February 18, 2022

Friday Night Photos

I apologize in advance because this is probably going to be the most boring Friday Night Photos post I've ever done. I almost considered skipping it altogether, but I don't have an alternate plan for a post, so I'm just going to post these pictures anyways.

Don't say I didn't warn you! Hahaha.

Yesterday, I made this Indian Lentil Soup that a blog reader sent to me a LONG time ago. I had forgotten just how good it is! I knew the kids wouldn't like it (or if they did, they wouldn't admit it--so annoying!). Jerry likes it, though. I have the recipe on my blog here. I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth in order to make it vegan.

I never take the time to really do my hair--I always just put it in a messy bun--and while I was watching TV one evening, I did a side dutch braid--and I loved how it turned out! Still messy (I like messy) but a little different than the usual.

Jerry and I never celebrate Valentine's Day, so I was surprised when he gave me a couple of gifts. I wasn't prepared at all! But thankfully, they were simple. This one is a really soft, squishy cat that looks like Duck :)

Duck was terrified of it at first. He wouldn't go anywhere near it, but he was watching it like a hawk. See him in the background?

I happen to love it!

The other thing he got was basically just a joke. Whenever I'm chewing ice and he notices my tumbler is empty, he jumps up and goes to get me more. It eventually became this "thing" between us, where sometimes he doesn't notice when my ice is empty and then I tell him that he's off his game. So I started slamming the tumbler down a little harder--just hard enough to catch his attention. Then he'd jump up and get more ice. (I'm not a demanding bitch, I swear! This was just a joke between us.) So, he bought me this bell for Valentine's Day--he said that when I need more ice, I can just ring the bell, hahaha.

Since Jerry and I have had to check the DietBet app several times to see what our goal was each month in order to win our bet, I just made a little chart for us to fill in. In the first column (next to the date), I write what my *official* weight is (these are a little more than my normal weigh-ins in the morning because the official weights are done with clothes on (and sometimes after I've eaten or drank water). Regardless, my weight under the "DietBet Goal" column is what I have to be on those dates (while wearing clothes). 

This meme is so appropriate for me! I'm SUCH an overthinker. It drives me absolutely crazy, because I know when I'm doing it, but I just can't help it.

This is the wrestling thing that Jerry and the kids went to last night. They've done it for the past few months in a row. Definitely not my thing, so I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet house. But they had a blast!

This picture is gross, but I just have to ask for some advice. This is what happens to my cuticles in the winter! My hands get SO GODDAMN DRY and there is nothing that I've tried that helps! My nails are paper thin and super flakey (I know that's from the gel polish, though--I have to give my nails a break between polishing for that reason). But it's embarrassing for anyone to see my hands! If you know of a good solution, please let me know!

I ended up calling it quits on my book yesterday. I was halfway through it and I just could not get interested! It moved so slowly and I couldn't really understand what the point of it was. This is what I was reading. (I've learned that I really don't care for Reese Witherspoon's book club selections. I don't think I've enjoyed any of them that I've read!)

Today, though, I started a new book and I'm already very interested. I read it on the treadmill and the time went by much more quickly than yesterday!

Ignore the marks on my pinkie--they're from a Sharpie!

And that's all I have for this week. Thanks for making it this far! ;)


  1. I found this post fun :)

  2. If no one else has suggested it yet, a great vegan cookbook is "Forks Over Knives," and there is a great documentary with the same name. My husband and I have been vegan for almost four years, and that was one of the catalysts for us. Another good documentary for veganism is "What the Health?" I'm very happy that you're trying it - we've had health benefits too! Finally, YOU were my inspiration for giving up alcohol when you did it in 2019, I think? In June, it will be 2 years for me and I thank you for motivating me!

  3. I love the pillow too. I think that Jerry knew you needed a little pick me up. I love your hair! I have lost so much of mine. It has not grown in years. The lentil stew looks delicious.

  4. I was having the same problem with my nails. I had gotten them to a really good place last spring, then I screwed up by paying attention to them. (I don't do tips or gel polishes.) I started polishing them, and I must have had a reaction to some chemical. Cue 8 months of peeling, breaking nails, nasty cuticles...
    So obviously I stopped the stuff I was using. I got a cream called Hard as Hoof from Amazon--and started rubbing it into my nails and cuticles several times a day. It's pretty thick, so I tried to do it at times when I could do things that weren't difficult with slippery fingertips for about 10 minutes. Then I got a set of NailTek polishes--a ridge filler and a strengthener. I also started on a collagen/protein supplement in January. Finally I have my good nails back! Not sure if it was all of these things or just one of them, but I'm still doing them! Good luck!

  5. I've found that with Reese's book club also. Though I usually buy some books at a used bookstore and then find out they are her recommendations. I do still plan to read them and I'm hoping that I like them. I think I'm better off when I don't know they are her recommendations.

  6. Try Ahava for your hands! I first discovered it when I was studying abroad in Jerusalem. It's kind of expensive on Amazon, but I often find it at TJMaxx. Good luck!

  7. The Woman in Cabin 10 is excellent!

  8. I use a strong lotion like cocoa butter, and cuticle oil (Sally Hansen brand has it). My nails are too weak to ever polish them, but my toenails can be cute, so I only do that. I'm a mail carrier, and sometimes it's too annoying to wear gloves while working, so mine are often rough.

  9. Hard as Hoof nail strengthening cream on Amazon does wonders! I pair that with OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener. Make sure to rub the Hard as Hoof cream on your cuticles too! I'm also a huge believer that calcium makes for the strongest nails. I know a lot of people don't like milk/dairy products so if you don't, maybe look into a calcium supplement?

  10. I used to be a manicurist and I would have my clients put a really thick lotion or cuticle oil on their hands and then sleep with socks on (or breathable gloves). This works for cracked heels as well. I know sleeping with socks or gloves on is rough for some, but it works pretty quickly.

  11. I also don't like Reese's book club books--it took me awhile to realize that!

    To help strengthen your nails, you can take a supplement like biotin or keratin, and I actually find that using oils intended for my face really helps my cuticles. I'll also use castor oil. I'm not particular, I just get something that's on clearance at Marshall's and I'll spend a good 15-20 minutes massaging it into my hands and nails while I'm watching TV. I try to give it some time to absorb before I wash it off because obviously it can get greasy!

  12. Ruth Ware is a great author. I've enjoyed almost all of her books. The only one I didn't care for was The Lying Game. I definitely recommend her! Also, if you love mystery/suspense/thriller, anything by Lisa Gardner is good!

  13. I second the recommendation for Hard as Hoof. That stuff is amazing! IMO!


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