February 01, 2022

Just a "before" photo

Sadly, I do not have any transformations to post today. So, I hope you've had a happy Tuesday! And February 1st.

Here is today's "random fact of the day":

I do have a "before" photo that I hope to post as an "after" soon. I bought a couple of pieces from Facebook Marketplace today--a coffee table and shelves. I only wanted them for the wood (like how I took apart the dining room set and got a ton of really nice oak!).

These are the two pieces--it's hard to tell they are separate because they are side-by-side, so I put a red line between them (also hard to see). I took the legs off the coffee table (the one on the right) so you can just see the top.

Anyway, I've spent several hours today break them down. I have to run them through the planer tomorrow. You can see a lot of the pieces in the background that I've already cut on the table saw. 

Once I get all of the "raw" wood, I can start working on Noah's shelves! And then I'll FINALLY be able to start working on the cat wall. (Here is my Pinterest board with all my cat wall inspiration, haha)

This is kind of random, but I would kind of like to do a weight loss "series" on my blog other than my Wednesday Weigh-Ins. I know I've probably written all there is to write on the subject over the years, but my blog is now 11 years old; so it's time for an update! Should I update old posts? Answer questions from readers? Write random thoughts? Other ideas?

I know that most people read my blog for weight loss stuff and I got really bored with it for a while, but now that I'm back in losing mode and I'm feeling good about it, I kind of want to revive it. I definitely don't feel like an expert--don't get me wrong--because my weight has fluctuated so much over the last decade. But I do feel like I have a lot of info I could share (or already have shared). So just let me know your thoughts if you have any!


  1. I read almost every post. If something doesn't interest me I skip it and come back the next day. I saw write whatever motivates you, you will strike a cord with some. I like all the ideas you suggested and I like the non weight stuff as well. I appreciate the mix.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog for everything you write! Your honesty and candid writing are what drew me in and keep me reading. Answering questions from readers might be a good way to begin your series on weight loss; those questions might give you an idea of what information readers want to know long-term.

  3. I love hearing about your weight loss, hobbies, and family! I really only skim the detailed running posts since even when I ran I never tracked heart rate, etc. But I love measurements and data so I get your enthusiasm! Write whatever you want, Katie. You'll never please everyone so you might as well please yourself! You'll still have plenty of readers who will follow you. I read your posts every morning! You're part of my routine. Thanks for sharing yourself and family with us.

  4. I bet there will be a lot of interest in the weight-loss topic. And, your fresh perspective, keeping it real, showing the ups and downs, will make it even more of a hit. We want quick fixes and we all know they don't work. You share your whole experience and that's refreshing. Also, I love the Pinterest board. Ed's aunt in Carmel, CA had a "catio" cat patio off the bedroom. The only problem was in the colder times when she had to close it off since it was essentially a three-season room. The cat would get really upset when it couldn't go out there. It was a lovely tortoise kitty with such Tortitude! But the rest of the year it was wonderful for the cat.


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