until the first time I cried while I wore it.  So today, the rain didn't help much.

So I decided to torture myself check to see what type of plane I'll be flying in on Tuesday. I had never heard of it, so I asked my brother. It's a plane that has only THREE seats in each row! There is a seat on one side, then an aisle, and then two seats on the other side. There are only like 13 rows in the whole plane. Could it BE any more claustrophobic?!  Why do I do this to myself? Ignorance is bliss!


  1. Don't you love it when you have some thing on your face and you see it in a mirror only to wonder how long it has been there....without ANYONE saying anything?!

    I am one that tells it like it is...only b/c I WOULD WANT TO KNOW IF IT WAS ME.


  2. I'm like you about flying Katie. I get so nervous but this is new for me. Years ago I was the calmest flyer there is...sigh. It helps me to find out how long the flight takes- then I can keep telling myself "only 60 minutes left, only 40 minutes left...etc" to stay calm. I would think it's a short flight from Michigan to NY, yes?

  3. @Helen

    Yes, it's only an hour and half, thankfully. The flight to Arizona was 4 1/2 hours!

  4. Um, if ignorance is bliss, I won't tell you anything about what it's like to fly in a little plane like that. :D Though honestly, it's not as bad as the little bumper plane we used to have to fly in from Minneapolis to Dubuque when we would fly up north to visit Jason's parents. It literally had propellers on the wings, and only one seat on each side, and only about 7 rows. It bounced and bumped all over the place. I'm not afraid of flying at all, but that plane was scary!! The type you're going on - NOT AT ALL LIKE THAT. I promise. :D (that's "bright side" for you.)

  5. Hey, we do trunk 'n treat at our church too! It totally sounds creepy when I try to explain it to people! But so much safer (i feel) than our kids going to random people's houses and getting candy! Ours is on Monday night. Each year they do a theme. Last year was Alice in Wonderland (the Johnny Depp version), this year is Wizard of Oz! It's pretty fun and the team that decorates and dresses up as the main characters does a GREAT job! I'm just so excited to see all my friends since i haven't gotten to hang out with them in 6 weeks because of school!! =D

  6. Come get your award girl!!!


  7. Just think about the where the journey is taking you, not how you are getting there!

  8. I spent the day, after my run, in my fleece nightgown under my fleece robe under 2 fleece blankets watching movie after movie, with a cup of something hot in my hands at all times. It was brutal. Don't know how we'll survive trick or treating on Monday night!

    We flew in a plane like that from Baltimore back to NYC when we went to my friend's wedding in New Orleans. It's small and they fly lower, so we saw Shea Stadium when we were coming in. It's so fast that we only got a drink, no snack! Have you been to NYC before? My favorite place to be. Where will you be staying? If you're near Central Park, go for a run in there! A trip around the reservoir is 3.1 miles. I wish I was able to be there too!

  9. I had forgotten how COLD I always was last winter, until it started getting cool around here this Fall. I guess it's the weight loss, I used to be too warm all the time, since I had that thick layer of fat. I spent most of the day yesterday, even inside, with my hooded sweatshirt on, over two t-shirts. I am NOT looking forward to winter.

  10. I have never heard of a trunk or treat. It sounds fun! Kind of like tailgating. :) I love anyone with the spirit for a homemade costume - even if it is last minute. :)

  11. Nothing is better than fleece pajamas! I loved everyones costumes! I've never tried an apple cider donut, but it sounds sooo good! I really liked your tactic of still enjoying the treats but keeping it within a tangible amount. I think I'm going to try this while I'm out at parties and such just to keep myself in check.

  12. Trunk or Treat looks like a fun time. Your dad's costume was awesome!!! He did a great job!!

    Good luck on your flight. Think of it this way. They only use the smaller planes for short commuter flights. So it should be a quick trip!!


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