February 27, 2022

The One Where Jerry and I Had 'The Giggles'

I was going to put this on Friday Night Photos, but it was too long to explain the story there. The funniest thing happened recently and Jerry and I were cracking up as we talked about it.

We've had Amazon Prime forever, and when you go into the app on the TV to watch something, it asks who is watching. Each family member has their own account so you can keep tabs with your own shows or whatever.

There are little icons for each person and on our other channels (Netflix, etc.) we were able to personalize them to be cute little pictures or characters from shows or something like that. Last week, I went into the Amazon Prime app and our account icons were all at the default (just the outline of a head and shoulders). I decided to see if I could change them.

It only took a second to realize that we could personalize them, so I set new ones for each of us. For mine, I chose a cartoon hippo because it had a lot of rolls and I just thought it would be funny. The perfect one for me.

I set some for the rest of the family that I thought they'd like and I didn't think about it again until a couple of days later when I went into the app.

My icon was a cat--a super cute icon, but I was confused. I was SURE I had picked the hippo! I couldn't remember what I picked for the rest of the family but it looked theirs were different than what I would have chosen, so I just assumed that Amazon must rotate them or something. Or maybe I changed mine to a cat; but I was absolutely positive that I had chosen the hippo. So, I changed it back to the hippo.

The next night, Jerry and I sat down to watch a movie together and when he opened the app, I mentioned that I gave us all new icons instead of the old default ones. He looked really confused.

Jerry: "Why is yours a hippo--you chose the hippo?!"

Me: "Yeah, I thought it was funny. And perfect for me!"

Jerry: "I saw that on there and I changed it to a cat."

Me: "I was wondering why it was different! I knew I didn't pick the cat. Why did you change it? I liked the hippo; that's why I picked it."

Jerry: "I thought Amazon picked out icons for all of us and when I saw that they gave you a hippo, I felt bad for you. Of all the people to get a hippo, why you?! So I changed it to a cat."

When we realized what happened, we both started laughing so hard until we wheezed. I was really surprised he thought I'd be offended if Amazon gave me a hippo icon (that would have been awesome, too). But I thought it was cute that he changed it "before I saw it" so that I wouldn't feel bad. 

When we were watching the movie, I was on one end of the couch and Jerry on the other. I was kind of slouched on my back and had my legs straight out across the couch, with my calves going across his lap and my feet sticking up on the armrest next to him. (That's hard to describe.)

After we were cracking up, Jerry totally had the giggles. We'd be quiet for a second and then he'd start laughing again. I was looking at the movie, but I noticed that Jerry was laughing so hard that you couldn't even hear it (you know how when you laugh really hard, you kind of lose your breath?). I could just see his belly and shoulders shaking and I realized he was still laughing.

He looked over at me, and his laughter turned to confusion. He looked from my feet back to my face and then a realization hit him.

Jerry (wiping the laughter tears from his face): "I've been dying laughing and each time I try to stop, I see your feet bouncing up and down and I think it's you laughing again, so it gets me going again. I just realized it's because your legs are across my stomach and when I laugh, it makes your feet bounce up and down."

This got both of us cracking up again.

I'm sure that the description of this isn't nearly as funny as it was in our minds when it was happening--but it was hilarious at the time. I love that after being together for 23 years, we can still laugh until we can't breathe!


  1. Haha I love that kind of laughing that is so hard you literally can't even make a sound! That is so fun, you guys are the cutest!

  2. Sorry, I was laughing out loud! That would be something my husband and I would giggle over, too...

  3. This is hysterical! I too am laughing out loud. Much needed!


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