January 11, 2013


With all the excitement of the Today Show airing yesterday, I completely forgot to write about the fact that I am now, officially, a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers! I feel a little guilty, since I was on and off and on again with Weight Watchers throughout my weight loss journey. However, I have been an on-again, off-again member for over a decade, so I really wanted to get this Lifetime Membership!

To recap the last few years: In 2009, I started my journey by counting WW Points (although I wasn't a member). Then I eventually switched over to counting calories with SparkPeople. When WW started the PointsPlus program, I joined for a couple of weeks to try it out, and really disliked it at the time, so I continued counting calories.

For a while, I stopped counting everything altogether, but that only made me gain weight. And then most recently, I was super inspired by my friend Stephanie's before and after photos to give Weight Watchers another chance. I joined the Weight Watchers Online program. I'm really glad I did! I started it with an open mind, and followed the program to the tee, basically so I could say, "See? It doesn't work." ;)

Obviously, I was wrong, because I lost 23 pounds, getting my weight back down, and reaching my ultimate goal weight!

A few pounds shy of my goal, I signed up for the meetings--so that I could lose the last 5 pounds with WW meetings and become an official Lifetime Member, where I won't ever have to pay for the meetings or the e-tools as long as I stay at goal.

Naturally, I would somehow plan it horribly, to where my final weigh-in for Lifetime would be the day after getting home from a week's vacation in Florida. But I counted my PointsPlus there, and did really well--I actually lost a pound while I was gone!

So yesterday was an exciting day for me--first, I was interviewed on the local news; then my team's story was shown on the Today Show; and then I went to WW for my Lifetime weigh-in. I stepped on the scale, not even caring what it read, because it was a given that I was under my WW goal. I had to fill out a paper to make it official, and then I went into my meeting.

Even when my leader asked if anyone wanted to share about their loss, I didn't speak up. I hate being so shy! I felt like I actually had every right to talk about myself yesterday, but I just couldn't do it. I sat through the meeting, and then my leader gave me my Lifetime award (a little key charm). She also gave me a 10-lb ribbon, meaning I'd lost 10 pounds since joining.

I should have spoken up then, and said that I'd actually lost that, plus another 110 pounds, but was still too shy. Everyone clapped politely for my award, and I could feel my face burn with embarrassment. When the meeting was over, one woman congratulated me on Lifetime and asked how much I'd lost. Finally, I told her--120 pounds. I showed her my before photo, and she was shocked.

From her reaction, everyone else crowded around and wanted to see also, including the leader. My leader didn't even know how much I'd actually lost! She was really excited for me, and I told her that by doing WW Online, my starting weight didn't really "count". She was kind of appalled by this, and gave me a 10% key chain, as well as the 25-lb, 50-lb, and 75-lb charms!
 Now I can give my sister her 10% key chain back ;) I also got a little "members only" type card, showing my Lifetime status.

I chatted with some of the members, feeling much more comfortable, and they said they wanted to hear more about my story next week. Now that I'm back on schedule (i.e. Ragnar is over), I can attend the same meeting every week and hopefully get to know the members in my meeting.

During the Ragnar, I was talking with Meredith and Andrea about Weight Watchers, and I was a little jealous--it sounds like they have great relationships with the other members in their meetings. I really need to stop being so shy, and just speak up. I felt awkward talking during the meeting before, because I was new, and everyone probably assumed that I was new to WW as well.

But I really do feel that I have a lot to offer at the meetings, and I would love to talk with the other members about their ideas as well. So I will try my best to speak up at the next meeting.

Yesterday, I skipped my run. I can honestly count on one hand the number of times I've skipped a run in three years! I NEVER skip runs. However, I was exhausted from vacation, I had gotten up at 3:45 AM to go to the news station, and I don't have an active running schedule right now. I just had in my head to continue to run Sun, Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri.

I thought about running yesterday afternoon, but was so exhausted, and decided not to. I ran hard in Florida (24 miles total on my "vacation"), so I felt justified in taking an extra day off, even though I hadn't planned on it. I spent the entire day like this on the couch:
Today, it was REALLY hard for me to not skip another day. Fridays are my long run days, and I just didn't want to do it. But I did, just before lunch, and I felt a million times better for doing it. Since I don't have an actual running schedule at the moment, I just chose to do 8 miles--not sure where I came up with that number, but it sounded good to me.

I lost my Garmin USB ANT+ stick somewhere between Florida and Michigan, so I can't upload any of my Garmin's data until I buy a new one :(  I'm bummed! I'm pretty sure I had it in Miami, right before we left, but I don't have a clue what happened to it.

My splits: 8:58, 8:51, 8:53, 8:50, 8:55, 8:56, 8:45, 8:23. I ran 8.04 miles in 1:10:52 (8:48/mi pace).

I was shocked when I saw those splits! That just goes to show how much the humidity affected my pace in Florida. My pace for my 8.8 miler in Florida was 9:59 (including a couple of traffic stops).

Seeing these splits made me decide that it's time to PR my 10K distance. My PR is 55:05 (8:52/mi pace). Since I ran 8 miles at an 8:48/mi pace, I think I'm ready to kill that PR!

By the way, thanks for all the compliments on the red dress I wore on the news yesterday! I wasn't sure about wearing it, because when I bought it, Renee and Jessica both gave it a thumbs-down (in a nice, I'm-your-friend-telling-you-my-opinion kind of way). While I appreciated their honesty, I really liked the dress, so it's been in my closet for a year with the tags still on it! I like that dress, because it covers the parts of my body I'm self-conscious of (thighs, upper arms), but it's figure-flattering.

I'm glad I ended up wearing it, because I got a lot of compliments on it!


  1. That was so nice of the leader and everyone else to be so happy for you when they found out how much you have actually lost, especially giving you those charms. That's awesome and you totally deserve all the kudos :) And you deserve to speak up more too! But, I can totally see why you wouldn't want to, I'm sure i'd be the same way. Silly shy girls :)
    You do look amazing in that red dress, good buy!

  2. I am so glad you spoke up. As a WW member, I know I have looked at some members and -- because there is no other way to say it -- judged them, like "why are THEY here, how can they possibly know what its like to struggle, oh, boo-hoo, who joins WW to lose 5 pounds?" and I am certain hearing your story is going to win you some fans and inspire the room.

  3. So very happy for you on all of your accomplishments! You should share more at the WW meetings, you have so much to share with them. You look AMAZING in that dress! Did it not fit well when you bought it? I can't believe they gave it a thumbs down.

    And GOOD FOR YOU for taking a rest day, you earned it!!

  4. You looked beautiful on the Today show. And the day as a whole?! Wow! :) Do you feel like you are living a dream? Dr Oz, The Today Show, local news... it just seems so unreal (and it's not even happening to me) :) You deserve it though, and not because you lost so much weight. While that is certainly applaudable (and the reason behind it all), it's not the thing that gets me... what gets me is how open you are, how real you are, and how you are an inspiration to so many. *high five* You're awesome. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, congratulations for making lifetime! And I have to tell you, I am so glad you finally spoke up at a meeting. You have so much advice to offer and share with people. Look at all the people who read your blog and keep coming back to be inspired by you! The people at the WW meeting have no idea what a wealth of information and inspiration they are going to get! My biggest congrats to you, again, for making your goal weight. :)

  6. You go, girl! This is awesome. :) Getting to see what you will do in the future!


  7. Congrats on achieving Lifetime! I'm so impressed that you lost on vacation.

    Do you have to weigh in oat meetings? I'm going it online, but I wonder if I could get some interesting tidbits in person. I just fear weighing in in public.

  8. You deserve the spotlight! I'm glad you spoke up at the meeting! And that dress really is fabulous!

  9. You should definitely speak up. You have such an amazing story that really can inspire so many people. Use that power for good! :)

    And you rocked the red dress!

  10. Congratulations on becoming a lifetime member!! You would make a great weight watchers leader! You really know how to use the program to be able to have the things you like which are usually thought of as off limits, such as chocolate chips in oatmeal, wine and a chocolate every night, etc. A few weeks back, you even worked a whole carton if ice cream into your plan!! I've been a lifetime member for years but I've learned so much from you.
    I enjoyed your posts about the relay and Key West. I am taking notes for when I'm there for a half marathon next week!! I'm going to get one of those chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon after the half marathon just before I go on a ghosts and graveyards tour!!

  11. Congrats on your success!

  12. you definitely deserve a day off of running! it was so inspiring to watch you on the today show!!

  13. It's so amazing how much of a change 23 lbs makes on your tiny frame!! I'm glad that the leader & other people in your group were able to see the REAL transformation that you've gone through. You are a true inspiration to people & I hope that you can speak up more often. People will benefit from what you can teach them. :)

  14. congratulations!!!! That was so nice of your leader to give you the charms for the weight you lost.

  15. You should look into being a meeting leader-working for WW. You would be amazing!!!

  16. You rock! Enjoy your accomplishments, you worked really hard to get them!

  17. I am thrilled for you. You should feel like a rock star and you deserve it! I have tried to figure out how get so many points on WW. I want to lose about 10 pounds and they gave me 19 PP. I starved and couldn't do it so kuddos to you!

  18. Congratulations! Making lifetime is awesome! I attend WW meetings and at first I didn't want to talk much either, but the people at my meeting are so great and the helps. I hope you bond with your group also and are able to share your amazing story!

  19. Congratulations on Making Lifetime! Woot Woot! I have been lifetime for 3 years now and faithfully weigh in every month. It really helps keep you accountable. Your recent success has motivated me to track my PP and be mindful of my nibbling. I'm hoping this will help me lose another 5 pounds... we shall see. By the way, I can hardly wait to hear about your WW pals learning that you were on the Today show! That will really blow them away lol...

  20. That dress looks PERFECT on you! So flattering! I have it in grey, and now wish I had bought it in red. I love it because it gives me curves, but in a very discreet, flattering way. Congrats on...well...everything!

  21. 1- YAY that you got to explain your full WW experience a bit and toot your own horn for the amazing accomplishment you've achieved!
    2- Congrats on Lifetime :) I don't know much about WW but it would obviously be worth my looking into. You've done great!
    3- I want to get to that point where I stick to my plan and not find excuses to skip. So impressive that you've skipped so few. I do think you earned a skip this time though. I think there's a difference between making excuses and having bona fide reasons.
    4- Go for your 10K PR!!! You inspire me! (I'm working on reaching a sub-13:00 pace right now :) )
    5- The dress was totally flattering. You were right to wear something that you loved and felt comfortable in!

    Cheering you on!

  22. Congrats on getting Lifetime Katie - you deserve it! You're a huge inspiration! (You made me go for a run today even though it's Friday and I really didn't want to...) I've been reading your blog for over a year now, but have never commented before.

    I actually just wanted to point out that I came across this on SparkPeople about your Today Show appearance and didn't know if you were aware of it or not: http://www.dailyspark.com/blog.asp?post=breaking_news_sparkpeople_members_on_the_today_show Pretty cool!

  23. CONGRATS on your lifetime status! That's awesome! PLEASE make sure you speak up. People are in WW this time of year because they need hope and when you share your story, it gives them that. I promise you look a lot different in their eyes after hearing you lost 120 lbs over 10. You know how it was at your highest if you saw someone who got a 10 lb ribbon to reach lifetime, you'd have thought "oh, must be nice to only have to lose 10 lbs...*flick*." But when you hear she lost 120 lbs it can give you just the hope you're looking for because 2 weeks into the new year is when people start to waiver. Wield your inspiration girl! LOVE the dress! I'm behind so I have to catch up on your blog posts this week!

  24. Congrats on reaching lifetime! I'm so glad you shared your story with the others :)

  25. Congrats on reaching lifetime!

    At the end of the month, I will celebrate the 6th anniversary of reaching lifetime with WW.

    I will tell you what I tell everyone: Reaching lifetime is not crossing a finish line. It's the starting line for the rest of your life.

    Being OP with WW never stops. Keep doing what you are doing, to get there, and you will stay at lifetime. If you stop, it doesn't work.

    Again, great job!

  26. Congrats on reaching lifetime! I started my weight loss journey at WW and, like you, I was always too shy to talk!

    Also, that dress is adorable!

  27. I meant to comment yesterday about how flattering that red dress is. With the horizontal panels, sometimes that can make a person look heavier I think, but when you're so skinny (like you are!), you can get away with it and actually look fantastic in that style!

    I hate being shy too--I was at Sam's Club a couple days ago and on their clearance book shelf was "my" cookbook from Taste of Home. It was on sale for $11.64, so I bought another copy. I bought quite a few of them at the regular price of $20, and gave all of them away except for the one I kept, but decided I could always use another one at that price. When I checked out, I wanted so badly to tell the clerk that I was featured in the cookbook. I'm sure she would have been really nice about it, but I just couldn't do it. I keep the latest newspaper article about me, http://journalstar.com/news/local/cindy-lange-kubick-from-size-x-to-jeggings/article_0e538da5-254b-50ce-802e-f78ea158d67a.html that came out just before we went to NYC for the Today Show in a baggy in my purse. I always swear I'm going to pull it out and show people, when the situation seems to call for it, but I've never taken it out once.

    I am so happy that your REAL weight loss total got known so you could get proper recognition at WW, as you deserve. Congrats on the lifetime membership. Sometimes I think I need to start going to WW, just for the support and friendship. Most of my support comes from blogging, and it's good, but not the same as that face to face contact.

  28. Congrats again on being Lifetime!!! I'm SO glad you spoke up at your meeting! I would love to be there with you next week when you really share your story! The members will be so inspired!

    I wish I could attend more of my meetings, because I get SO much from the interaction. I make sure to weigh in once per month, but I can't always stay for the meetings. Every time I do, I am always so glad I did!!

    By the way, you totally deserved that rest day! ;)

  29. This post made me literally grin from ear to ear. I am so shy too and probably wouldnt have mentioned it either for fear of speaking up along with fear of stepping on anyones toes seeing as how I had only recently showed up there. But then they took the time to ask and you indulged and they all lit up about it. That right there is awesome sauce. You got to share without gloating about it and that would have totally just made my day, my week, my month even. lol.

  30. Katie, let those people at the meeting get to know you! You will inspire them the way you inspired me and a lot of others! AND you look great in that red dress! Congratulations on the TODAY video, too!


  31. Big congrats! Like another member said, you'd make a great leader. You have so much to offer people.

    I'm < 2kg away from goal, & can't wait to be a LT member! We don't get all the charms here in NZ, just a bookmark when we get to 5% & the keyring when we get to 10%. I think we get a star charm for the keyring when we get to goal, but no others. I also think we have to pay for ETools even if we're a LT member!

  32. yay for official ww lifetime! Also, loving the red dress!!

  33. I am so happy you got to tell everyone at your meeting how much you really lost! Dont be shy, you are SUCH an inspiration!
    I tried to attend WW a few years ago when my goal was to lose about 20 pounds, and everyone else there looked like they had much more to lose (I hope that doesnt come out wrong) so I also felt very self conscious.
    Is there a way to see your local interview online?

  34. katie- first of all, congratulations! i am SO proud of you!!! second, you MUST read the book- Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking.

    I am in no way affilliated with the book- but it is AMAZING- and i think it will help you feel much better about yourself and explain a lot of things- i am an introvert- and i know it...and yet this book is teaching me so much. :-)

    so glad you got the recognition at the meeting! :-)

  35. Awesome news on the lifetime award. You should definitely share with your WW group. You are quite inspiring, and people would really benefit from hearing your story. I benefit just from reading it.

  36. You really did look gorgeous in that dress!

    Congrats, congrats, congrats on your WW lifetime!! I love having that status… It's just one of those things, no matter what happens, no one can take that away from you. Finding the right meeting is amazing. I was so lucky to have such great people and support in mine to help me get to goal.

    I'm so happy that your leader reminded you that ALL of your hard work counted and gave you your rewards for it.

    I know it's hard but speak up in those meetings! you have a lot to say and now good experience to share - the others will so appreciate your inspiration!!

  37. Way to go!! You continue to be an inspiration:)

  38. Hi, a friend of mine gave me your website so this is the first time I've been on it. Just wanted to say thanx for sharing your story, its very inspiring! I have lost about 86 pounds with WW points plus system and it has worked really well for me. I have another 18 pounds to go to reach my goal weight. Its getting harder to lose at this point so I need to exercise more! By the way, cats are my favorite animals!

  39. Thanks for telling about your experience with the insensitive Weight Watchers receptionists. I have one that I am currently having a problem with. Since I think the group is good, I am going to just be sure that I am not weighed in by her in future and try to realize it's her problem not mine. You've inspired me to hang in there and lose my last twenty pounds!


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