October 30, 2011


If you have a subscription to my blog, please read this!  I discovered today that the spot on my blog to sign up for e-mail subscriptions was linking you to the wrong feed. It's the same content, but it was called "Maintaining Half My Size" back when I first started this blog. It's causing me a lot of confusion now on Feed Burner, so I'm going to delete that feed.

If you have an e-mail subscription, you may have to re-subscribe. All you have to do is enter your e-mail into the box on my page where it says Follow by Email, and it should be good to go. This MAY also effect the people that subscribed to the RSS feed back when it was called Maintaining Half My Size. If you think that could be you, you might have to re-subscribe by clicking on the little box under Subscribe By on my blog page. Regardless, if you don't see a post from me sometime Monday, then you probably need to re-subscribe.

Sorry for the hassle, but it will make things way less confusing for me if I delete that feed. This only effects about 80 people, so hopefully you're not one of them! ;)

It was another cold morning. When the kids were getting ready to leave for church, I thought I would make Noah laugh by attempting to put on his coat. I figured I wouldn't even be able to get the sleeve past my elbow. Turns out I was able to put it on AND zip it up! Hahaha, it's a boys size 8 coat (Noah is 7 years old) so I was actually kind of thrilled at that fact!
If only the sleeves were a little longer...  ;)

I made Southwest Chicken & Beans in the slow cooker for dinner. I was craving guacamole, so I decided to put cheese, guacamole, and sour cream on top. It was SO good.
I love really sloppy food like that--where you can just throw a bunch of shit in a bowl and call it dinner. The messier, the better!

Estelle (my ugly cat) found a new perch that I am NOT happy about. I have a treadmill that folds up when you're not using it, and I like to keep it up so that the cats don't walk on it and scratch it up. Well Estelle must have been offended that I would even think that about her...
Can you spot her this time???
Then when I yelled at her to get down, she of course slides down the nearly 90 degree angle with all 18 claws out full-force.  Did I mention how NOT graceful she is?  When she runs around the house, it sounds like a herd of elephants or something.

When I go to bed tonight, it will mark two full weeks of being binge-free. That hasn't happened in a long time!! I'm loving this, but again--I don't want to speak too soon.  Tomorrow is Halloween, which I remember very clearly was the day that I started bingeing again last year. I was obsessed with Halloween candy, and I ate a ton of it Halloween night. I gained about 6 pounds between Halloween and the day I broke my jaw (November 12).

Tomorrow is also Mark's birthday. We have him over to my parents' house every Halloween for his birthday and to hand out candy. We have dinner and cake, and then my dad makes a fire in the driveway where we hang out and pass out the candy (and Jerry takes my kids trick-or-treating). So tomorrow, my plan is to follow my "rule of two" that I've been doing lately. I tell myself I can pick two things that I really want most, and eat them guilt-free (along with a normal dinner).

I don't know what we're having for dinner, but I'll eat a little of that, and then pick my two choices. I'll probably have a piece of cake and a piece of candy, but if I don't like the cake, then I'll just pick two pieces of candy. Hopefully my kids will eat all of their candy (at least all the good stuff!) while I'm in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday. So maybe I'll avoid the Halloween weight gain this year :)


  1. I love the jacket picture!!

  2. that is so cool that your son jacket fits you :)that must be a nice feeling. I'm so excited for you, finally going back to get the after picture with Dr Oz and for being two week binge free. keep up the good work

  3. Ok I just ran down to see if MY son's size 8 jacket would fit me. Got it on - zipper's not happening ...

    Ok, here is my kitty trick. Put a some crumpled aluminum foil paper where she sits, when she jumps on it the crinkling is going to scare the cr@p out of her and she won't do it again.

    Happy halloween!

  4. Is that the cat who was hiding in the closet?!! Crazy cat! love the jacket picture!!

  5. Have you tried what dentists prefer? Letting your kids eat as much as they can on Halloween, then kids and parents help brush their teeth..then the rest goes to all of the homeless/in need kids (or parents can throw out). This would help eliminate the glossiness. I tend to freeze it. We aren't as bad off as some, but as a single Mom, I can pull out of the freezer to go to the pool/movies/etc, to help save money. We have never bought things out, I bring them in. I will say I feel terrible about this, but they don't offer healthy options normally. Our pool gives me crap for bringing in watermelon. Serious??!??!? They caught me once and I had to take it back tot he car. I was NOT impressed.

  6. Wow, I like the aluminum foil suggestion! That will probably work like a charm! And your jacket picture is so cute! (if only the sleeves were longer! haha) ;) Thankfully, I am not a big candy person, so Halloween isn't really a trigger for me. We let my daughter get candy while she trunk or treats at church, but we only let her pick one piece and my husband and brother-in-law eat the rest! HAHA. Yes, I'm one of THOSE mom's that doesn't let her have a ton of sweets. I get ridiculed for it by some people, but whatever! She can make those choices when she gets older, she's only 3 so I still get to decide what she eats and doesn't! lol. Congrats on 2 weeks binge free - I bet that feels GREAT! =D

  7. I actually let my kids eat as much of their candy as they want. I don't set limitations. I do this because I don't want them to think there is something horrible about eating candy--that's what Halloween is all about! But when their candy is gone, then too bad :) If I set limits, I know they would bug the heck out of me every day, so this way I get it all over with in a couple of days!

  8. Way to go Katie on being binge-free!!!!! I am so excited for you this week!!!!!:-)
    By the way, I think Estelle is cute!!!!


  9. I am dreading having all of that candy in the house. I bought 9 bags to give out, but I'm never home to give it out! So, what's left gets put away and then stuffs the stockings at Christmas! I can't believe I managed NOT to open any of the bags early, but I don't know what I'll do around the kids open buckets full of candy! We also get together with all of the sisters that still have trick-or-treating kids and go together and have pizza for dinner. My saving grace is the fact that I'm free for the day and get an awesome workout in!

    Have FUN today!! TWO MORE WEEKS!!!

  10. Katie,
    Thanks for sharing your recipes-- always ingredients I can find in a regular grocery store. Nothing to fru-fru to hunt down after a week at the office.
    If the candy gives you trouble tonight, just picture yourself telling Dr. Oz that your way of handling Halloween was to decide ahead of time to indulge in your two favorite pieces and then you stuck to it. Hear yourself saying that and you're going to stay strong.
    Cats are a curious animal..

  11. Hi, Katie! I'm loving the NuNaturals vanilla Stevia! :) your recipe up above looks just like my very favorite meal!! I make salsa chicken in my crockpot, then in a bowl I put a serving of brown rice, a serving of refried beans, salsa chicken, and a little shredded cheese...I will definitely have to try adding sour cream and gauc...I am a guacaholic!!! Congrats on being binge free for 2 weeks...as a BED sufferer myself, I know the struggle. I am going to try to implement your rule of two and see if I can live by that! Hope you have a great day! :)

  12. Your dinner looks sooooo good! Now I'm hungry for mexican food!

  13. Very excited for your upcoming debut on the Dr. Oz show, that will be very awesome to get that "after" pic. Congrats on the 2 week binge free streak!

  14. Ahhhh, I feel honored to be among the few that needed to resubscribe. :)
    You are doing great on being binge-free!! I'm so proud of you!!!


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