February 25, 2022

Friday Night Photos

As promised, we got snow yesterday and through this morning. It wasn't a ton of snow but it was really icy and Jerry said the roads were bad on his way home from work. I got a call from the school at 5:30 saying that there was a two-hour delay, so I planned to drive Eli there late. Then at 8:00, I got another call that school was canceled due to road conditions. So, the kids had a snow day today--after having Monday and Tuesday off, they only had class twice this week!

I don't have a ton of pictures this week, despite it feeling like the longest week ever...

I had a horrible "PMS headache" for two and a half days straight--the whole area behind my eyes and into my temples was throbbing with the occasional stabbing pain. At times, I could barely lift my head; but it was only mild at other times because I was still able to get in my runs. (I've finally noticed that my headaches have a pattern, and there is such a thing as a PMS headache/migraine. I've been getting them for a couple of years now--really bad headaches--but I never realized the pattern until recently.)

Anyway, I had to go babysit Luke and Riley and I didn't want to cancel because Brian and Becky had an appointment. I laid on the couch for a little while before going over there. I was lying on my stomach when I felt a cat (Estelle) climb on me and settle down to sleep on my thighs. I carefully reached for my phone and then managed to get this picture--it was hard to position my phone so you could see where she was, but she was so content I felt bad to move her when it was time to go.

I headed over to Brian and Becky's and despite the headache, I really did have fun with the kids. Luke loves that I love his bedroom--when I was over there before, I laid on his bed to read him a book and his mattress was SO comfy. Combined with the stars (lights) on his ceiling and his essential oils diffuser, I could've stayed there all night. (I actually bought the same stars and a diffuser after babysitting that day! Here is the post.)

Now, whenever I see him, Luke likes to ask me "Do you love my bedroom? Do you think my bed is so comfortable? Did you get the stars on your ceiling because you love mine so much?" So cute!

The kids were jumping around way too fast for me to get a good picture...

Riley hates having her hair brushed (it's really long) but Becky always manages to make it look super cute with French braids or cute pigtails. Riley let me wash it (after much convincing I would be very gentle), but she didn't want me to brush it after her bath. It was tangled and it would have been a knotted mess if I didn't brush it. I didn't even want to attempt a French braid, so I VERY carefully pulled it back into a regular braid down her back--she didn't protest even once. It didn't look exceptionally cute, but it was comfortable for her.

The part that I thought was so funny, though, was when she saw it in the mirror. Her face lit up and she said it looks like she got a haircut and her has looks so short and she LOVES it! When I pulled her pajamas on over her head, she was really worried it messed up her "short hair". She wanted me to take a picture of the back to show her what it looked like.

My head was still throbbing when I left. I just wanted to get home and lie down and relax. Jerry had left for work shortly before I got home, and when I walked in, the house was super clean (thanks to him). I went in the bedroom to change clothes and I saw this on the little table next to the couch...

Jerry had stacked my computer, my Kindle Paperwhite, a tumbler of chewing ice, a little bowl of Sour Patch Kids, the TV remote and a little bowl of paper balls for Duck. I could lie down and not have to move all evening. It was super thoughtful! 

(I love that he included the balls for Duck. Duck always plays fetch in the mornings and the evenings--but he'll only fetch a balled up piece of paper. Occasionally, the balls will go under the couch or the stove or other places he can't get to, so I go through several of them each time we play.)

Speaking of Duck and his paper balls, my bed sometimes looks like this in the morning:

He goes around and finds them where he can and then brings them all up on my bed, haha. (The weird lighting is because of the "stars" on my ceiling.)

Jerry knows I love memes and occasionally he'll send me one that reminds him of me...

This one is so true and I hate that my kids don't love the things that I did! I get so excited to show them a movie that I used to love and I'm so sure they will love it, too. Nope! Haha. 

And this one... "What's for dinner?" is a question I get asked probably 17 times a day. My kids have even learned to try to rephrase it because they know how much I hate those three words. They'll ask, "Do you know what we're doing for dinner?" or "Do we have dinner plans?" Even when I tell them what's for dinner, it's like they don't actually hear what I tell them because they'll ask me again an hour later. And again when I'm actually cooking.

I have been forgetting to post the random fact of the day all week. None of them were super interesting to me, though, so that's probably why. But here are the last couple of days' random facts...

I was totally confused by this at first, because I couldn't imagine how you would turn on the heater and the A/C at the same time. I actually had to google it and then I learned what that A/C button in my car is for. I always wondered why it would be on sometimes, even in the winter. I had to scrape ice off my car this morning because I always forget to start my car early and let it defrost. It might be interesting to try doing this next time.

I actually found yesterday's Someecard pretty funny, because I can never find my phone. I miss a lot of my calls and texts because my phone is usually on silent and I never know where it is!

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. I always write down the week's dinner plans and post them on the bulletin board over my desk. My kids know to look at it if they're curious. Maybe just putting a sign on the fridge (or writing on the chalkboard clock) would do the trick.

  2. I have a shared calendar on my iPhone that I put what we are having for dinner each night. It’s part of my meal planning and shopping list prep I do every week before heading to the store. And because my husband will ask 10 times what’s for dinner, I share it with home and just tell him to check the calendar. He rarely asks anymore.

  3. So funny! I have had my google home call my phone so I can find it! LOL. I post the dinner menu on the dry erase board in the kitchen because I got so tired of answering that question. Then my response became: Have you checked the board? Since I never answered, I stopped getting asked!


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