May 23, 2021

2 Kinds of People : Part 3

It's been a while since Jerry and I went through the '2 Kinds of People' book. This is a book I bought for fun a long time ago. It's basically a compatibility quiz in picture form--there are two pictures, and you choose which one best represents you, then see if your partner matches or is the opposite. It's just meant to be fun, and Jerry and I usually end up cracking up by the time we've gone through several pictures.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2. On to Part 3...

Jerry: "I miss the one on the left, but I love the one on the right. I don't have to go to the library anymore, books don't take up any space... Kindle is just better."

Katie: "I think everybody knows how I feel about this! I was a die-hard 'real book' person and couldn't understand how anyone would want to read a book on a screen. My sister kept telling me to get a Kindle Paperwhite, and one day there was a very good deal on them on Amazon. So I figured I'd try it and I could always return it if I really didn't like it. Well, I fell in love immediately. With the backlight turned off, it has the look of a paperback--it's not hard on my eyes. It's lighter than holding a paperback; there is no glare, so I can read it outside just as easily as inside; and you can borrow library books within seconds (or buy books, but I always borrow when I can). Here is the Kindle that I have." (Amazon affiliate link)

Jerry: "Is that beer?" *squints at the screen*
Katie: "A CAN OR A BOTTLE...?"
Jerry: "Oh! Cans, 100%."
Katie: "Ew, why?"
Jerry: "Bottles are just gross; they get swill at the bottom and are heavier. I prefer cans because cans are lighter and it just tastes better out of a can."
Katie: "What the heck are you talking about?! You are a beer snob that insists on pouring his beer into a glass, regardless of what kind of beer it is or what container it comes from."
Jerry: "Plus, you don't need a bottle opener with cans."
Katie: "I think there is something gross about cans. You can't see what you're drinking, so I always imagine things floating around inside of there. Didn't you ever hear of that kid in elementary school whose aunt's best friend's brother-in-law's daughter found a dead mouse inside of her pop can?"
Jerry: "I have, but I thought it was the neighbor; I didn't know it was the daughter."
Katie: "Let's just agree to disagree."

Jerry: "What the hell is that?"
Katie: "It's a beach towel! Do you like an umbrella or no umbrella? I really don't think these pictures are that difficult to understand."
Jerry: "My mind, for the picture on the right side, went to a video game called Resident Evil. That umbrella is the logo for the Umbrella Corporation. Google it. That's the 'guy' in me." *pulls it up on Google and shows it to me*
Katie: "Holy crap, it is!"
Jerry: "So, I choose the picture on the left because the Umbrella Corporation is evil."
Katie: "I choose umbrella. I hate the sun."
Jerry: "I think those towels are gold and white. What about you?"
*This sparks a huge debate about THE DRESS*

Katie: "What do you see here? Do you understand the question?"
Jerry: "I don't see any Vernors."
Katie: "I thought you said it was Coke that makes your throat feel better when you're sick."
Jerry: "Nope, it's Vernors for the throat or Coke for the stomach."
Katie: "Well, I prefer meds. Give me all the meds."
Jerry: "But if I had to choose between meds or tea, I'd prefer the meds."

Jerry: "Ummmm... depends on the size of the bag. If it's a little snack size bag, then I'll just eat them out of the bag. But if I don't want to feel super fat, I'll eat from the bowl. And refill it three times."
Katie: "I always prefer a bowl--I hate getting grease on my hands when reaching into the bag."
Jerry: "But does the grease on your fingertips bother you? Or just on the back of your hand?"
Katie: "I don't like grease on my hands or my fingers at all. When I eat chips, I have to have a napkin to wipe my fingers after each one."
Jerry: "Why can't you just lick your fingers like a normal person?"
Katie: "Eww! I'd rather have grease on my hands than lick my fingers. Man, I really sound like such a stick in the mud." *waits*
Katie: "You're not going to argue and tell me that I'm not a stick in the mud?"
Jerry: "Next question."

Jerry: "So this is a cardigan or a dress shirt?"
Katie: "OHMYGOD, really? It's asking if you like your shirt buttoned or unbuttoned."
Jerry: "Buttoned."
Katie: "This is like asking me to choose between eating dog food or cat food. I can't stand button down shirts! If I HAD to pick, I'd probably say unbuttoned--I do like wearing cardigans over t-shirts, so that works."

Jerry: "Would you fight your attacker off with an umbrella or mace...?"
Katie: "I like the little compact one. But I never have an umbrella with me when I need one, so I have a few of those that are about 18 years old and have never been opened. I can't imagine carrying around a huge one, but I guess when it rains I'd rather have the really big one."
Jerry: "Or you can just put your shoulders up to your ears like an adult."
Katie: "I do that, too."
Jerry: "The one on the left dries out easily; the compact ones are soaking wet and the water gets trapped when you wrap the velcro around and then it flies out all over the place when you open the umbrella up again."
Katie: "Yeah, you're right."

Jerry: "I prefer to eat apples whole. However, I don't like it when the skin gets in between my teeth and cuts my gums."
Katie: "I like to cut them into quarters and sprinkle them with salt."
Jerry: "That's so gross."
Katie: "It's so good! Sweet and salty is a great combo. But unlike the picture, I cut out the core. Nobody likes seeds. Well, except Johnny--he liked them."
Jerry: "Johnny who?"
Katie: "Johnny Appleseed!"
Jerry: "Is he related to Jimmy Crack Corn?"
Katie: "I don't care."

Jerry: "Electric toothbrush, all the way."
Katie: "100% agree! Since we got that electric one, my teeth always feel like I got them cleaned at the dentist. Love it."
Jerry: "I had cavities at my last dentist appointment. But I still love it."

Jerry: "Is this a bath versus shower? I prefer a shower. All day long."
Katie: "I am definitely a shower person, too. Except I take the fastest showers I can--I don't know how you can stand in there all day."
Jerry: "It's so warm and cozy, it's like a hug."
Katie: "And then when you turn off the hot water, it feels like someone threw you into a refrigerator."
Jerry: "Speaking of showers, I have to go take a shower right now. I just got done playing six hours of disc golf and I have to wash this bug spray off of me."

It's so funny how simple pictures like these can spark conversations and even heated debates. Jerry and I are not very compatible, according to the book, but somehow we still work well together ;) There are still lots more questions! So I'll do another part later on.


  1. Solution for the chip dilemma: chopsticks (especially for Cheetos).

    Still on pins and needles waiting to see if you're an "over" or "under" on the TP, though. 😹

  2. You guys are hilarious! Love this series!


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