January 14, 2013

Crazy dreams

I have been having the strangest dreams ever since the Ragnar Relay. I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking that I fell asleep mid-run during the race. I get all panicky, worried about getting to the next exchange, and then I start to realize that I'm actually home, in bed.

When I woke up this morning, I had a vague memory of possibly having a dream like that at around midnight, and I thought I remembered taking a picture of myself with my phone. In the dream, I thought, "I'd better take a fun picture of myself to text to my team, so they don't know that I fell asleep while I was running!"

And I actually took the picture. Of myself. Sitting up in bed, in the middle of the night, smiling big, like I'm having a blast. (Only, the picture turned out so dark that you can't really see anything--for that I am grateful! What if I'd tweeted it? Or ACTUALLY texted it to my team?!)

It's kind of creepy how realistic these dreams have been.

Anyway, this morning I went out for a quick four-mile run after the kids went to school. It was 20 degrees outside, so I was a little chilly at first. I decided to run at a tempo pace (faster than normal). I ran a different route, a route I'd been avoiding because of unleashed dogs, and thankfully didn't have any encounters today. It was so cold that nobody was outside!

The first couple of miles felt pretty good, and by the third, I really wanted to be done. I was running a good pace though, so I toughed it out.

After I showered and dressed, I headed to Wal-Mart for some groceries. I've been craving bell peppers and Sabra hummus in the worst way ever since the Ragnar! It started with my breakfast of Pretzel Crisps and hummus...
Then sometime during the night, one of the camera crew guys brought over a bag of mini bell peppers (red, orange, and yellow). I figured I'd be better off snacking on those instead of the chips (chips were 6 PP per bag), so I polished off quite a few veggie servings that way.

I've had hummus a million times, both store bought and homemade, and usually I just think it's so-so. I don't love it, but I like it once in a while. (Although, I do LOVE the hummus at La Pita!) But for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about that Sabra hummus after Ragnar, so I bought some today, along with a bag of the mini bell peppers. Such a yummy snack! The hummus is 4 PP for 1/4 cup; not bad if you eat it with 0 PP veggies, but a lot if you eat it with the Pretzel Crisps.

I also bought a new basil plant. My basil plant has had a very rough life since I bought it in the summertime. I had it only a couple of weeks, sitting on top of my refrigerator, when I heard a crash and saw Estelle flying across the kitchen. She'd jumped up there and knocked it to the floor, breaking off two of the stalks. Damn cat.

Then a couple of weeks after that, it crashed to the floor again (shattering the plate it was sitting on), this time from CHANDLER--yes, 25-pound Chandler, who somehow got the idea in his head that he was graceful enough to jump on the fridge (he crashed to the floor as well). Chandler was fine, but my poor basil plant was not. Two more of the stalks broke, leaving just three remaining.

For the past four months or so, Jerry has been asking me, "Are you sure you don't want a new basil plant? That one looks, well, dead." I told him, "No, I'm going to revive it, just watch!" Well, this is what it looked like:
BAHAHA, and that was after months of TLC. So I bought a new one today, looking like my old one did before the cats ruined it:
My cats had better leave it alone. I'm not sure where else I could put it to keep it safe. With four cats in the house, nothing is really safe around here. Take Eli's birthday money, for example:
Eli was counting his money on the floor, and then Estelle started rolling around in the money. I found some of it all the way across the room, underneath the couch.

Hoping I get a good, restful night's sleep tonight! ;)


  1. I once ran a relay race with 4 other team members, and for about a month after the race I had dreams that I was running sooo hard during the race but I wouldn't move anywhere! At that time, my boyfriend had just left to go to basic training for the Air Force, and he is a big runner, so I would dream that he was right ahead of me and I would run so so hard, but nothin. He would just turn around and look at me and run off during the race....
    Ugh, I'm glad that's over with!
    And that is seriously funny you took a pic! Hahaha

  2. Estelle was having her 'Indecent Proposal' moment with the money!!! LOL

  3. What a crazy dream!

    ...and now I want hummus. :)

  4. Those mini peppers with hummus is one of my favorite snacks. Sabra also makes a vegetable dip thats really good. It's made with greek yogurt and is only 35 calories for 2 TBS. Not sure about PP's.

  5. I just want you to know how hard I laughed at your taking a pic of yourself in your dream! Lol, hilarious!

  6. I was thinking about your missing Garmin usb stick. I actually use a wahoo fitness key that I got from amazon. It plugs into my phone and then I can upload the Garmin to the phone and then to a bunch of different training websites, including Garmin connect. I find it way more convenient then having to plug a USB stick in. Also, you could try the suunto ant movestick. It's a usb, but it is super small, so it can just stay in your computer. Just a few suggestions if you are having to buy a new USB anyway.

  7. Haha I can't believe you took a picture in your sleep! How odd that must have felt when you woke and realized what you had done!

    re: hummus. I was kind of "meh" about hummus until I tried Sabra hummus. Then I was hooked! The red pepper is my favorite!

  8. I recently found those sweet mini peppers too, they are so delicious!! I used them last night in a shrimp dish & it was great! I wish we could see that picture, too funny.

  9. Soo funny about the pic! My sister used to spaz out at night when she was nervous about something. When she was in nursing school we would regularly find her in the kitchen shoveling down breakfast because she was going to be late for school... at 2a.m. in the morning! Most of the time you could talk to her, but tell she wasn't reeeeally awake. Ha! Good thing she's naturally thin because she'd get up at 6 and eat again.

  10. Hummus is seriously the best. I haven't had it before with peppers, only broccoli and cauliflower. Sounds good, though! I totally get what you mean with the dreams! Once, I had a dream that it was 7am and time to get ready for the day, and I ended up waking up in my closet at 4am with a shirt half buttoned!

  11. Hey Katie!
    I've been having weird dreams like that too the last few days. I ran my first marathon Sunday and before I was having those dreams of running as hardas I can and not getting anywhere. Now that ive run the race I have moments of did I dream the whole thing?! This was my big milestone race. And though conditions for the race were horrible I finished. Many times during the longest run of my life I though of you and what you wrote in your blog about things you overcame to finish your marathon. It pushed me to keep going. Your words do make an impact on me and I'm sure many others! Thank you.

  12. Man, I love those pretzel crisps!

  13. The cat taking the birthday money made me LOL

  14. That's kind of creepy that you took a photo of yourself! But funny too :P

  15. Love those pretzel crisps. I just bought them for the first time the other day...they aren't terribly high in calories when you want something crunchy. :)

    But tell me...where do you buy the baby peppers? And WHERE did you find a basil plant in the middle of the winter?! I want to grow my own so bad!

  16. Sabra hummus is by far the best. Ever. Anywhere. Yum.

  17. That is so funny about taking your picture! I've had dreams where I reached around and turned my alarm clock around and circles and picked up my glasses because I thought I was opening a secret drawer and pulling out something of mystery!

    I'm not big on hummus either but I do like Sabra roasted garlic hummus with pretzels

  18. If you have Safeway where you live, check out the Eating Right hummus flavors. (Spinach & artichoke, roasted red pepper, garlic, and plain.) They have about half the calories of other hummus, and are so good!


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