April 15, 2021

2 Kinds of People: Part 2

Jerry is off work today, so we're going through the 2 Kinds of People quiz book again. This book is so fun! Eli and I had fun looking through them today, too. (Here is Part 1, if you want to check that out first.) Okay, here goes...

Jerry: It's definitely got to be the one on the right. Back in the day, we just folded it over, but now we have chip clips so it's fresher.

Katie: Yeah, we're fancy now! I'm with you--the clips are better.

Jerry: I like the first one better. Who would like the second one?

Katie: Whoa whoa whoa... I think the question is: Are you good at taking care of plants? Or do you suck at taking care of plants?

Jerry: Oh--hahaha! I prefer A--the first one. Oh wait--is it asking the kind of person I am?

Katie: The book is LITERALLY CALLED "2 Kinds of People".

Jerry: I always end up being B--the second one. I can't take care of plants. 

Jerry: Oh, yeah, I am definitely the one on the right. How can you NOT name them? If you don't, you have to go back and open it up to find out what it is. It's a pain in the ass. Just rename it. How hard is it anyways? The computer asks you to name it when you save it. 

Katie: Yeah, I'm definitely that one, too. But keeping up with renaming photos is really hard. When I upload a bunch of them at once, I may not take the time to rename them.

Jerry: I definitely prefer you to be the first one.

Katie: Too bad for you, I can't bake! I think I prefer to make things from scratch, but they rarely turn out well. Even when I bake from a box, something isn't right. You're a from-scratch baker, though, when you do make something.

Jerry: Yeah, I liked baking those Christmas cookies.

Jerry: What the hell is that? A razor?

Katie: Nail clippers! And nail scissors. Which one?

Jerry: Oh, I thought it was hair clippers--"Do you want me to buzz it? Or just trim it a little?" I like nail clippers. I've never used nail scissors--ever.

Katie: Yeah, I like the clippers, too. I think they work better.

Jerry: It depends what it is. If it's squeeze mayo, then the picture on the left is fine. But if it's mayo from a jar, peanut butter, or jelly, then it's got to be spread around.

Katie: I have to spread it--really evenly, all the way from edge to edge. Except for mustard, though--I'm cool with just squeezing mustard all willy nilly.

Jerry: I prefer the first one, because I like riding escalators. But if we're racing, I'll take the stairs to try to beat you.

Katie: I would choose stairs every time. And why do you think you'd win against me on the stairs?!

Jerry: You would choose stairs every time just because you don't want to touch that hand rail on the escalator.

Katie: Also true.

Jerry: Yeah, you gotta get a snack! But you have to get actual snacks, you can't bring in Taco Bell or something. AND, you have to take the wrappers off before the movie starts.

Katie: Yeah, there is always that one person who waits until the movie starts and then they decide to unwrap everything as loudly as possible. I like getting popcorn at the movies now--but you're the one that got me started! When I was a kid, we were never allowed to get snacks at the theater--it's so expensive. The first time I remember getting popcorn at the movies was on a date with you.

Jerry: What?! You never got popcorn at the movies?

Katie: Maybe I did once or twice, but I don't remember it. When we first went to the movies together, I can still remember you buying snacks and giving me a feeling of total freedom--like, "I can buy whatever I want here!" Hahaha.

Jerry: That's so sad.

Jerry: It's gotta be the first one. I'm kind of a perfectionist on that--the one on the right looks like a lumpy ball of clay. 

Katie: I'm actually the one on the right, unless I'm making a project where the circle has to be perfect. That surprises me--I would think that I'd be on the left and you'd be on the right.

Jerry: No, it's got to look smooth.

Jerry: I'm totally the guy on the right. I don't NEED to be, but I am--nobody is going to check my ID, but I don't know. I just do it. It's the rules.

Katie: I'm totally the one on the left. Ain't nobody got time to scroll through all that.

Jerry: Most websites now just ask you, "Are you 18?" or "Are you 21?"

Katie: What kind of websites are you visiting?!

Fun! Neither of us were super passionate about any of these... but wait until we get to the toilet paper (over or under) diagram. When Jerry wants to get me all riled up, he knows he just has to turn the toilet paper around in the bathroom ;)

Anyway, here is the book (Amazon affiliate link) if you want to have a fun conversation starter with someone. Some of the diagrams have been hot topics of debate in my house!


  1. I'm almost afraid of the toilet paper one -- we might not be able to stay friends. 😉😈 (We had some family friends who hung their TP the "wrong way" and when I was really little, the first thing I'd do when we visited them was to go into their bathroom to "fix" the TP.😂 )

  2. Katie, my family was like yours at the movies. No way were we allowed to buy any snacks or drinks because they were so expensive. When I went with friends as a teenager, I didn't want to spend the money on the snacks there, so I would buy candy at CVS and sneak it in!

  3. I got this book for myself and my husband plus three couples we’re friends with, after reading your post the other day — sooooooo much fun!

  4. Enjoying this "series".


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