January 3, 2013

Ragnar team dinner

I reeeeally ought to be going to bed, since the Ragnar is bright and early tomorrow (we have to get there at 6:00 a.m.), but I am just not tired. I'm still so excited about this whole trip!

Meeting the whole team was just so surreal today. I couldn't even keep track of who I met already and who I still had to meet--because we'd been getting to know each other for an entire year on Facebook, I felt like I already knew everyone.

We hung out for a little bit this afternoon in Jerry's and my hotel room, and then we all headed downstairs to go to dinner. We took the vans to dinner, and there were 20 of us (team plus some spouses). We went to a place called Randazzo's, which had Italian American food.

The Today Show was there to film us "meeting", and then we sat down to eat. Holy cow, that was the WORST service ever. The whole team was cracking up because the service and food were SO bad that we thought it was a practical joke-type show (the joke being on us).

Meredith and I were going to split the lemon chicken, and I asked that it be cooked without added butter or oil. The server looked at me like I was insane, and then argued with me about it for a minute--"You mean you want it DRY?" he asked. "I just want it cooked with the lemon and garlic, no oil," I told him. He checked again, and I said, "Yes, dry is fine."

When he brought it out, it was swimming in a pool of butter--literally, there was probably a whole stick of butter in the dish, if not more. When I pointed it out, he got mad and said that's what I ordered. He said, "Well, it has to be fried in SOMETHING."  hahaha, I just said okay, forget it. And I chose not to eat. I had a blast just getting to talk with my team (John is hysterical, and I laughed so hard the whole time).

We were there for over three hours, and not one person got what they ordered, let alone in a timely manner. The servers were extremely rude--so much so that we all found it hilarious. It would take forever to describe the whole situation, but we all agreed that it was awful. So if you're in Miami, I would stay away from Randazzo's. ;)

It was a lot of fun getting to chat with the team, but after spending over three hours there, I was STARVING. It was also too late to decorate our vans at that point, so when we got back to the hotel, Jerry and I walked across the street to Walgreens so that I could buy some dinner. They actually had fresh food there, and I bought some brown rice California rolls and a small bag of pretzel M&M's.

When we got back to the hotel, we ran into John and Angela, who were waiting for some Ragnar crew to drop some things off. I scarfed down the California rolls while I chatted with them, and then I hung around to talk with the crew. They gave us passes to use for the race (well, for Angela to use so that she could film).

While we were standing there, my brother and his girlfriend showed up, so we chatted with them for a while. I had a couple of beers with them outside, then went and talked with Angela and John for a little while before coming back to our room.

Now I'm really going to try and get some sleep so I can get ready to Ragnar tomorrow!!

(For those of you that asked, the Today Show segment about our team is going to be on Thursday, January 10th.)


  1. You should be sleeping!! LOL!! Thanks for keeping us updated, though! I was so surprised to be re-reading the first update and then click "home" when I was done out of habit and find another one!! :D

    Sorry to hear about your awful service, but the story was funny. :)

    Have a blast!!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow to you and your team mates Katie! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. Really enjoying reading your posts! I can totally understand your excitement.
    I just started running (after losing weight) and I signed up for my first Ragner-- in June, Wasach Back.
    Best wishes!

  4. Good luck tomorrow!!! So excited for you!!!

  5. Should have told them you are all famous people who are going to be on TV!!

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  7. Good luck to y'all :) can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. Good luck on your race! Also.. holy crap!!! You didnt pay for the meal did you? I seriously get ticked when people mess up my orders..especially after you made it clear you didnt want any oil!

  9. Just to be nosy, I looked at Reviews for the restaurant you went to. You can tell the "good" reviews were made mostly by the owners, but the real reviews had the same complaints that you and your party did. Good luck today!! It's raining in my part of Florida, hopefully it's dry with you.

  10. Good luck!! I hate sucky service!

  11. I'm so jealous. I've been reading your blog for a while regarding this Ragnar trip, and I so wish I could be there with you. Of course, you wouldn't stand a chance with me on your team (I'm an amateur runner), so it's best I'm not there. But I am enjoying living vicariously through your blog posts.

    Good luck! I'm rooting for you all.

  12. Good luck today!!! I can't wait to hear (read) how it went!!

  13. I find it funny that they saw TV cameras and then treated you so poorly! Crazy.

    Hope you got enough rest and now off to Twitter and Instagram to see how it is going!!

    Is your brother running on a different team?

    1. Hi, Jen from the team here...funny, the owner was there and he was chatting us all up-very friendly and stuff. Then when the cameras left, so did HE!
      The service was SOOO awful it was comical.
      But what food I did get, like the chopped antipasto salad and peppers in oil w/bread, were very good.
      ha ha

  14. Good luck! I'm so excited for you all.

  15. Have fun, post a nice long race re-cap with lots of pics! I run Ragnar in July every year and I'm getting withdrawls!!

    You look beautiful by the way!! Have fun!

  16. Good luck to you and all the team. Can't wait to sethe segment on the Today show. Niecya

  17. Bummer about the meal, but so exciting about the Today Show and the team! Can't wait to watch.

  18. What awful service! Can't wait to read about your race experience! I've been watching the BL episodes as I workout. I'm on season 10 now, Ada's season. Think of you guys as I watch it. Wow, the Today Show?!!! I'll be watching.

  19. I am driving back home and seeing all the runners in your race . so far I have not seen you .I hope you guys are doing great !

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  21. I have been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented. I just had to wish you and your team the best of luck!!!

  22. How fun! John is such a great support on Sparkpeople!

  23. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I just recently started my own weight loss journey/blog & have been looking for inspiring blogs but a lot of them have disappeared. Can't wait to dive into yours, especially when I have a little over 100 lbs to lose myself!!


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