May 17, 2021

Enjoying the Man Cave

Today has been a long afternoon of baseball (double-headers are draining, and I’m not even the one playing!). I’m actually writing this from my phone in between innings of the second game—I’m not going to write when I get home because I still have to cook a late dinner.

I’m just glad the weather is warming up. At the last double-header, it was SO COLD I felt like I would get frostbite. With my hat, sunglasses, cap, and hoodie, I looked like Kevin Bacon in the movie Hollow Man, hahaha.

I've really missed working on projects in the garage since I decided to give my body a rest. When I was in the garage yesterday screening VHS tapes (the TV in the house doesn't have the right cable connections for a VCR, so I had to use the garage TV) it occurred to me that I don't have to work on projects to enjoy the garage.

So, today I brought my computer out there and sat in the "man cave" area to work on stuff while sitting in the garage, doors open, enjoying the breeze. It felt SO nice. I really should call it something other than "man cave", because I use it more than Jerry or the boys ;)

While I was sitting there, I realized that I still hadn't put up the garage door screens I'd bought last year. Because we like to hang out in the garage when the weather is nice, we got some screens that go across the opening of the doors--we have a two-car door in the front and a one-car door in the back. The screens are meant to keep bugs from flying inside while still enjoying the weather.

Setting up the screens was easy--I should've done it in the fall! It just attaches with velcro. You don't have to put it up and take it down all the time--the screen doesn't interfere with the door's movement. There is a slit in the center for walking through and it's held together with magnets. The screen is not exactly attractive-looking, but I'm all about the functionality of this--I'm excited to sit in the garage on summer nights and not have mosquitos seeking me out!

(This is the one I bought - Amazon affiliate link. I can't tell you if I love it yet because I only put it up today. But so far, so good. The quality is nice.)

I should've cleaned up the garage before taking a picture, but you get the idea. Anyway, I sat out there all afternoon until it was time to go to Eli's games.

Jerry is off work tonight and I feel like we haven't hung out in forever--we've been really busy on his days off. So, that's why I wanted to get this post written now. We don't have plans to do anything special tonight, but we'll probably play a board game or watch a movie or something. 

Tomorrow is Transformation Tuesday, so if you have any before and after photos of a transformation you'd like to share, please email them to me! Include your name and a description of the transformation as well. The email address is Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. If I wind up with several, I'll save some for next week. As always, thanks for sharing--I love the inspiration of before and after photos--cleaning, organizing, DIY projects, weight loss, hair cuts, all of it!


  1. You can always change the name from Man Cave to Mom Cave. 😉😃 Hope you and Jerry got some fun alone time.

  2. I think the new name of the garage should be the She Shed! Lol. I love the nets on the garage doors. I am all about keeping the mosquitos out too! I have a transformation Tuesday I could send it but I'm almost humiliated by the before picture lol. I might still do it!

    1. I was going to suggest She Shed. :-)

  3. I love that you're making the cave your own. How about "The Creative's Cave" or "The Joy Cave" or "The Escape?" So many options. Good tip on the screen too. We have a similar thing for our back door. They are French doors (we only open one) and not suitable for a storm door. Those hanging screens are great. Enjoy!


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