April 05, 2021

2 Kinds of People: Part 1

Yesterday, I saw a meme on Facebook and it pushed all sorts of buttons with me--I don't have a lot of pet peeves, but one of them is absolutely this when it comes to texting:

I can't stand the "type b" person's texting style. I drives me crazy when I am texting someone who sends several in a row instead of one long one. I'm a super slow texter (I use one finger on my small iPhone 6 and I can't help but correct spelling/grammar when I make a mistake) so when someone texts me, I'll start a reply, and then I get hit with another text. I delete what I've written and start a new response, and then boom. Another text. Repeat over and over.

I have a couple of friends that text this way, and when Jerry hears a string of text notifications, he'll say, "Hey, so-and-so is texting you!" Hahaha. Jerry texts this way sometimes, but he knows how crazy it makes me, so he tries not to.

This made me think of a compatibility quiz book that I bought a long time ago for Jerry and me. It was super fun going through it, but it's been so long I wanted to go through it again. And since I wasn't sure what to write about today, I thought it would be fun to post the first 10 sets of illustrations with Jerry's and my answers. (I'll post 10 at a time on days when I just don't have anything to write about)

We called this the "incompatibility quiz" because we have absolutely nothing in common! Hahaha, we somehow make our relationship work, though :)

Here are some diagrams with Jerry's and my responses right after each set.

Bed: Made or unmade?
Katie: "I can't go to sleep if the bed isn't made first."
Jerry: "You can't go to bed if there is a single wrinkle in the fitted sheet!"
Katie: "True."
Jerry: "I prefer to have a made bed, but I don't like to make it."
Katie: "Lucky for you, I make the bed the second you get up! I would make it while you're still lying in it if I could."

Computer: With headphones or without?
Jerry: "Wired or bluetooth?"
Katie: "That's not the question! You're making it complicated."
Jerry: "I prefer no headphones, but if I'm watching a video, I prefer headphones."
Katie: "Why would anyone wear headphones if they're not watching a video?"
Jerry: "Oh yeah. I prefer headphones. Bluetooth, though."
Katie: "I don't like headphones. I don't know if I've ever even used the headphones jack on my computer!"

Pie: Fork or spoon?
Jerry: "Fork. Why would you eat it with a spoon?! Whoa, I felt instant anger right there. Why would anyone eat pie with a spoon? What one are you?"
Katie: "What do you think?"
Jerry: "It doesn't matter, it's pie?"
Katie: "Touché."

Alarms: Just one or several?
Jerry: "Mine looks like the one on the right, but I would prefer for it to be the one on the left."
Katie: "I have only one alarm for 6:00, and I'm always awake before then anyways. I wish I could sleep like you."

Wrapping gifts: Neat or messy?
Jerry: "Well, I don't work at the mall. I guess the one on the right. It doesn't really matter when you just look at the front face, though, you don't see all the little connectors and folds and creases at the top. The presentation, it's all about the presentation."
Katie: "Are you drunk?! What are you even describing? I'm definitely a messy wrapper. I try to wrap neatly, but I always have either way too much or too little paper."

Hoodies: Zipper or no zipper?
Jerry: "No zipper! AND--no drawstrings. I've never seen anybody use those."
Katie: "I use drawstrings sometimes."
Jerry: "Well, you're the only one. Nobody else uses them. Zipper or no zipper?"
Katie: "No zipper! I can't wear hoodies with zippers. They're too uncomfortable."

Pickles or no pickles?
Jerry: "Um... pickles."
Katie: "If you have to think about it, then you're not a pickle person. Do you even eat the pickles that come on your plate?"
Jerry: "No, but if they are on my burger, I won't pick them off."
Katie: "But you call yourself a pickle person?"
Jerry: "Yup."
Katie: "I'm a serious pickle person. I ask for extra pickles! And a fried pickle appetizer if they have it."

Feed the meter or chance a ticket?
Jerry: "I prefer to feed the meter. Wait, who would prefer the ticket?! How hard is it? You pay either $4 or $40--it's not even a question."
Katie: "I can count on one hand the number of times I've parked in a spot with a meter. I've always just put whatever change I have into it. BUT, remember when I got a parking ticket?"  (Here is the story about that)

Signature: Neat or messy?
Katie: "I can just answer this for you! Super messy."
Jerry: "Yeah, super messy."
Katie: "Mine's messy, too. Not as bad as yours, though. You can't really tell what mine says unless you know my name ahead of time--then you might be able to see it."

Abbreviated texts: Yes or no?
Jerry: "No. It looks like you're just writing out a bunch of license plates."
Katie: "Definitely no. It would take me longer to figure out the abbreviations than it would to just automatically type the words."

Isn't it fun to think about? Jerry and I laughed a lot while we went through these. (I only posted a short snippet of the conversations.) Feel free to chime in on any that may "push your buttons" like the texting does for me.

Here is a link to the 2 Kinds of People book on Amazon (affiliate link).


  1. These are awesome! I'm definitely team pickle, no headphones, a meter feeder, and a messy gift wrapper. I admit to using a spoon if the pie comes a la mode (it is a sin to leave ice cream behind). I do make the bed, but I'm not super-picky about the quality of my bed-making skills.

  2. Ooooh, I hate the one huge paragraph text. My sister does that and I can't stand looking at those god-forsaken dots for like five minutes! I typically type out a couple of sentences, hit send so the person can read that, and then keep typing. I figure they can see the dots as I'm typing and realize I'm not finished (if they also have an iPhone, that is). I feel like the other person is writing a freaking book if it takes so long to type out that the dots go away!

  3. I am definitely the type of texter you hate ;) I can't help it! I can't seem to organize my thoughts and they just start spewing out! Lol. Now I'm curious what my husband and I would say with this book! I think I'm going to buy it and we can have a fun date night!

  4. LOL looks like they're typing license plates!! Very true!!

  5. My sister is the kind of texter you hate, and I hate it too! Ding, ding, ding, ding, over and over and over. I have to keep the phone on vibrate, and it still makes me crazy. And my husband also knows exactly who it is every time!


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