Sunday, May 22, 2016

A visit to the Lego store

Yesterday, Jerry and I decided to surprise the kids by taking them to the Lego store. Eli has been really into building things with Legos lately, and he's been working to earn as much money as possible for Lego sets (he cuts the grass at my parents' house, and they pay him for it). The Lego store is pretty far away, at Somerset Collection (a "fancy" mall), so we let the kids withdraw $100 each from their savings accounts and then we made the hour-long drive to the store.

We stopped and had self-serve frozen yogurt on the way there, too. We hadn't done that in nearly a year, and the kids were totally thrilled. Yesterday was my high-calorie day--and thank goodness for that, because I can't seem to just get a tiny portion of fro-yo with fruit toppings or something when I go to places like that, haha. This place even had mini buckeyes for toppings! It was delicious.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Notable Race Experiences

Today is the four-year anniversary of running my first marathon. Can you believe it's been four whole years?! I wish it had been a better experience, but if I'm being honest, it was one of the worst race experiences I've had since becoming a runner. It was 85 degrees with 100% humidity that day, and I was on the course for nearly 5-1/2 hours. I was dealing with a knee injury, and it was causing me problems throughout the whole race. I lost my running partner, Jessica, during the first mile or so (we reunited at mile 20, which was awesome). Due to the heat, I was taking in much more water than normal, and I wound up with terrible stomach cramps in the last 10K of the race--which led to a long bathroom stop in a porta potty that felt like a sauna. Let's just say that I was thrilled when it was over!

Thankfully, I've only had a few races that have been miserable, though. The majority of my races have been good experiences, and a few have been amazing. In honor of the anniversary of my first marathon, I thought I'd reflect back on some more notable races over the last six years.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 40 Weigh-in (and a change to Wed. Weigh-ins)

I'm back! While I did miss you all, I had a really nice week off of the internet. I didn't realize how refreshing it would be--for the most part, I enjoy writing in my blog, but sometimes, I need to just do things without worrying about taking pictures for the blog, or what I'm going to write about. For the last couple of days, though, I was ready to get back to writing. Even though I've been super busy this week, I felt very strange not blogging.

I've done a lot of thinking this week, and I decided to make a change in my weigh-ins. Since I've been going to therapy, I've been working on discovering what contributes to my anxiety--and one of the things that I hadn't realized was having a big effect was actually my weigh-ins. I like the weigh-ins, because they help me feel accountable, and I think that if I stop doing them completely, my weight might get out of control again.

When I was trying to lose weight, I loved weighing in on Wednesdays, because it was fun to see the losses add up each week; but now that I'm trying to maintain my weight (my goal is to stay at or below my "goal weight" of 133), the actual number itself isn't really anything to look forward to. Each week that I stay under 133, I feel like I'm successful, and I am happy with the weigh-in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 39 Weigh-in

I feel like I'm really getting back in the groove of my routine, which is nice. I had a great week, and my weigh in this morning was good:

I was at 128.4, which is up 0.2 from last week, but I don't even really consider that a "gain"--just another successful week on maintenance with a minor fluctuation. My average calories this week were right around 2,200 per day. I'm still gradually trying to find out how much I can eat without gaining weight, and my calories have been increasing ever so slowly over the past several months. When I first started counting calories, I never imagined that I'd be able to eat over 2,000 calories a day and not gain weight! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day cook out

I hope all of you moms out there had a great Mother's Day yesterday! I had a fantastic day with the family. I headed out for my long run in the morning--just five miles--and it was nice to have it done by 8:00. I'd gotten so used to running in the late morning after breakfast, that I forgot how much I enjoyed getting it done early. During the summer, I'll probably get out early every day before it gets too hot. Jerry brought home doughnuts from Monica's for breakfast. I hadn't had a doughnut in a long time, and it sounded so good! I got a glazed sour cream doughnut, and it was delicious.

The boys went to church with my parents, and they each made a gift for me while they were there. They made a bookmark and filled out a sheet about me, which was so cute! Eli's made me laugh out loud: