February 02, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 36

Those jeans are size 8 and I didn't even have to do the "jeans-dance" to get into them. I pulled them up and they zipped easily. And they're super comfy! The last time I tried them on, they were very tight and not "wearable in public". I love when I can feel progress in my clothes. 

After last week's gain, I was sure to work extra hard this week. Even though I knew last week's weight wasn't a "true" weight (it had jumped up a little over a pound the day before weigh-in for no reason), I wanted to make sure that I was going to win the first month of my six-month DietBet.

Jerry and I joined a six-month DietBet that began on January 1st. He was at his heaviest in about a decade and after a very rough December, we decided to go ahead and do the Bet together. Yesterday was our first month's weigh-in.

Thankfully, we both won the first month! The six-month schedule goes like this:

Month 1: Lose 3% of your starting weight
Month 2: 6% (each month is cumulative)
Month 3: 8%
Month 4: 9%
Month 5: 10%
Month 6: 10%

So in order to win the first month, you have to lose 3% of your starting weight. To win the second month, you have to have lost 6% of your starting weight. And so on. Since our next goal is March 1st, we each need to have lost 6% of our starting weight.

My DietBet weight is higher than my Wednesday Weigh-In weights because I wear clothes for the DietBet weigh-ins and because sometimes I've already had water and/or food for the day. I consider my Wednesday Weigh-In weights my "true" weight because it's first thing in the morning and I'm naked. But for the sake of DietBet:

Starting weight: 163.4
My goals for the DietBet:
Feb 1: 158.5 (actual was 154.4)
Mar 1: 153.6
Apr 1: 150.3
May 1: 148.7
Jun 1: 147.1
Jul 1: 147.1

Doing the DietBet has actually really been helping me to stay on track. As much as I dislike the whole concept of the DietBet (and especially the fact that DietBet takes 25% of the pot!!) it has helped me. I guess I just don't want them getting my money; they're already getting over $400,000 from their share of the pot. Yes, I've complained about this several times in the same paragraph as my saying that DietBet has helped me--eye roll. I'm a hypocrite, I guess! So as long as I hit my goals, they won't be getting any of my money ;)

I've still been eating my minimum recommended daily allowance of fiber every day. Usually I'll have about 150%! Most of it comes from my Cold Almond Joy Oats that I have for lunch every day. For breakfast, I'll usually gave Grape Nuts with blueberries. I still need to work on getting more water, though; I've been drinking about 2 Liters, but I'd like to get in 4 Liters a day. It's so much harder to drink water in the winter.

Anyway, today's weigh-in was a good one! I think it's the lowest weight I've had so far (since I started losing weight in May).

So, I am down 2.4 pounds this week, bringing my total to 44.6 pounds down since I started losing weight at the end of May. I'm really happy with that! I'd hoped to be closer to 140 by the end of January, but I had a couple of months where I just didn't seem to be making any progress. I'm happy with where I'm at! I'm really excited to get back into the 140s, though ;)

I'm not sure if Jerry wants me to share his weigh-ins at this point, so I won't do that. But maybe I'll do an update after a few months. By March 1st, I have to be at 153.6 (remember, that's with my clothes on)--so I think that I'll make that goal for sure.

During the late winter/early spring, we usually don't have anything going on, so it's a good time of year to work on bettering myself (physically and mentally).

Today's random fact of the day:


  1. You look amazing and I love that smile! Yesterday was the first day in 15 days that I skipped my run. I was all set to do it, and went outside and started my 45 minute run, and the neighbor had his huge German Shepard racing everywhere without a leash. The reason why I quit running 2 years ago is because of being attacked by mean dogs. I'm a dog lover, no doubt, but when they see people running, it makes them crazy. Today when I go out to run, if I see that huge dog without a leash, I'm calling the cops. Kinda hard to not come up with excuses to not work out, but when you really decide to stick with it, then you're too scared to go out the door...

    1. I totally understand! I've been bitten a few times while out running. It drives me crazy that people don't leash their dogs or have them fenced! I learned which areas to avoid, but it sucks that I have to do that.

  2. thank you for sharing your journey! i finally decided to really try to jump back on the bandwagon two weeks ago and count calories and i was doing SO well, but last night after an emotionally exhausting solo dinner/bath/bedtime with my 3 year old twins, i binge ate junk. i am so mad at myself because i was finally making progress, but i guess it's like one step forward and two steps back. today i'm drinking lots of water and trying to get back on track. i would really like to make some progress before we have family photos taken at the end of April/beginning of May

    1. I've been moving two steps forward one step back ever since May! I've learned to be okay with that. As long as I keep doing what I'm doing, I'll eventually get there :)

  3. Congratulations on continuing to win DietBet. Love the pineapple fact. A friend of mine is an architect and on one huge project, the owner of the new building wanted a large pineapple shape on the roof. No one could figure it out and the owner who is Asian (Thai perhaps) explained the significance of pineapples, how expensive they were when he was a boy, and how they were a symbol of wealth. To compound things, the City in which the building was being erected has strict standards about everything looking colonial. The architect had to ask the City for a variance so they could put the pineapple on the roof! To make it work, they built it the way many colonial buildings have weather vanes on top. I don't know the name of the part that juts out from the top of the roof, but it has that and instead of a weathervane, it has a giant pineapple! The City agreed and now there is a large, red brick, two-story colonial-style restaurant in Worthington, Ohio with a large pineapple on the roof.

    1. That is so interesting about the pineapple building! It's awesome that the city gave him a variance. If I'm ever down that way, I'd love to see it.

  4. So stoked for both of you!!! Also, sending xoxox

    1. Tay! It's always good to hear from you. Miss you! <3


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