October 18, 2011


Thanks for all the nice comments on the entry about Sarah's wedding. I was just super happy to be able to FIT into that dress! ;)

I ate a lot of junk while I was at Sarah's, and I definitely felt the effects of that. My hands were super swollen and puffy every morning, and I know it was because I was eating out on a daily basis. I'm not used to eating out, so my body just got bloated. I did run while I was there--4 miles Thursday and 6 miles on Friday.

As soon as we got home, I jumped right back on the wagon as far as eating and exercise go. I ran 6 miles yesterday and 3 miles today. I have 4 weeks until my surgery, so I want to keep running often, but I'm not training for anything. It feels kind of weird to not have a schedule. I just want to be in really good shape before I'm not able to run for 6+ weeks!

I was craving veggies when I got home from AZ, so I went to the fruit & veggie market to stock up. I'm still feeling puffy, but hopefully a couple more days of healthy eating will help. I'm still going to weigh-in tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-In, but I promise you that it's not going to be pleasant :)

I made some baked oatmeal for breakfast yesterday, and it was SO GOOD. Renee ordered baked oatmeal when we went for coffee last week, and I was obsessing about it ever since. I looked up a recipe online, and just made a couple of modifications. I poured almond milk over it and sprinkled a little brown sugar on top.

I brought Renee and Jessica each a piece, and Jerry ate some. I'll be making more tomorrow probably, because I think there is just one piece left. I used this recipe: Pumpkin, Cranberry, & Apple Baked Oatmeal. I typed out the modified recipe here. It tasted like all the elements of Fall in a bowl! Pumpkin, cranberries, apples, cinnamon... yum!!

This morning, I had to volunteer in Eli's kindergarten class to help the kids decorate pumpkins. Kindergarteners are so cute! After all the kids were finished decorating, they performed a few songs for us. I took pictures, but I'm not sure who wouldn't mind me posting pics of their kids on here, so I won't post them.

And speaking of dilemmas with the kids' safety... Noah brought home a birthday party invitation today for a sleepover. I don't know whether to let him go. I don't know the parents of the boy. The boy has a different last name than his mom, so I did some "research" on the computer (Facebook, Family Watchdog, White Pages, etc--yes, I'm a freak about this, but I worry about my kids!) I found the boy's dad on Facebook, and he is pretty young, and dating a stripper. Can't find anything about the mom.

Noah told me that the party is going to be at the boy's grandparents house (which is actually an apartment). Jerry says we should let him go, but I really don't know. I was thinking of just letting him go for a few hours and then picking him up. It's the sleepover part that makes me uncomfortable. I just don't trust ANYONE around my kids unless I know them well. Noah wants to go very badly. What would you do?


  1. yikes, that is a hard one! I think I would skip the whole thing altogether saying you already have plans that night (make some - a movie or something!)

    A dissapointed child is better than an unsafe one. I have a 5-year old and would not let her go to a sleepover party yet - especially if I do not know the parents.

  2. I didn't get to comment about the wedding but I loved the pictures! It looked like a beautiful wedding and your friend looked so happy. I think your dress was my favorite out of the different bridesmaid dresses. You looked so pretty! : ) I am definately going to have to try the baked oatmeal, it looks awesome! So as far as the sleep over for Noah goes, I would be in the same delima as you. I am super protective of my kiddos, there aren't even very many family members that make the cut (I'm not that hard to please but hey, there are some people in the fam that shouldn't even be allowed to have pets!) I have a really hard time letting my kids stay overnight with people I don't know. Maybe you could go with him for the party and see how you feel, if it's creepy or your mom-dar goes off that it doesn't feel right you could come up with a reason for him to come home with you after the party, but if you feel comfortable once you're there and the parent(s)seem responsible and Noah is having a great time maybe you would feel like it would be ok to let him stay? I don't know, that would be a tough one! Good luck! : )

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  3. Sorry Jerry. I side with Katie on this one.

    I would definitely NOT let him sleep over. Send him to enjoy the party and make a joke to the mom by saying, "I"M not ready for him to sleep away from home...."

    Love the new recipe! Is it crunchy? It looks it...

  4. I love this recipe! I can't wait to try it.

    I think you are right to worry about this sleepover, a mothers intuition, right?! I think back on all the situations I was allowed in and cringe. I'm not a mom *tear* but I side with you.

  5. Ah..I side with the "Mother's Intuition" here...if you don't know them personally I wouldn't allow the sleep over.

    (I may let him go a few hours but not over night.)

    The baked oatmeal looks delicious...may have to check out that recipe.

    Talk about puffy.....I have been on a 5-day binge now...YES it is almost that time of the month and this is normal for me but, seriously I am dying here...eating every thing, constantly, and then going back for more. Thank goodness I am taking time to sleep or it would be ugly.

    I have to turn it around but, I think my kids are stressing me out and that's making it worse!

  6. Hi Katie, I've never posted a comment to your blog before, but feel like I should. I would not let your son sleep over someone's house you don't know. A few years back, I watched an Oprah show about kid's sleepovers and some VERY terrible things happened. I have never forgotten it. I agree with Julie on this one. Thanks for giving me hope for weightloss everyday. ~Laura

  7. Hi Katie - I loved the wedding posts - you looked great!

    As for the sleepover - NO WAY!! - Kindergarten is WAY too young, regardless of if you know the family well. No way, no how. I would, of course, take the blame yourself to avoid the uncomfortableness for your son (duh).

    Have a great week getting back to the routine!

  8. Katie, my kids are 15 and 13, and other than immediate family member's houses, they have NEVER slept over a friend's house (and no friends have slept here). My husband is actually the overly cautious one. He thinks that there's no good reason to sleep over a friend's house. Am I depriving them of a childhood right of passage? Will they turn out abnormal because of it? Probably not.

    Unfortunately, we get sex offender e-mails/phone calls from the school district all the time. You may know the parents very well, but there could be that one time when "Uncle Bob" stops by for a visit to play with the kids... My mom's favorite saying is "Better you cry now than I cry later."

  9. Glad you liked the baked oatmeal - that's one of my favorite breakfasts! :)

  10. Katie, I am right there with you when it comes to trust and children. I do happen to work for a police agency and work alongside the sex offender registry and let me tell you, it could be anyone, even a little grandma across the street. I think you have covered your bases and if you do not see any hits for the family on the web, they are probably ok. I would just talk to him honestly about what to watch out for and tell him to call you at any time during the night if he wants to come home or does not feel safe.

  11. Delurking! I would DEFINITELY not let my kid sleep over at a kid's house whose family I did not know well. I agree with those who suggested to let him go to the party for a little while if he wants, then pick him up -- or even better, be there with him (unless it would mortify him). If it were me, however, I would not fib as to the reason for not sleeping over - I would just tell him your rule is that you have to know the families of his friends pretty well before he is allowed to spend the night with them. The person above me who said a disappointed kid is better than an unsafe kid hit it right on the head.

  12. LoveAnAnimalOctober 18, 2011

    Nearly all restaurant foods causes me water retention, and I have to really push the H2o down my gullet for a few days to get flush all the sodium. Lots of veggies sounds good.

    I definitely will try the baked oatmeal. Thanks for the revamped recipe.

    About the birthday sleepover invite; given that you do not know the mother for family, I totally agree with your gut instinct and little Noah should not spend the night. I'm assuming that Noah wants to really go to the party. Maybe ask Noah his opinion of the birthday boy to determine if he really likes the boy, or if he just likes the idea of being included in the invite. Is the boy nice to Noah? Is he nice to other kids? Does he talk about his family? What does Noah like about him? Etc....

    If Noah shows a strong desire to go to the party, then a phone call to the mom asking what the agenda is for the evening? How many children will she expect and how many will be spending the night? (Strong possibility not all guest will be spending the night.) Who will be the other adults helping to supervise? And without committing to anything concrete, explain that you may be able to work out a time frame where Noah can share in celebration of her son's birthday party for a few hours, though he will not able to spend the night. No explanation should be expected as to why he won't be spending the night. (The phone call will give you an opportunity to get an impression about her.)

    If Noah isn't happy about your decision, whether it's for a few hours of party time, or even if not going at all, you can bribe him so-to-speak with a fun activity that he loves to do with his family. Then afterwards, if he hears the kids at school talking about the fun things they did at the party/sleepover, he can tell them about the awesome thing he did that same evening/night. : ) Sorry this was such a long comment. Good thing there isn't a charge per word for comment posting. LOL

    Good luck mommy with the birthday sleepover situation. : )

  13. I wouldn't trust my 6 year old at a sleepover if I didn't know the parents. Trust your gut. Hopefully it's an overreaction and everything will go just fine for the rest of the kids. But in 20 years, he won't remember that he didn't get to spend the night. He WILL remember that he had awesome parents that cared enough to say no once in a while. And he'll become a better parent for it himself :)

  14. I read your blog every day, As someone who is overweight and has been all my life, I find you inspiring, and hope one day to be a success like you. I thought it was funny that we were both in a wedding this weekend, Hot and miserable in dresses! But something just clicked, You are trying to reach your goal weight, and after your body lift, that should take off quite a few pounds! A friend of mine had the same procedure and she had almost 20lbs of excess skin! Keep up the good work! Jesi Gordon

  15. That is a tough one. I think you should trust your gut. There are quite a few red flags that would make me nervous. Tell him you already have plans and make something up. Take both the boys somewhere fun that night and he'll soon forget all about the party.

  16. Katie,
    I never let my son sleep at a house where I didn't know the family (and some places where I did know, but didnt like thier lifestyle) There were tears, his and secretly mine, but I held firm. I didnt have a husband with a different view though. Perhaps you can meet the Mom ahead of time for coffee, ask the teacher if she knows the family (for a future time). Kindergarten is a bit young for sleepover parties anyway I think.
    Your dress looked wonderful on you. You always look so happy at social events. Were you like that when overweight or did this come with the weight loss, running accomplishments, etc? I always look like fat one trying desparately to have fun...
    But, I read you everyday, realize how much work and committment is involved and take this one day at a time.
    The oatmeal looks delicious. Will have to try it on the weekend. Thanks for all your help along this journey. Pat

  17. What the heck?!? I just wrote out my comment and then, poof!!!! It disappears!!!!
    I wanted to tell you how nice you looked for the wedding, thanks for sharing the pictures!!!!!!
    I agree with most everyone above.... I would let him go for a short while, but not spend the night, that should be reserved for family and close friends!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the oatmeal recipe too, I am getting bored with plain oatmeal lately!!!!!:-)

  18. I say no on this one too! I would probably let my son go for a couple hours and then pick him up! I don't trust anyone I don't know around my kids! I tell my kids all the time when I have to make decisions like this that it is my job to make sure they're safe and they can be upset if they want but that is my job because I love them so much and would be heartbroken if anything happened to them! Although they are still upset they know its because I love them! Plus at 5 I would never have my kids invite kids to spend the night that we didn't know their family! The only friends my kids have had spend the night are our neighbors kids and our kids have all know each other since they were babies and we all know each other and one of my daughters friends that I know her mom really well! You just can't be too careful! Sorry Jerry!

  19. The oatmeal look s awesome! My daughter has been invited to a few sleepovers and I don't let her go. I'm with you on the trust issue and my kids. It made me feel better to find out that the girls who are her closest friends didn't go either. When I talked to their mom's, they have the same issues. Personally, I think you're doing the right thing, especially if you don't know ANYTHING about the people who he would be staying with.

  20. The baked oatmeal looks yummy. Can't wait to try it!

    About the sleepover, when my kids were little we had a no sleepover rule with a very few exceptions where we knew the parents well. We let them go to the parties and picked them up. No one seemed to mind and honestly, when they were really little, a lot of the kids got homesick and wanted to go home anyway so no one thought much about it.

  21. I say trust your instincts! I am the same way about my daughter. As one of your readers said, "A disappointed child is better than an unsafe one" and I completely agree. If anything, I would go with your idea to let him stay a few hours then pick him up.

  22. I agree with everyone here. You just cant trust people you dont know, especially with your child. My little girl is 4 and sleepovers are a no-go, even with certain family. I wasnt allowed to attend slumber parties until I was an older child, even then my mom had to know the parents. The thought of a child getting harmed at a sleep over gives me the chills...

  23. I'm glad you had a fun time in AZ, and I'm sure you'll be back to feeling good and healthy in no time! I like the idea of bringing your son over for a couple hours for the party, but not sleeping over. So far my kids (8 and 5) have only had sleepovers with their cousins or my daughter has had a couple with a friend that I've gotten to know her parents well. My son is in kindergarten this year, too, and he hasn't had any friend sleepovers yet. I think it would be kind of weird to invite other people's kids that I don't know, over for a sleepover...

  24. Katie,

    I don't reply much anymore but I always read. I wouldn't EVER let my kids go. I agree with you. Take him and drop him off and that is it. I had alot of stuff happen to me when I was little and that isn't something I ever want another little kid go through. I don't care if I am too overprotective they won't do it.

    Good luck. Trust your gut.

  25. Oh man. I say go with your gut Katie! There is nothing like a mother's intuition! Also, I am for sure that mom who would find out anything and everything about those parents too! I wouldn't let my daughter go unless I was good friends with the parents. You just don't know who is watching your kid, who those people might have over. It could get really bad, really fast. If you're totally uncomfortable, I would make it a family night and let Noah pick out what you guys do. If you're ok with him going for a couple hours, then I say do that. But dealing with Noah being disappointed for a couple days, is way easier than letting him go and regretting it if something happened to him! I can tell you are a good mom. You do things that show you care and love your kids. You are protective! Good job! =) PS - I can't wait to try the recipe you posted!

  26. Hi Katie -
    I'm not a parent, but I don't think it's a tough decision at all. You don't feel right about it - so don't do it! I'm not so sure how I feel about the party alone, but I definitely think the sleep-over is a no-no. If you barely know the parents, then it's the same as handing your son off to a stranger! Just because the kids know each other at school means nothing - they're little kids! I don't think the decision should have anything to do with the kids' feelings - it should only be based on your knowledge and comfort-level with the supervising adults.
    I'm really not a paranoid or over-protective person - I just think this is a no-brainer.

  27. Hey Katie -

    I'm a parent of two boys ages 24 and 14. I would not let either of them sleep over at age 5. In fact all the sleep overs were at my house, and I was shocked and appalled by the parents who would drop their kids off at my house and never even meet me. So, my boys were disappointed but guess what? Both of them are very happy, healthy, well-adjusted popular boys. They did not suffer from me being over-protective. It is your right and privilege as a parent to keep your children safe. P.S. You looked beautiful in the dress!!!

  28. I would let him go for a few hours then pick him up. They will be going to sleep after he leaves most likely so he wouldn't miss anything. I am a freak about this subject also!! You can't trust anyone!! We do sleepovers with family only (and family-like friends that we've known forever). Go with your gut!!

  29. Hi Katie. Thanks for the oatmeal recipe. And your mother's instinct is to be trusted!!!

  30. Oh by the way you look really nice in the wedding pictures, I think the dress look nice on you. oh wow, I'll be freak out. I don't think I would let my kids go, its like you said this days you can't trust anybody, especially if you don't know them. it's better to be safe than sorry. there are so many horror stories. just send a gift or something.


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