October 23, 2011

Twilight nerd

True to my word, I did not run today. I spent the day catching up on housework instead. That's even less fun than running!

My surgery is three weeks from tomorrow--I cannot even describe how excited I am! Sometimes I feel extremely nervous, but at the moment, I'm about 99% excited and 1% nervous. We'll see how that changes as it gets closer to the surgery date.

Speaking of the surgery date, I'm SO BUMMED that I have to miss out on a much anticipated event on November 19th. My friend Rachael has a Twilight premier party every time one of the new Twilight movies comes out. It's a really big deal among my friends, and I love to go.

First we go to the movie together and then we go to the party afterward. Rachael keeps the theme with the movie--last time it was a "graduation party" where she set up a tent in the yard and had a graduation cake, and all that. You may remember the outfit I wore:

Very festive, no? ;)  And the atmosphere:

Notice the 'forks' in the cake! :)

Anyways, Rachael hand-delivered the invitations for the Breaking Dawn party recently, and I had already made my surgery appointment. Check this out!

Not sure if you can read it, but it's a WEDDING INVITATION for Bella and Edward!!! How fun is that?!! I so badly want to change my surgery date, but you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to get the date that I have, so I can't. And there is no way I'll be able to go anywhere just 5 days out from surgery.

Renee tried to make me feel better by saying that there is no drinking in the church hall, so there won't be wine involved... lol. But I'm still super sad to miss out.

I've been trying to come up with a list of things I'm going to need in the couple of weeks after surgery. I bought my compression garments that the doctor had me order, and I bought a mattress protector for my bed (I don't want to get blood and yucky stuff on my mattress). My mom has a walker that my dad used after his knee surgery, so I'm sure that will come in very handy. I really need to read the message boards and make a list.


  1. Get one of these - http://www.go-girl.com/

    Seriously. Your compression garments will have an opening for you to go, but this will help keep you from soiling the garments and having to take them off and wash them all the time.

  2. Pick up a good book to read. :)

  3. I went to Whole foods today looking for the Kettle brand of Almond butter. I didn't find it, but I did find the other one you just recently ordered. I picked up an individual packet on sale for $.69, and figured I would try it. In the past (as in about 6 years ago) I used to grind it in the store and buy it that way.

    The party looks fun! Too bad you will have to miss it. Are you making freezer entrees for post surgery? There is a blogger I read who has a ton of freezer recipes.

  4. I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies, though I've read the first two books. Actually, for Halloween this year, Jason and I made a gingerbread Twilight scene, complete with sparkling gingerbread vampire and a dyed-coconut-covered werewolf. And a red truck! It was awesome. I posted pictures earlier in the week. :D

  5. Awe! That's hard choice, twilight or the final product of all your hard work....wait a minute....

    You'll be glad you got it done when you did.

    So how in the world did you start the wine group you are in? I want to start something, but have no clue...

  6. That is such a cute idea! Maybe they can video it for you as if you were really there! I'm getting so excited for your surgery, you deserve every slice of happiness!

  7. I have to admit I have never read a Twilight book nor watched a movie. (So, you'll have to explain the forks and the graduation cake to me.) Just not my thing and I'm afraid if I start I'll become obsessed. Now, ask me about any of the Real Housewives and I can talk about them like they're my sisters! You'll have to see about getting a bootlegged copy!

    It sucks that you have to miss something you love, but you're better off getting your surgery over and done with so you'll have really great results by the time swimsuit season rolls around next year. Since you are making a list of things you might need, I know it's gross, but you might find a portable potty handy next to your bed for a little while. Do you have lots of comfy, oversized pjs or sweats to lay around in? Things that'll slide on and off easily to use the facilities? How about those sponge bath wipes for freshening up? Just thinking about all of the things my mom needed while she was recuperating...

  8. I think it's SO cool that your friend does a party every movie! Lol. My girlfriend and I have a standing date to see the movie together. We go the first Sunday after it comes out. This year it will have to be after I get out of class! =/ Anyway, what a great idea! I think they should videotape it for you and just pretend like you're an out of town guest that couldn't be there! Then you will get to experience it with them. What Twilight related gift would you bring?
    I have no idea what you would need for your recovery after surgery. I've only had septoplasty to correct a deviated septum, so that didn't require much. (except a trash can because I kept throwing up from the Vicodin!) =( Lol. So so so excited for your surgery!! It's going to be here before you know it! You seriously deserve it. How are the Gocket sales going? I hope GREAT!

  9. I love love love my GO GIRLS :-)

  10. My daughter and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Twilight books and movies...can't wait for the final one! (Although a surgery??? Now, that's once in a lifetime!)

    You can watch the movie over and over and over again when it comes out on DVD. ;-)

  11. Here are a few things to consider having post-surgery:
    1. Something to raise the height of your toilet. Trust me, after surgery, it's a long way down.
    2. A big, triangular wedge pillow so you don't have to lay all the way down in/get all the way up from your bed.
    3. A front button-up dress. This way you don't have to step into anything or lift your hands over your head.

    Best of luck! :)

  12. You and your friends do such fun things! I wish I had a group of girlfriends to organize events like that one:-) Especially since November 19th is my birthday!
    I'm so excited for you getting your surgery Katie. I'll bet you can't sleep because of the anticipation. I agree with MichelleChristine- line up a bunch of books to read. Watching TV can get old really quick! If you can't blog for a couple of days, can Jerry blog for us? We want to know how it's going for you!

  13. Tammy/TexzanOctober 24, 2011

    You may want an Ice pack,, after my last surgery which was a Hysterectamy,, I used the ice bag alot ,And One of those Long sticks with claw like things on the end,, to help you reach for things . Ear plugs to help you sleep in the hospital and at home,, and one of the Eye cover things to also help you sleep, Rest rest rest is the best thing for healing,, so dont fight it,, just rest as much as you can,, You will heal quicker .Good Nutrition and hydration is very inportant !! If I think of amy more tools,, I will let you know.

  14. Your friends are as creative as you are. That sounds like a fun party...too bad you will be indisposed! I LOVE the black and red outfit you wore to the last Twilight party. That color combination has always been one of my favorites. As much as I like bright colors, lately I find myself attracted to greys. I have several new grey tops and sweaters. Which is completely off the topic....I notice I tend to ramble a lot....I'll blame it on my age.

  15. That party seems like so much fun :D Seems like time is flying by, 3 weeks will be here in a blink of the eye. I have never had major surgery before but I think I would be planning meals, maybe make some that freeze well that way your husband can just put it in the oven to reheat? Good luck with everything!

  16. Sounds odd but maxi-pads then later mini-pads. They go against your incision until it heels. Your compression garments hold them in place. Alcohol swabs to clean around where the drains enter your body. A big thing of Neosporin for your incision. Gatoride for right after surgery than upgrade to light food like crackers and soup. Do you have a recliner in your house? You may not be in your bed for awhile, and it helps to sleep in one. You will feel very tight, and it will be hard to lie flat for awhile. Sweatpants or very loose pants preferable dark in case you bleed a little. Old pillows to put behind your back. This helps those that are taking care of you brace you to help you get up. My husband had it done after losing 130 pounds last December so I went through it all with him. :-) I am having mine in January. I have lost 125 myself. Good luck! You will love the results!

  17. Oh wait! I just saw you were doing a body lift. My advice would be for an abdominoplasty. So, the whole sleeping/lying down will be different. I hope some of the other stuff helps!

  18. You're so funny how you actually considered changing your surgery date to see BD. lol I'm a Twilight nerd, too, girl. I'm actually re-reading the books right now (just finished book 1 in 3 days). I'm so excited to see the next movie. I just moved to IN and will probably go alone since I don't know anyone here that likes the series yet. You might consider yourself lucky in that as a result of having to wait, you might not have to watch the movie with a bunch of crazies, as I've had to do that close to opening night. Have you ever noticed how the women are so loud? lol As for your surgery, it sounds like you have lots of good suggestions for items you'll need. I can't wait to see the end result, so I can't imagine how excited you are!

  19. Just think of it this way...I'm sure your friends will probably throw you another party when your all healed. It will be well worth every minute of it!


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