February 06, 2022

The Line-Up I'd Choose If I Was a TV Character

This is kind of a fun post that I've been wanting to write for a long time. If you don't watch much TV, then you should probably skip over this post. 

A lot of times, when I'm watching a TV show, I'll think (or say out loud to Jerry) something like, "I wish I could be best friends with her!" or "I would totally want him to be my therapist!" or things like that. Obviously, I'm talking about the characters of the show (and not the "real life" actors).

I am SURE I am forgetting about characters I've talked about and it will hit me later, but here is what I came up with for now. The "perfect line-up" in a fictional life:

Dad: Jack Pearson from 'This Is Us'
    - I'm pretty sure everybody who has ever seen this show thought the same thing!

Mom: Lorelai Gilmore from 'Gilmore Girls'
    - SO FUNNY. I wish I was that quick with one-liners!

Sister: Mindy Lahiri on 'The Mindy Project'
    - She's so quirky and awkward but in a totally endearing way; you can't help but love her. I would choose her for either sister or best friend.

Brother: Michael Scofield from 'Prison Break'
    - Yes, he's super intense; but he would clearly do ANYTHING for his sibling, so being his sister wouldn't be a bad idea ;)

Husband: Greg Otto from 'American Housewife'
    - Greg is just an all-around good guy/husband/dad. He's funny and just goes with the flow. He reminds me a lot of Jerry, actually!

Son: Clay Jensen from '13 Reasons Why'
    - What a gosh-darn good kid! He has a heart of gold and just wants everyone to get along. An old soul--he reminds me a lot of Eli in that way.

Daughter(s): Daphne Vasquez from 'Switched at Birth'
    - Aside from her adorable smile, I loved Daphne's innocence and how she seemed to see the good in everybody. Also, I love sign language, so watching her sign was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Grandmother: Sophia Petrillo from 'The Golden Girls'
    - I love that she holds nothing back and speaks her mind in such a hilarious way

Grandfather: Zeek Braverman from 'Parenthood'
    - The wisdom he shared with his kids and grandkids left an impression on me. I even wrote down a few profound quotes of his.

Aunt: Roseanne Conner from 'Roseanne'
    - She would be the totally fun aunt that you'd want to stay the weekend with, but glad to head back home afterward. She's hilarious! 

Uncle: Dan Conner from 'Roseanne'
    - Roseanne wouldn't be as funny without Dan. They play off each other so well!

Best Friend: George O'Malley from 'Grey's Anatomy'
    - Good old George! He was always seen as "one of the girls" with the female characters because he was sweet and caring. He was a sincerely good friend to everyone.

Other Friends: Katie Otto from 'American Housewife'
    - She reminds me of myself, if I was an extrovert. She says a lot of the things I would be thinking, only I wouldn't say them out loud, haha.

Schmidt from 'New Girl'
    - Schmidt would be so much fun to be friends with--his dramatics are very entertaining, to say the least.

Joey Tribbiani from 'Friends'
    - Of course I *had* to include a "friend" here, and I chose Joey. He's probably my favorite of all the friends and his loyalty is taken for granted sometimes.

Spencer Reid from 'Criminal Minds'
    - I really love listening to extremely smart people talk about interesting things, and I'm sure I could listen to Spencer talk about forensics all day long every day.

Boyfriend: Jackson Avery from 'Grey's Anatomy'
    - I didn't choose him simply because he's so gosh darn pretty to look at. Or his amazing, mesmerizing eyes. Or his ridiculously charming smile. Jackson has a big heart and is determined to make his own way despite the "Avery" name.

Psychiatrist/Therapist: Dr. Charles from 'Chicago Med'
    - I simply adore Dr. Charles! He could be my dad, grandfather, therapist, you name it. But I think therapist is perfect for him. He's a great listener with a ton of compassion for people with mental illness.

Doctor: Dr. House from 'House'
    - While his personality might be a big turn-off to most people, I actually really like that he speaks his mind and is pretty cynical of just about everything. Haha! He would be the best doctor to have because he could tell you exactly what's wrong with you before you even finish listing your symptoms.

Teacher: Walter White from 'Breaking Bad'
    - I liked "Mr. White" from the beginning of the show--the teacher who was excited about chemistry (despite the lack of enthusiasm in his students). He was innocent and just trying to make a honest living for his family. The "Mr. White" from the first season would definitely be my pick for teacher.

Roommate: Jack McFarland from 'Will & Grace'
    - Constant entertainment. Actually, we'd probably be terrible roommates because I'm so introverted and he's... well, NOT. He would probably drive me crazy when I need quiet time. But his personality is so much fun! 

Police Officer: Vic Mackey from 'The Shield'
    - The Shield was one of the best shows on TV, and Vic's character was one of those love/hate types. Sometimes you love him for being a "bad cop", but sometimes he can be a total jerk. Regardless, he'd be a good cop to have on your side if you needed one!

Lawyer: Olivia Pope from 'Scandal'
    - Definitely not someone you want to mess with. She will learn all of your secrets and not be afraid to expose them. So I'd want her on MY side--again, in case I am ever in need.

Neighbor: William from 'This Is Us'
    - I just had to include William somewhere; the love he had for his family in such a short amount of time was so sweet and I wished he'd had them in his life from when he was young. If he was my lonely neighbor, I'd invite him over for dinner every day and to spend holidays with my family. 

Chef: Gabi Diamond from 'Young & Hungry'
    - I love that she cooks food I would actually eat instead of all that fancy stuff that chefs typically make! Grilled cheese? Yes, please. And her personality is adorable.

 Okay, that's what I could come up with for now! Like I said, I KNOW I am missing people who will pop into my head later, but this was fun to think about. So many choices!


  1. I don't watch very many TV shows, but I know what you mean about some of these people. I've always thought George from Grey's Anatomy is just so cute and lovable. And Jack from Will and Grace, a fun neighbor! I like Kramer from Sienfeld too, he cracks me up! And all of the ladies from The Golden Girls, but Dorothy is my favorite always. Everybody else I've asked said their favorite is Sophia.

  2. I know The Golden Girls! Haven't watched TV in a long time, but this was still a fun post.

  3. What a fun post! I've seen most of the shows you've listed, or I know the characters you're talking about. This actually makes me want to watch The Shield and Scandal!

  4. I've never plotted an entire family/roommate/friend, but when I was young I always wanted Matt from Seventh Heaven to be my older brother. And I just knew I would fit in with the Tanner's on Full House.

  5. Love this list - what a fun game! I am going to start thinking of my own TV friends and family now...fun fact Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) and I attended the same school at the same university the same years...yet I have no memory of ever seeing him in the halls. Sigh.
    Also based on your TV show picks you should watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon - same creators as Gilmore Girls and its hilarious. I think you would like a lot of the characters!!!


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