January 12, 2013

If I had a million dollars...

I had planned on taking today off of running, but Stephanie asked if I'd like to go for a run with her this morning. She starts half-marathon training Monday (her first!) and invited Renee, Jessica, and I to go for a run today. Jessica wasn't able to, but Renee and I met her at the State Park at 7:30.

I didn't even ask how far we were running, but I figured it would be 5-7 miles, and at an easy pace. I missed Renee and Stephanie, because I haven't seen them in a while, so I really just wanted to go to catch up.

We did a lollipop route around the park, and it ended up being 5.5 miles. It was crazy warm this morning--49 degrees! That's really unusual for January in Michigan. It felt really nice outside. We finished 5.5 miles in 57:49 (10:27/mi pace). Steph took a picture of us when we were done:
You can totally see the bump from my heart rate monitor in front of my rib cage. (That's my only complaint about the Garmin 910xt--the heart rate strap! I liked the old one better).

When I got home, I had to decorate Eli's birthday cake. Jerry baked the cake last night, so I just had to frost it and put the other stuff on it. He wanted an Army cake, so we used chocolate frosting, and then a layer of crushed Oreos to look like dirt. Then we took some toy soldiers and tanks and put those on top.
Not the best looking cake I've ever seen, but Eli really liked it. We had his birthday party today at the roller skating rink. I was really happy that all of the kids he invited actually showed up. Usually, I don't get RSVP's, and I'm always worried nobody will show, and then only a couple of kids show up--but this time, every single person (but one) RSVP'ed. I wrote "call or text" next to my number, and everybody sent a text, so maybe that is the key to getting people to RSVP?!

Anyway, we spent the afternoon at the skating rink, and Eli had a blast with his friends.
Yes, that would be shag carpeting on the walls--the same shag carpeting that was there when I was a kid. The place is extremely retro!

When I cut into the cake, I could tell that Jerry totally overbaked it--neither one of us is good at baking!--so it was pretty easy to resist eating it. I took one bite of Jerry's, and a couple bites of frosting, but stopped there.

What I've been having a problem with the last couple of days is Biscoff spread! When I went grocery shopping, it was way too hard to resist the manager's special:
Those orange stickers beckon me! I hope this means that they won't be selling it at Kroger anymore. I've been counting the PointsPlus in it when I eat some, but it's eating up all of my PP! Last time I bought it, I said I wasn't going to buy it again, and I was fine with that. But the manager's special did me in. I bought two jars, so I think I might have Jerry take the other jar to work to spread the love.

So, lots of people have been asking me, "What's next?" now that I did my marathon and epic Ragnar Relay. The truth is, I have no idea! I have a couple of PR's I want to crush--my 10K (55:05), and my half-marathon (2:02:57, but I really want to hit that sub-2:00). So I think I'll continue to work on speed and hit those goals.

I have no plans to do another full marathon. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to run some Ragnar Relays, but there is no way I could afford to do that more than once a year or so. Ragnars are expensive, because you have to pay for travel, hotel, race cost, van rental, van gas, snacks, and finish line hotel. The trip to Florida cost Jerry and I about $2000--yikes!! (Granted, if I had gone alone, it would have been much cheaper, but we wanted to make a vacation out of it).

I haven't even decided yet what races I am going to do this year. I think I'll run the Martian Meteor 10K for my PR in April. And the Detroit Free Press International Half-Marathon for my sub-2:00. I'm not sure about a spring half-marathon yet, or even if I want to do one this spring. I really do need to come up with a plan, because I feel strange not having a "real" running schedule.

If I had a million dollars, this is what I would do this year:

*Run Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back with my high school friend, Julie, and her team in June
*Visit Andrea in Missouri and cheer her on for her first marathon
*Visit Sarah (and Meredith!) in Arizona, possibly run a race while I'm out there
*Visit John in San Diego, and run Ragnar Relay Las Vegas with John's team
*Visit Ada in San Francisco, and attend the Biggest Loser live finale
*Run a few other Ragnars with teams made up of readers who have shown interest in doing it
*Visit Jen in New Jersey, and run the 5K in NYC with her in November

So many ideas and decisions--it's hard to narrow it down! But fun to think about :)

If money were no object, what fitness-related thing would you splurge on?


  1. I live in Utah and have done Wasatch Back twice. It's pretty difficult because of the elevation and the incline but also really pretty.
    I really enjoy your blog, I saw you on the Today show and it made me cry, it was very inspiring!

  2. I would do every single Disney marathon and half-marthon!

  3. I'd take my mom and spend a few months at one of those health/fitness resorts!

  4. Personal trainer and chef. I need to do a better job of holding myself accountable!

  5. I think I'd have to get a personal trainer who would work with me every day and maybe a personal shopper because I like grocery shopping way too much. Even though I buy mostly healthy stuff, it's way too easy to go bad in the blink of an eye! Congrats on all of your successes:)

  6. I would want to do some international half or full marathons - Europe, Brazil, ect. I would also love to go on an adventure trip - hiking, white water rapid stuff, biking ect.

    Oh and I would totally have a chef to make my healthy meals, a personal trainer to kick my butt on a regular basis and someone to do my hair every day... hate blow drying my hair and its short!

  7. A house cleaner and a personal trainer.

    Then, I'd start traveling the world so I could do a race in every country.

  8. I'd start with new shoes (mine were soaked running in the rain this morning - 1st time I've done 11 miles, 1st time I've run in the rain, clearly I need a back up pair) and a foam roller. AND THEN? I'd go crazy running Disney. I'm doing my 1st 1/2 marathon in February at Disney World, and I have to say it'd be easy to give up if I weren't so looking forward to the trip & the really pretty medal!

  9. I just signed up for my very first triathlon (actually, it's my first race of any kind). If I had loads of money, I would be decking out my new bike. I really wish I could afford to get a couple of nice triathlon suits and I've definitely got my eye on this training tank at Etsy:


    I'm sure there's lots more I would love to get, but I'm sure I'll discover those cool gadgets as I continue with training.

  10. I wouldn't recommend the Las Vegas Ragnar. I participated this year an it was ridiculously unorganized. Some legs even had mileage added to then without telling the runners!

  11. If money were no object... I'd get a personal running form coach. I think my running and speed would improve if I could have someone trained to help me be better. Oh... and who would call me and tell me to get out of bed! Plus... the Disney races. :)

  12. I'd buy the house next door and make it my personal gym/library/craft room. I'm tired of wanting to go to the gym and it isn't open.

    I'd love to do some destination races but I'm not up to distance yet.

  13. If money were no object I would build a KILLER gym in my house. There would be plenty of room for hooping and zumba with friends. Lots of free weights and an elliptical. (I love my treadmill so I'd keep it!) I'd make a special fund just for races and running shoes too. Shoot - there are LOTS of things I'd do if money were no object! I would probably buy lots of nice containers so I could keep all of my healthy foods in reach. I would also hire a master gardener to teach me how the heck to grow vegetables! Ok - I'm done. Now I just need to win the lottery! HAHAHA

  14. If money would be no issue--I would hire a personal trainer, personal chef ;)

  15. Lots of races in Europe while vacationing with Charlie.

  16. Biscoff Spread is like CRACK to me... that and Nutella are "special occasion" treats!...

  17. i would join a super fancy gym, buy WAY more fitness gear/clothing/shoes, and intern at an organic farm so i could learn enough to grow my own fruits & vegetables and raise chickens

  18. I'd love to the Disney Princess half marathon and stay down there for a few days with my husband. We took our kids to Disney last Christmas, and it was one of the most fun times I've had in my life. We'd never been on a big vacation before that and it broke us. haha We're still paying down our credit card. I'd also like to have skin removal surgery at some point. I have another 30-40 pounds to lose, but I hate how my stomach looks and how it hangs and I would love to have surgery, but without our insurance covering it, there is no way we could afford it right now.

  19. Like many, I would have a personal trainer and chef. I'd also hire a counselor so I could really get at the root of why I yo-yo in diet and exercise. In reality, I'd probably have a magic genie that would transform me into a fit and healthy 50+ woman!!

    1. I forgot the counseling on my 'wish list' but I would definitely do that too! Same reasons.

  20. Two words: Tough Mudder. With four kids I can't drop $150 for just a race. I would also love new tri gear. (Whatup, StephieG!) Honestly, after reading everyone else's comments, can I just admit I want it all? ;-)

  21. A personal trainer to keep me motivated, and a personal chef to cook some tasty low-fat dishes. It always tastes better when somebody else cooks!!

  22. If I had the money I would definitely hire a personal running coach, take up triathlons, start visiting a sports doc regularly (to work out the issues with my tight hamstrings/calves) run Disney half (maybe the full?) Sign up for another Ragnar or two, do some international runs with the family and, and...

    I think I just ran out of money again. ;)

  23. PS: the cake is adorable. I hope he had a great birthday!

  24. If I had that kind of money (or ANY kind of money at this point!) I'd definitely get a gym membership with a personal trainer and start working on heavy lifting. I'd hire a nutrition counselor because I feel like I've gotten so much information overload regarding calories and macro's and such, I'm just running in cirlces! I'd get me some new running shoes (it's time anyhow). I'm sure I'd enter a few races, I'm still only at the 5k level but hope to start training for a 10k soon. I'd also get some of the gear I've been lusting after lately, like a foot pod for my garmin 210 to go with my $20 treadmill, and I just saw a flip belt at the running expo I went to yesterday that I really want to get! And I would love to someday do Ragnar with you!

  25. If you ever come out to Seattle let me know. I would love to run with you. We have Ragnar NW Passage in July!! I'm trying to convince Ali Vincent to join my team since she lives in WA state! haha

  26. Your posts have inspired me to do a Ragnar! I was hoping to get a group together for later this year - Vegas or Napa but I don't think it's enough time for everyone to prep and save money. So a friend and I are thinking about forming a group in 2014!

    Loved all of your pics and updates!


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