May 25, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #28 - Porch Makeovers!

I still have several Transformation Tuesday posts in my inbox--thank you!--so I'm trying to group a few each week with a common theme. I noticed that there are a few transformations about porches/decks/outdoor living space. There are just three transformations here, but lots of pictures!
Even though I have enough for a couple more weeks, please keep sending them--as I always say, I'd rather have a back-up of submissions than have to keep begging for them! ;) To submit a transformation, just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. And don't forget to include your name and a description of the transformation!

Last spring/summer during COVID, we finally decided the backyard and our sunroom-turned-storage-room should be updated. After being at home for two months we got started.

Backyard: We took down the old fence and cleaned up all the junk in the back. Husband then built a small patio, a shed attached to the house and a tree house play set for the kids. We also have a zip line in the back in the woods.

Sunroom: We had a sunroom (three season) room built off our basement seven years ago. It was concrete floor with a frame attached to the stucco. We used it for junk storage until last summer! Husband took the old fencing and used it to line the entire room. Painted, installed a light/fan and an outdoor TV. Add a rug and furniture and now it's one of our favorite places in the house!

Even though these were pretty big projects, it's made being at home so much easier and gives us so much more space.

- Nicole

[It was hard to post a side-by-side of this transformation because it's more of a progression series, so here are the photos in order:]

We added a deck onto our home a couple years ago, which is when We bought the patio table and chairs and conversation seating area. I never really liked the red color but, since it came with that color, I dealt with it. I never could find a rug that I liked to match.

Fast forward a couple years and I decided to spend the money on new slipcovers, rugs, and pillows. I also flip flopped the patio table to the other side of deck and I like it much better. I still want to add more plants and flowers!

- Jennifer, Illinois

At the start of the pandemic I needed a project and decided to strip and repaint my porch. Well, like all of my projects I underestimated the time, talent and treasure needed to accomplish it. I started stripping the paint and it was slow going. I worked on it for a couple months then decided to hire someone to finish it. I am so happy I did. They did a great job--way better than I could ever do.

- Amy

Nicole, what a cozy little nook! I LOVE that your husband used the wood from the fence to line the walls. When I first saw the picture, I thought, "Damn, all that lumber could pay for a brand new car!" ;)

Jennifer, the deck looks great! I adore the rug that you chose. I can't believe what a difference adding a rug can make on a deck. And I like the blue covers, too. Nice!

Amy, I really admire you for attempting such a big project by yourself! It turned out beautifully--and I love the new door color!

Thank you again for sharing your transformations--and please keep them coming! 


  1. thank you for posting my transformation! We power washed the fence wood and it was also used for the tree house. I'm so happy with our new space!

  2. Those all look great! Really like the blue covers for the porch chairs and love the yellow door on the last porch.


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