Saturday, November 22, 2014

Turkey Trot plans

I completely forgot to mention this yesterday, but Renee told me about a little encounter she had at the airport. She ran the NYC Marathon a few weeks ago, and while she was at La Guardia airport, she happened to bump into her high school cross country coach. She didn't think he'd remember her, but she stopped and chatted with him.

Well, it turns out that her high school cross country coach was Kevin Hanson--as in "Hansons Marathon Method"! I've been raving about the Hansons Marathon Method a year and a half, and I'd talked to Renee about it several times. She'd never realized that the "Hanson" part of the method was in reference to her high school cross country coach!

Yesterday, Nathan came over to pick up his pie. I was glad to get it out of the house! But he mentioned that he's going to do the Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot in Detroit, and asked if I would be interested in doing it, too. I've never actually done a turkey trot! Jerry is off work that day, so it would be easy for me to get away (not having to worry about child care).

Nathan said he's doing the "Drumstick Double", which is a 10K followed by a 5K. You get three medals for doing it--one for each race, plus one for doing both. I was tempted, until he told me that the 5K starts exactly one hour after the 10K starts. That means I'd have to run the 10K and make it to the starting line of the 5K in under an hour.

A year ago, that wouldn't have been a problem at all! But my pace is so iffy right now, and I haven't actually raced a 10K in a long time, so I have no idea what I could do. But there really is no bigger motivator to run fast than knowing I have to finish in a certain amount of time so I can do the next race. So I ended up registering for the Drumstick Double this morning.

I'm really nervous! I'm not worried about the 5K, or the number of miles--but my pace for the 10K is what concerns me. To finish under 60 minutes, I'd have to run a 9:39/mi pace. I'm sure I can do that, because my recent half-marathon pace was 9:44; and when I just ran 5.5 miles with Dean, our pace was 9:24. But I need a few minutes as a cushion in order to walk from the finish line to the starting line of the 5K. Ideally, I would finish in about 55:00, which is a pace of 8:51. Possible? Perhaps. Likely? Not really.

According to the McMillan race calculator, and based on my most recent half-marathon time, I should be able to run the 10K in 57:33 (a 9:16 pace). McMillan has always been pretty spot-on for predicting my times with races half-marathon-distance and under. So this is probably what I should aim for.

Even though I'm nervous, I like having this challenge. I kind of miss racing (where I actually push myself hard), so this will be a good indicator of where I'm at. I'm going to try my very best to hit sub-9:00's, and if not that, I'll aim for 9:16. I think I should be okay as long as I hit 9:30's or so. I'm sure the 10K is going to take everything out of me, so it's likely my 5K time will be very slow. ;)

I really like the idea of kicking off Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot! Thanksgiving dinner has never really been a huge temptation for me (except for the sweet potato casserole--love that stuff!), but I am planning to make a pecan pie to bring to my mom's. Pecan pie has about a million points per slice, so running 9.3 miles that morning should cover some of it!

Anyone else running a race on Thanksgiving morning?