May 20, 2021

On This Day... (May 20)

I haven't done an "On This Day" post in a while. I always love looking through old photos, and now that digital pictures are super easy to sort, it's fun to just pick a date and see what photos I took on that day throughout the years. So, here are a bunch of photos I took on May 20th (in chronological order)...

2006: Noah had his friend Kaden over (Noah was 22 months old and Kaden was 18 months old). Judging by how dirty his face is and the fact that he's wearing one sock, accompanied by the fact that they both crashed on the couch, they clearly had fun ;)

2009: I love these pictures of Noah and my dad. They were working on my dad's garden. Noah and Eli used to help him garden whenever they would go over there.

2010: I chaperoned Eli's field trip to a dairy farm. He fed a calf, milked a cow, went on a hay ride, and ate freshly made ice cream.

2012: My first marathon! This was a completely miserable race and I don't even have good feelings when I see the pictures, hahaha. The race was red-flagged due to the heat index being over 100 degrees and people were dropping like flies throughout the course. I do love that Jerry and the boys went down to Cleveland with me and cheered me on during the race--it meant a lot to me!

2014: This was when I was chaperoning one of Noah's field trips--at the Henry Ford Museum. I don't know why the schools felt that the kids needed to go there every single year, but I swear I know each exhibit by heart. Two kids in two different grades, going every year... that's a LOT of trips to the museum!

2015: Eli being the animal-magnet that he is... (I miss Chandler so much!)

2017: My friend Emma had asked me to run a 5K with her at an airport. We took it easy and chatted the whole time. It was so fun!

2018: I went to Kansas City to visit Andrea--and Caitlin and Bonnie joined us! It was such a fun girls' weekend. This picture was in front of an ice cream place that Andrea said we just had to try--I can't remember what flavor I got. I think it was strawberry rhubarb? I'm too lazy to go back and look at my post about it.

2018: While on the trip, we were talking about our relationships with our partners, and Andrea told us about the 5 Love Languages. I made a mental note to read the book, but I took the quiz that day to see what my "love language" was--it was "Quality Time". It was funny, because when Jerry took the quiz, his list was in the EXACT opposite order of mine! If you haven't read the book, definitely read it. It is seriously life-changing. Jerry's and my relationship got so much better after we learned each other's love languages. I even ordered the book for teens so my boys could read it. Here is the post I wrote about The 5 Love Languages (as well as links to the quiz and the books).

2020: The kittens were brand new--we'd only had them for a couple of weeks at this point. I can't believe we've had them for over a year now. And they're bigger than Phoebe and Estelle.

2020: Eli finally let me cut his hair! I forget what I bribed him with. I would never make him cut his hair if he didn't want to, but it was driving me crazy how it would constantly fall over his eyes. I remember bribing him with something, and he said yes! Now he keeps his hair at a length somewhere in between those two pictures. 

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  1. What a fun look back! :) I especially like seeing Noah and Eli as youngsters. They have grown into such wonderful young men.

    It's funny you should post kitten pics of Chick and Duck, as I'm supposed to pick up some sort of arrangement of kittenhood to foster tomorrow. (It's changed so many times that I just said that I'd show up at the shelter at 1 and foster whatever they put in my car. I'll plotz if I end up with a dog or puppies because I spent a large chunk of today doing a final disinfection of the kitten room and getting it all set up. 😹😹😹)


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