February 15, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #59

I was so sure that today was Wednesday, I started the intro to my Wednesday Weigh-In... then I realized that it's only Tuesday, haha! Which is good, because I didn't actually weigh in today.

Anyway, today is Transformation Tuesday, one of my favorite series of posts. (Although the number of posts are dwindling down each week--I only have one this week!--so please send me some. I would love to see whatever transformations you have.

This one isn't really a "transformation", but it's significant to me, so I felt it was worth mentioning. Today is my one-year anniversary of being alcohol-free. You may remember I gave it up for a year in 2019 as a bit of an experiment, but then as you know, 2020 was a big old shit show. I thought I'd be able to have a small glass of wine on occasion, and that lasted all of a week.

First it was wine, and then companies all started making those hard seltzers (which basically taste like flavored sparkling water) and those tasted SO good after a long day of working on the drywall in the garage. It got out of hand, and I knew I needed to quit. (I've never written much about it here because it's such a vulnerable topic.)

I planned to quit in January 2021, but didn't actually start until February 15 (which also happens to be my brother Brian's birthday). I wish I could say that my entire life is different now, that I see all the sunshine and rainbows that people seem to see at this point... but my anxiety is still is a big problem. (I had hoped that quitting drinking would relieve my anxiety.) I had also hoped I'd sleep better, but that hasn't changed either.

As far as positives, though, I am sure I've saved a lot of money. I haven't had a single hangover. I've shown my kids that adults don't have to be raging alcoholics to quit drinking; you can choose not to drink for any reason you want to.

It hasn't been easy. AT ALL. In December, especially, when I was so stressed out about the cats and worried about Duck, I wanted to drown my sorrows in wine. Instead, I just cried--a lot! Hahahaha. 

Anyway, it's been one year. I don't look much different in these pics (today I tried to replicate the first photo). Actually, I have no idea what that first photo is from or why I took it! I can see that it's in my garage. But I felt it important to at least acknowledge the milestone today.

But enough about me! A reader (who is also named Katie) sent this before and after photo, which is stunning...

"I crocheted this blanket is for a friend who is expecting her fifth baby soon. I haven’t done one of these blankets in almost a year, because life is crazy and we moved twice. It was so fun to make one again. It took me a couple of weeks to combine two patterns and crochet the blanket."

- Katie

Katie, I am SUPER impressed! That is adorable, and as someone who used to do a lot of crocheting, I know just how much work went into that. What a special blanket! I'm sure your friend will love it. - Katie

Thank you so much, Katie, for sharing your transformation with us! And please, Friends, take some pictures of little things you transform somehow. To submit a transformation, just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of your transformation. Hope to see some soon! :)

And here is today's random fact of the day. This one didn't interest me at all, unfortunately, haha.


  1. Congrats on one year alcohol-free! I attempted to do a "dry" February, but ended up having a few beers over the weekend. I have completely stopped drinking during the week though, and it's been so nice to wake up feeling refreshed rather groggy with a sour stomach. All in all, it's helped me look at my relationship with alcohol and what I'm using it for.

  2. Two fabulous transformations. That blanket is amazing. Love the colors. As for the two photos of you, I can clearly see the difference. And no, you don't have to be falling down drunk every day to want to live alcohol-free. You just need to be sick of what you feel like when you drink. Congratulations!!

  3. I'm so happy that you recognized that drinking can be an issue for you. It's a slippery slop, especially for people who are bi-polar. My sister is bi-polar and she uses alcohol to manage it, which doesn't work. This is such a hot button for me, so I'll keep my comments to a minimum on this...but good for you!

    And to Katie (who made the blanket), it is beautiful! I wish I had those skills, but I struggle to get each row to match the next. I'm so impressed!

  4. Congratulations on hanging in there without alcohol for the last year! Also, I'm curious about what might be living in all that water?! Someone could write a great book about that.

  5. Meant to add that the baby blanket is just so cute. The lucky friend will surely love it.

  6. I think your skin looks so clear from the before pic. Drinking too much can take a toll on the skin. It isn't good for anyone who struggles with mental illness. As for the blanket, it is gorgeous.


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