February 04, 2022

Friday Night Photos

It's seriously Friday already?! This week has felt odd because my kids' school was canceled Wednesday-Friday. They actually decided to cancel it on Tuesday BEFORE it even started snowing. The forecast was calling for I-forget-how-many inches, but it was a LOT.

I've been spending all of my free time in the garage this week. It's super disorganized and cluttered in there right now, so I'm trying to maximize the space in the most efficient way possible. I built little shelves for smaller items from the large tool box--I am hoping to be able to find spaces (or make spaces) for all of the things in the tool box so that we can get rid of it. The drawers are bent and hard to open, and it just takes up a lot of space.

I also bought a couple of tables from Facebook Marketplace (I mentioned this on Tuesday) to break them down and mill the wood for the shelves Noah wants me to build for his bedroom. One of them broke down really well; the other, not so much. After putting it through the planer, I noticed a lot of large knots in the wood. Also, the table top was bowed as if something heavy and been in the middle of it for a long time. They were only $40, so at least I didn't waste a lot of money.

I got some good wood from one of them--much more than $40 worth! There is another table I'm hoping to get (for only $30) but I'm waiting on the woman to get back to me. I can't wait until I can actually start building things with this wood! Haha. I've been out there working every day, but it's not the "fun" stuff yet; right now, I'm just making the wood useable for my projects.

Anyway, I don't have many photos this week, unfortunately. It was a pretty mundane week!

Jerry donated platelets on Saturday afternoon. He donates blood a lot, but he's never done the platelets before. It's kind of a big deal--it takes 2-1/2 to 3 hours! I was proud of him--he spent his Saturday afternoon off work hooked up to a machine to donate platelets.

He figured he'd play around on his phone the whole time, but once they hooked him up (a needle in each arm) he couldn't bend his elbows. So he couldn't use his phone at all (he said it was very difficult to do, but he managed to take this selfie, haha). They had TVs there, so he just watched TV while he donated. He said it wasn't bad and he'll definitely do it again.

This morning, I woke up with a very sore throat. I haven't had a sore throat like that in a long time! So I immediately thought it was COVID. We had two tests at home, so I decided to take one. It was kind of funny--Jerry and I were bent over watching it like you would a pregnancy test or something.

The result was... odd. We've used these tests before and they've never looked like this. Jerry tests people at work every single day and he's never seen one turn out like this either. I had a vertical line on the far right...

So, I just assume it was a faulty test. I figured if it was positive, though, the bottom pink line would have shown up at least a little, and since it didn't, I'm pretty sure it's negative. And sure enough, my sore throat was gone later in the day. Maybe I was sleeping on my back with my mouth open and it dried out my throat. Who knows.

I was looking everywhere for a particular type of cord a few days ago and we have like 10,000 cords all over the house. Pictured below was just a couple of the containers. So I collected them all and finally untangled the mess. I wrapped them neatly with rubber bands (why is rubber bands not one word? I always type it as one word and then get corrected with spell check. I feel like it should be one word.)

Anyway, they all fit into one container now (bottom pic) and it's easy to find what I need. Hopefully it stays that way. (Of course it won't--not when my boys are looking for a cord!)

Jerry and I have been playing games a lot lately, and we recently played a game called NOGGINnosh. It's a type of trivia game and it was actually really fun. I bought it either at Goodwill or a garage sale for less than a dollar.

I went out to the garage in the early morning a couple of days ago and it was just barely snowing. I was out there for a while because when I opened the garage door to go back into the house, it looked like this! We got even more snow today.

My friend Emily wrote an article for the newspaper and it was really good! I put the clips here--I left it full size, so if you click on it, it should open up to be easier to read. (Hopefully, anyway)

I've been doing awesome on Wordle (I look forward to it every morning!) and I guessed another word on my second attempt! It's pretty much pure luck to get it that easily, but I do have a strategy that seems to be working well to get it correct on the third or fourth attempt.

A couple of days ago, Duck was trying to get his paper ball out from under the couch (he will only play fetch with crumbled up paper balls--no toys). Anyway, I noticed there were a ton of them under there, as well as a massive amount of pet hair, so I used the Swiffer to get everything out. Jerry took this flattering picture of me using a flashlight to find all the goods. (One of the things I pulled out was a Christmas bulb, which you can see on the couch; clearly I need to Swiffer under there more often!)

Finally, here is the random fact of the day:

That's kind of depressing! I've never heard of that. Not a very cheerful note to end on, but have a great weekend! xo


  1. We have a cord drawer, too. We started putting on a little slip of paper what it goes to and scotch tape it on. Much easier to find what it goes to a instead of relying on memory.

  2. Cherophobia huh? I thought it was just superstition. Growing up we would "knock wood" when someone said something was really great as if that was summoning some dark demon.

  3. The donation Jerry did is great. I have co workers who do it every week. Here they get paid. You sure got snow. I guess it missed our area.

  4. It's so funny - you can tell that Jerry is doing his "Jerry face" even in his selfie with the mask on, where you can't see his mouth!

  5. If that word is pronounced "cheer-o-phobia", its pretty funny, actually!


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