Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 8 Weigh-in

This week was not as smooth of a ride as far as weight loss goes, as the past seven weeks were. I started running again, and for me, running after some time off always makes my weight loss stall or slow down. I run for reasons other than weight loss, though, so I am okay with that. My weigh in today:

I was 141.5, which means I am down one pound this week. While it's not the two pounds I've been losing, I'm very happy with the loss! My body fat was 25.7%, which is down 0.6% (that's good!), and my waist was at 26.5, which is the same as last week.

I didn't change anything this week, other than the fact that I'm back to running again. I'm only 8.5 pounds from goal now, so I figured the weight loss would slow down sooner or later anyway ;) I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, and hope that I continue to lose. I would love to see the 130's soon, though!

I had a dentist appointment this morning (just a cleaning). My bottom molar has been bothering me a bit more than usual over the past six months, so I mentioned that to the hygienist. When I broke my jaw in 2010, I apparently cracked my molar (just the tiniest amount) and I've had little issues with it now and then. The hygienist did an x-ray to compare it to last time, and she called the dentist in to check it out.

I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, because anything having to do with teeth gives me the heebie jeebies (for lack of a better word, haha!). There is something about teeth that just completely weirds me out.

Anyway, the dentist wanted to 1) tap on the tooth to see if it was painful, and 2) apply freezing cold to my tooth to see if that was painful. I kind of panicked, and told her I'd rather just deal with the occasional twinges of pain that I get from my tooth. She said I would have to see a root canal specialist (!!!), who would probably do it anyway. So, I allowed her to do the tapping and the freezing cold, which surprisingly didn't bother my tooth (although my heart was racing and I was practically hyperventilating).

From the look of the x-ray, she said my tooth is dying (hearing that made me panic even more) and I would need a root canal in the future for sure. To me, there is pretty much nothing more terrifying than a root canal. I've never had one, but the thought of it is worse than anything I've endured (including my jaw surgeries and giving birth twice).

I'm terrified of having it done. The dentist said that as of right now, my tooth is okay if I don't mind dealing with the twinges I get once in a while. Eventually, if it gets to be more painful or more frequent, I should go see the endodontist about having a root canal :( Someone please tell me it's not as bad as I'm imagining...?!

After the dentist, I went to The Salvation Army. While I was there, Andrea texted me to see if I wanted to go to lunch at Panera this week, and I asked if she was available today--so it was totally last minute, but we met at Panera for lunch. I had the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (which is amazing!) and chicken noodle soup.

Normally at restaurants, I tend to order the same thing each time I go; but Panera is one place that I love pretty much everything, so I order different food every time. It never disappoints! I thought that the drink I grabbed was orange flavored sparkling water, but after I poured it into a glass, I realized it was something like sparkling orange juice--with 140 calories! So I didn't end up drinking it.

Tomorrow, Jessica and I have plans to walk 10 miles in the morning. I'm a little nervous--that's a long walk! I think the worst case scenario is that I'll get blisters, because my feet are soft from not running for so long. The Detroit Half is a week from Sunday, though, so I have to get ready to walk it!