October 22, 2011

Might as well run 8 miles

So I didn't end up dressing up in costume for Winers last night, but I at least wore a Halloween shirt (and black and orange striped socks, but you couldn't see them under my jeans). Renee was hosting, and she did a bonfire; the wine theme was Michigan wines.

I'm wearing the green "BOO" shirt, in case you can't tell

The first three wines I tasted were SO SWEET that I ended up giving mine to someone else. There was pinot noir that I liked, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Over all, I think there is a reason that Michigan is known for its fudge and not its wine. But the atmosphere was perfect and the conversation was just what I needed on a Friday night. It was fun! But I still ended up going home at 10:30 because I was so tired.

I have NOT been sleeping well for weeks now. It's driving me crazy! I thought it was because I was stressed about going to Arizona, but now that I'm home, I'm still not sleeping. Last night, Jerry was home, so I took a couple of Xanax and that knocked me out until morning. I didn't wake even once during the night, which never happens. I actually slept until 8:30 this morning.

I made one of my favorite meals for dinner yesterday--Mexican Lentils & Rice--but I had a whole bunch of bell peppers in the fridge, so I decided to stuff the lentils and rice in the peppers. Of course I topped it with some cheddar cheese and stuck it under the broiler for a minute. It was delicious!! If I hadn't been so flustered about responding to the Dr. Oz Show e-mail, I would have thought to top it with guacamole and sour cream.

I steamed the peppers for a couple of minutes before stuffing them, because I like soft peppers.

My kids are spending the night at my parents' house, and Jerry is working, so I have the evening to myself... and you know how I spent it? Running. Who the hell goes for a run when they have a Saturday night alone?! I wasn't even planning on running today, but it was GORGEOUS outside--no wind, about 54 degrees, and all the leaves are in their prime color-change right now. I just had to do it.

Since it was for pure enjoyment, I went very slowly and took in the scenery. I figured I'd just run 3 miles. Then after 3, I thought, "Well, a couple more won't hurt."  After 6 miles, I thought, "I might as well run until the sun goes down."  (It was almost sunset anyway). So I ended up running 8 miles. Tomorrow, I will rest for sure :)

I've been kind of obsessed with peach tea lately. I add 4 drops of the vanilla NuStevia liquid, and it's perfect. I tried adding a packet of the NuStevia stuff, but it was waaay too sweet. I have no clue what to do with all the other NuNaturals stuff I got--I have a bazillion recipes that they sent me, but it's kind of overwhelming.

I haven't heard anything back from my e-mail reply to the Dr. Oz Show. I'm taking that as a bad sign. I just wish Dr. Oz himself could see my story and pictures, because I know he'd want to meet me again. He was SUPER NICE in-person, and very genuine when I talked to him. Unfortunately, he will probably never know how important a role he has played in my health!  (I learned SO MUCH in his book "YOU: The Owner's Manual"--everyone knows you should eat vegetables and exercise, but his book explained all the WHY's).


  1. Well that's better than what I am doing tonight with a Saturday night to myself (almost). I am eating, eating, eating, and reading weight loss blogs. LOL. If only one could counteract the other.

  2. PS Do you get that tea at the grocery store?? Or at a Sam's Club place??

  3. @michellechristine

    I just bought it at Kroger. I have no idea why it called out to me, but I'm glad it did, because it's so good!

  4. I am here cutting coupons! I am totally lame. BTW, I made the General Cho's recipe from your recipes, (even though I forgot peanut oil, and used canola oil instead, and dropped the crushed pepper to 1/2 to see if my 4 yr old would like it) we loved it!

  5. I've had severe insomnia for the last 2-3 weeks as well. It's driving me crazy and it's put me back on another weight plateau. The last time I had a plateau was right after a bought of insomnia too. Ridiculous.

  6. Great pic of the bonfire! And there is NOTHING wrong with spending a Saturday evening alone...running. Back when I was thin and running all the time, I frequently spent my weekend evenings running, especially this time of year.

  7. I wish I was running...instead I'm doing homework! =/ And doing homework after I've been at school all day sucks! Lol. As I was reading about you running all I could think of was Forrest Gump. "I just felt like running...so I did." haha. I want to run 8 miles because I felt like it! The most I've gone is 6 and I was dying because my brother-in-law and his friend went with me and they were trying to let me set the pace (yeah right) and the whole time I felt like I had to sprint to catch up to them. It sucked ass!!!!! Ok...back to my homework now!

  8. I'm so excited to get my Gocket! I thinnk that it's awesome you spent a saturday night runnning and nice job on the 8 miles when you were planning on 3! I would be happy if I could run 1 mile :)! I wrote the Dr. Oz show and told them about your weight loss and what an inspiration you are to so many people! I figure that a little extra promotion of you can't hurt and I know on a lot of those shows it really helps! They want someone on there that will inspire people and I wanted them to understand that you will! My fingers are still crossed for you!

  9. I spent my Saturday night watching "Welcome to Sweetie Pies" on OWN, with my husband flipping back and forth to the World Series game. That's our life now. Ho hum.

    I don't like herbal teas EXCEPT for any of the chai varieties. Stash has a really good one that reminds me of Tastefully Simple's Oh My Chai, but A LOT cheaper!

    Dr. Oz's show doesn't give you a lot of time to prepare for a show, huh? I had answered a call for fun families to do a game show segment. We didn't get picked for that, but I've been contacted a couple of times since and they'll call on a Friday for you to come Tuesday! I didn't have a tall, lanky teenage girl to qualify, though. How can most people drop what they're doing and run there? My gf has done the show a couple of times as his assistant.

  10. I had SAturday night alone too...the others went to the lake to close the cabin...it was beautiful here too . And I like another did nothing but eat and sit on the couch. UGH...I need to run this morning for sure!!

  11. HI Katie-
    I spent last night watching the heart-breaking Badgers game! Lost to the MSU Spartans - so tell me Katie - are you a Spartan or Wolverine?
    I'll still like you either way :)
    Have a good Sunday!

  12. Ha!!! I spent the night watching the MSU game and as a MSU alumni, of course, I was thrilled with the outcome!!!!!!

    I am surprised that you didn't like the MI wine, Katie!!!! I have always thought itched quite good. I actually have a wine bottle collection, and a goal to visit every winery in MI and getting a bottle from each!!!!


  13. Jason and I just started "wine tasting." I'm not sure what all the differences are, but Crimson Dew from the Northville Cidermill is pretty good! I'm sure it's probably considered sweet though. The peppers look yummy! Gonna have to give that one a try. :)

  14. I've been meaning to do this forever, but finally had the chance today to sit down and do some back reading on your blog, in particular your accident story and the very inspiring video of your loss. I wasn't aware of the body lift surgery until just recently and was a bit worried about you (mother hen, here) but now I understand just how strong of a person you are and know you'll do just fine. You are one amazing woman. So glad to be able to stand alongside you as a fellow maintainer.
    btw, I'm sure the Dr. Oz Show will see that, too :)

  15. I haven't got to the Gocket's post yet but I can't wait to see what the hype is about! I loved all the winer's costumes! I dumped a packet of that Nunaturals stuff in my coffee and couldn't drink it, it was soo sweet! I do really like that liquid stuff. So funny, I was looking at Peach tea at the store today, I should have picked it up!


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