May 29, 2021

Heritage Recipe FAIL

Well, I really failed at the heritage recipe I made today... but I really want to try it again tomorrow! I was so excited to make it, especially because of the familial connection to the recipe. So, I'm going to try again. And I can't wait to share about the "heritage" part of it!

Today was crazy busy so I'm not going to write a "real" post. This morning, I went to the hospital to have all the tests that the rheumatologist ordered. Holy smokes, she wasn't kidding when she said she was going to be "thorough".

See all those tubes? Yes, there are THIRTEEN vials of my blood!

She ordered a urinalysis as well. I wasn't about to take a photo of that, so here is a mirror selfie in the hospital. I wore make-up today for the first time in probably a year! And I totally forgot that I'd be wearing a mask, so the make-up was kind of pointless. Since I've been doing this DietBet, however, I feel better about myself--even if I don't look any different. So that's a plus.

Anyway, I also had nine x-rays: two angles of each hand, two angles of each foot, and a single x-ray of my pelvis (the sacroiliac joint is where I have the most pain; my hip joints are very painful, too).

So, I feel like after all of these tests today, I'm sure to find out SOMETHING about what's going on. And if not, well, I'm pretty sure there aren't any tests left to do (or enough blood left in my body) ;) 

Well, hopefully I'll have better luck with the heritage recipe tomorrow!


  1. My entire family has autoimmune issues, and when my mom went to a new rheumatologist a few years ago, she had 17 tubes of blood drawn, and I had 10 drawn during my recent visit, so 13 sounds about right for a first visit. I hope you find some answers and relief.

  2. I remember going through diagnosis roulette -- I also had visits with the blood draw vials in the double-digits. So sorry you're going through all of this and I hope you get some answers very soon.💗

    Please include the fail with your Heritage Recipe success. I always learn so much about cooking from things that don't work. (Plus, it will make me feel much better about overcooking some apple crumble earlier in the week.)

  3. Sending all the good vibes. Looking forward to the Heritage Recipe!

  4. Cutest hospital bathroom selfie ever! Really! Your hair looks shiny and great, and you look great in light blue! :)
    I think putting on a little make-up gives us an extra zhuzh!
    I truly hope you get anwers!

  5. I'm soooo glad it is so thorough to start. At least to rule out anything obvious. Good luck and can't wait to hear any results!


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