May 16, 2021

Our First Date (as told by 21-year old me!)

Yesterday was the anniversary of Jerry's and my first date 22 years ago! It is crazy to me that we've been together so long. I have done lots of anniversary type posts on my blog, so I don't want to be redundant (and this isn't even our wedding anniversary). Instead, I decided to allow my 21-year old self to tell you the story of Jerry's and my first date!

I don't have a photo from the date, but this might be the first photo of us together--so this is what we looked like back then:

A couple of years ago, I bought a VCR at Salvation Army with the intention of recording my old VHS home videos so that I could have them on the computer. I never got around to doing it (I needed a particular cable--I have three sizes of video tapes).

Unfortunately, the only way I was able to get this video was to record the TV while I was playing it from the VHS--so the quality is not good (not that it was great to begin with!). If I can somehow figure out what I need to convert the VHS tapes to digital without having to record the TV with my phone, I'll be thrilled; until then, though, this will have to do.

So, here is the story of Jerry's and my first date on May 15, 1999--told to the camera on May 25, 2003. We'd had a bowl with a bunch of questions written on scraps of paper in it and we took turns drawing questions and asking them to each other. (I completely cringe when watching/hearing myself, but don't we all? Or maybe it's just me!)


  1. You two are so cute together! ❤️❤️ I hope you're able to digitize your tapes -- I'm sure there are tons of hidden gems. 😃

  2. Oh my gosh you guys are too cute! I love this video!! What fun memories to have!! <3

  3. It was great to hear your voices! And I agree with @musicsciencedoggies. You two are so cute!!

  4. Gosh! Our first date was almost 30 years to the date before yours and Jerry’s—May 10, 1969. So fun to reminisce! The years have been good to you two, check with me in 30 more years and we’ll see if you’ve changed. We sure have!!

  5. Jerry's "liar" the instant you finished was hilarious. You two are adorable.

  6. Converting some of our old home movies to digital was a xmas present to myself this past year. Something I had been meaning to do for ages and hadn't. Now have them on a flash drive and backed up in a couple places. The lady charged me $10/tape and it was worth it. Most are when the kids were little. I wanted to see how they turned out before risking my wedding video. But I will definitely go back. She was local, but you might put out a request to see if there are any locals around you that do this service at a reasonable price. I had three respond when I put out the request just asking friends. The lady that did it works with one of the other volleyball moms I know - this is just a side hustle for her. Didn't hurt that she also gushed about how cute my kiddos were as babies. LOL

  7. The video is adorable!


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