January 22, 2013

A cold one!

I woke up this morning to the phone ringing--at 5:30 AM! It was the school's automated system calling to say that school was canceled, due to "inclement weather". Translation: it's way too cold to get out of bed.

I couldn't go back to sleep after that, naturally, so I turned on the TV while I was still under my electric blanket. Estelle, Chandler, and Paolo were all on the bed with me, enjoying the warmth as well. And then, at about 6:00, the power went out. I kept waiting for it to flicker and come back on, but it didn't.

 When Jerry got home, we lit some candles so we could see, but I was worrying about freezing to death today. It was -2 degrees, with a windchill of -14. This is the coldest day we've had in four years! The kids woke up, and were very excited that school was canceled, until I they realized the power was out. Then they immediately started complaining that they were bored, naturally.

My little brother Nathan offered to bring over his generator if the power didn't come back on soon, so we at least had a back-up plan. But at around 7:30, the power came back... relief!

The only upside to having no power was that I had a perfect excuse to skip my run, since my treadmill wouldn't work. But when the power came back on, I (reluctantly) got my running clothes on and started running. Tuesdays are my "easy" day, where I just run three miles at whatever pace I feel like running.

I started out at 7.1 mph (and this time I remembered to set my incline at 1%), and just kept bumping up the speed throughout the run. With about a mile to go, I realized I could have a pretty good 5K time, so I decided to increase the speed some more and tack on an extra 0.1 miles to the distance. 

I finished with my best 5K time ever, 24:44 (7:57/mi pace)! I'm going to have to try to do that outside soon.

I got an e-mail from Stephanie with some pictures of some mock-up shirts she did at Zazzle.com. They looked really cute! I looked through some of the shirts, and I really liked the raglan sleeved one, with green sleeves (green is my favorite color).
Isn't it cute? I wasn't planning on ordering a shirt, but now I kind of want one! The race is up to 751 people right now--crazy, right? I think it is SO awesome that so many people are going to be running "with" me on my birthday! (By the way, if you're interested in creating your own shirt, it's super easy--just download and save the graphic, then go to Zazzle.com, or CafePress.com, or another site where you can get shirts made. Choose the shirt you want, and upload the graphic. That's it!)

I think I am getting sick :(  My throat has been sore for a couple of days, I have a headache that won't go away, and I'm SO tired all day long. I feel completely drained. Today, Eli was complaining about his throat hurting, so chances are, we both have the same thing going on. I felt kind of invincible after getting the flu shot, thinking that there was no way I'd get sick--but I've actually felt kind of crummy ever since getting the shot. Could be a coincidence, who knows.

I just really don't want to be sick on Friday! Not just because of the 5K, but because I want to enjoy lunch at La Pita and some drinks at the comedy club.  So far, I feel like I did just before my marathon, with the sore throat and headache. Eventually, that progressed to sinus infection, and bronchitis. I'm praying that this is just a little stress cold or something.

Looking at tomorrow's temps, it looks like it'll be pretty much the same as today. I'm hoping I don't get another 5 AM wake-up call!


  1. It was super cold here today, too. The roads were SCARY! Glad you got your power back so soon!

    Awesome 5K time and I love the shirts!

  2. Congrats on your super time! & what a relief for your power to come back on. Ours was out for a few days beginning Christmas night & it was COLD (for us, anyway). Hope you're all feeling good as new soon & hope I don't get whatever "it" is by reading your blog ; ) I have my 1st 1/2marathon to run in a few weeks & can't afford to miss out on any training!

  3. It is so cold! Hope you aren't getting sick.

  4. Pretty chilly to have the power go out! I'm surprised they canceled school at that temperature though. The law must be different in the US than in Canada. Here it has to be -40F for school and buses to be canceled. I remember as a kid, it was -39.8 and they wouldn't cancel school!

    Then again, it has been 10 years since I've been in school!

  5. I get the flu shot every year, and they always warn me that there's a chance you'll have "mild flu-like symptoms" for a few days because of the shot. Seems kind of backwards to me, but maybe that's what's happening to you!

  6. When I do 7mph on the treadmill for a minute I feel like I am going to die. LOL I can't imagine doing it that long. :) It was very cold here today. The high was in the 20s and for here (central VA) that's pretty cold. It's supposed to snow here Friday and I hope it waits till I can run the 5k! Our neighborhood is too hilly for me to risk running if it's icy, so I hope it does snow it will do it later in the day or it'll just be a dusting.

  7. It's been in the 60's here in Texas! Unforchunately the weather never really gets below the 30's during winter, so there are very few snow days!

  8. That is an AWESOME 5k time! Way to go! That really stinks that your power was out - but thankfully it wasn't for very long. We had a power outage a few years ago the entire week before Christmas. That was SO hard. We ended up dragging a bed into the living room, shutting all the doors, and having a fire in the fireplace. We were all shut in the living room like that for an entire week. I thought I was going to go insane!

    In regards to your sore throat - have you tried Throat Coat tea? http://www.amazon.com/Traditional-Medicinals-29009-Throat-Coat/dp/B0062NEDNY/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1358918068&sr=8-5&keywords=throat+coat I personally can't stand the taste, but it REALLY helps your sore throat. It honestly coats your throat. It tastes like black licorice - but personally I think it tastes like dirt. I'm a heck of a sales person - aren't I? HAHA In all honesty though - when I was in college and I had a performance to do (I'm a singer) and my throat hurt - I turned to this stuff. All of the singers did actually!

  9. I couldn't help it. I went out and tried to recruit a bunch of runners and wannabe-runners to participate this Friday :) It's silly that something as simple as an adorable bib graphic pushed me into a recruiting frenzy but it did LOL. I wasn't going to aim for one race a month for the whole year like I did in 2012, but now I'm so excited about your virtual 5K and I'm already signed up for the Color Run in New Orleans in a couple weeks, that I feel like just saying "wheeeee! here we go! Another year-of-the-race for Ang!" LOL. Thanks for getting me excited again :)

    Sweet dreams. Here's hoping NO early a.m. wake-up calls for you tomorrow!

  10. Here's my tip whenever I feel like I have a cold coming on, I take massive doses of vitamin c and 9/10 times it seems to stop it developing into anything. I did it a couple of times before Christmas and once last week and it worked each time, the sore and scratchy throat and that feeling in the back of the nose disappeared. I took 2000mg vitamin c with zinc in the morning and the same in the evening and it worked for me. Anyway I hope you'll be fine for Friday x

  11. It could be just from having to bump up the heat in the house because it's so cold outside. You might want to try a humidifier/vaporizer for bedtime. It couldn't hurt. I hope it's nothing so you can really enjoy your birthday!!

  12. Try taking steam--hope you feel better for your day.

    I finally went to someones home and got the bib printed out Yay!

  13. That tee-shirt is really cute!

    I can't believe that the race has that many people in it!! WOW! amazing.

    And look at how fast you are getting. Wow. Super impressive.

  14. That shirt is so cute! I may haev to make one down the line for the race. And man that is alot of people.

    I cannot get flu shots. They make me feel nasty just like you are, its no fun!

  15. -14 degrees in Wyoming with a windchill of -40! :)
    I am in hell.

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  17. I made mine yesterday! Have my bib and ready to run!

  18. I made a t-shirt, it won't be here by Friday but at least I will have one! I love the logo!!
    It has been high 70s/low 80s here this week (a week or so ago it was high 20s) I do not miss cold weather!

  19. Man... we have not had hardly any *cold* weather in Oklahoma, the highs have been in the 50's lately. I'm not sure that I'd want -2, but I wouldn't mind something in the 20's-30's? I hope you're not getting sick, too! I absolutely love good Mediterranean food and the comedy club! Hope you still get to go!

  20. Yikes, that is a super-cold morning! Congrats on your 5K time. That's pretty sweet. I love early-morning treadmill running - before the kids are up and I have the house all to myself to just listen to the sound of my feet hitting the strip. Love it.

  21. It was -25 in wi yesterday and they didn't cancel school. I think it has to be at least -30 to cancel. Stay warm!

  22. I want to do the 5K with you do I need to sign up or just let you know that I did it on Friday?
    And Happy Birthday.


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