July 26, 2011


First of all, I want to thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last entry. I think I was just overreacting. I need to learn to not be so sensitive! :)

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon combining two kids' bikes together to make one functional bike. There is a little boy that lives a street over from us, and he comes over to play with my boys just about every day. His name is Seth, he's 5 years old, and SO cute. He's extremely talkative and asks 10,000 questions a day--many people would probably be annoyed--but I'm very patient with him because from what I've seen, he doesn't have a great situation at home. Jerry saw his dad yelling at him, and just screaming cuss words left and right, and then grab his bike and throw it up against a tree. We haven't seen any signs of physical abuse, but I hate that his dad screams at him like that. He has the most lively spirit you can imagine in a little boy, and I would hate for his dad to break his spirit.

He hates to go home, and he always comes up with excuses to stay a little longer at my house. I have to keep my doors locked at all times, because he tends to just walk right in my house and start playing ;)  I find it cute, but I don't want him thinking that's okay.  Anyway, he has a bike that's probably 10 years old (he said it used to be his brother's bike)--very rusty and the chain always comes off. I really wanted to buy him a new bike, but I didn't want to step on any toes at his house, so instead, I took Noah's old bike (about 2 years old) that needs new tires and I put Seth's tires on Noah's old bike. Seth was THRILLED and so grateful! He rode it all afternoon. I hope his parents aren't mad that I did that, but I had to put the chain back on his old bike about 6 times yesterday morning, and it was getting ridiculous. I'm happy that it worked out to give him the bike.

I woke up this morning from a dream that I got on the scale and weighed 174 pounds. Yikes! That was a scary feeling. I still haven't weighed myself, but I do keep note of how my clothes are feeling (getting a little tighter this week!)  After this trip to Illinois, I'm going to go back to counting calories (boo!) until I can get under control again. I haven't been binging, but I've been eating too too much. I think I'm probably at the high 140's. I will weigh myself on August 19th (the 2-year anniversary of when I started this weight loss madness).

I just went to Goodwill, where I bought waaay too many clothes. I really was in desperate need of summer clothes--I only had ONE pair of shorts that weren't exercise gear. When all was said and done today, I had spent $86 and I got:  3 summer dresses (all with original tags on them!), 3 skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 pairs of shoes, a purse, a tote bag, 9 shirts, and a couple of toys for my kids.
Just a few of my favorite items:
All my new shoes... grand total of $12

Love these American Eagle shorts... the perfect length (knee length)

Cute tote bag

Sundress with built in bra :)

LOVE this dress!!

This looks much cuter on me than on the hanger ;)

Comfy skirt with shorts underneath

A pretty, feminine skirt

A cute American Eagle top

Love this shirt too
I would have done a fashion show for you, but my photographer (Jerry) is at work. So you're stuck with the hangers. I'm so relieved to have clothes that I'm not going to sweat to death in. I also discovered that having small boobs is very convenient, because I can go braless with all 3 of the summer dresses I bought.

Do you ever shop at thrift stores? That is the ONLY place that I buy clothes (and garage sales, of course). I was in a store a couple of years ago (I think Elder Beerman) and I looked around and just thought about how wasteful (as a country) it seems to have all those brand new items when there are tons of used things that we could have instead. Ever since that moment, I've been buying my clothes from thrift stores (with the exception of running shoes and a couple of items I haven't been able to buy used).
Last Christmas, Jerry and I were shopping at a thrift store with the kids, and a woman said "Merry Christmas!" to Jerry and shook his hand. She had slipped a bill into his hand, and he thought maybe she was giving him a dollar to buy a toy for the kids, but he looked down and it was a $50 bill! The lady left the store with her husband before we even got a chance to thank them, but how generous was that?!  We were having a rough time financially because I had just broken my jaw and Jerry took a couple of weeks off work to care for me--so we were SO grateful for the extra money!  I would love to be able to pay it forward one day ;) 


  1. I love thrift store shopping - with my sizes changing as much as they have this past year, I've become a regular there! At first I bought my jeans new because it was a new experience to be able to shop at a non-plus size store, but now I'm more interested in saving money and building up my smaller wardrobe a bit. My favorites are sale days, I can get a t-shirt to work out in for 49 cents!

  2. Katie, you already DID pay it forward! You gave Seth that bike! Unlike the woman who gave you the money, you're lucky in that you get to see Seth enjoy that gift every time he rides past your house or in your driveway!

    I have not shopped in thrift stores, but I would like to! I do get some great items on the clearance rack at Kohl's, though. I earned a gift card to Fashion Bug from one of my survey sites, so I want to head there in the next few days since I have a $5 coupon that expires 7/31. Last time I checked I was in a size 8!!! I don't ever remember seeing that size on any of my clothes, EVER. I think my smallest size was in high school and the pants were a 14. I'm beyond ecstatic!

  3. I don't shop in thrift stores but I do drop clothes there when I get too big or too small for them. :)

    When I was younger and made less money I did some thrift store shopping. It is a smart way to go.

  4. Hi Katie!!! Woo Hoo...GREAT thrift store finds! I've recently started shopping at thrift stores, I'm smaller than I was last summer, but larger than I hope to be NEXT summer, so while I'm in "transition" this seems to be best. And WOW....some of these places are a goldmine!!!! I've got some AMAZING finds and deals. I think even after I'm at goal weight, I'll shop this way. Awww..so sweet of the lady last Christmas. I have NO doubt in my mind that you'll pay it forward at some point!! Have a great day.

  5. You are a girl after my own heart-I feel the cosmos brought us together. I too am a thriftaholic. We should form a club!

    It is so nice of you to treat the little guy so good. I think some people dismiss kids as annoying when they truly need some positive attention.

  6. I lurve thrift stores! Even though my weight has been stable for a long time, I still shop in thrift stores. I cannot bring myself to pay full price for designer duds, and the kmart/target store brands just don't do it for me. Thrift is the solution!

  7. You and me are two peas in a pod! I buy only from thrift as well, it's just ridiculous the amount of stuff you can get at Goodwill (thats brand new!!) compared to what you get at a department store! I really don't like it when people get uppity about buying used items...are we really that snobby as a country lol!???!!

  8. I loooove thrifting. I've had a harder time getting things other than dresses and accessories, but I can sometimes score when I have a very specific item in mind. It gets overwhelming to walk into one of those stores without any direction.
    Also, I LOVE housewares/furniture from thrift stores. I have found some amazing furniture (non ikea/target/cheap crap) for close to nothing at these places.

  9. thrify.. its part of the scout motto. been living it all my life! but for sure i love goodwill, especially right now where i know i wont be wearing the current size im at for much longer because i only got here a few weeks ago and already my clothes are getting baggy. so spending 3 bucks on an outfit isn't so bad!

  10. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    My husband and I have four kids and with the exception of socks and underwear I buy everything from thrift stores. In my opinion it is the only way to go.

  11. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    I also love thrift store shopping. I haven't found any down here in MD that I like though. We used to go to the Salv Army in Rochester Hills in Michigan a lot as they always had really good quality clothes for cheeeeep and I loved that. I'll keep looking here though as I love getting a bargain. I seem to have better luck finding things I like that fit at thrift stores.

  12. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    I used to shop almost exclusively at thrift stores when i was in my late teens / early twenties. Then once I started working, going to grad school at night life got too hectic. Now i have 2 little boys and am so glad that you reminded me that thrift stores are a great source of clothes - cheaper than buying new, chance to find some amazing vintage items and so much better for the planet. With kids who grow like weeds it could save me a bundle.

    Thanks for the post - you've planted a seed for my weekend shopping.

  13. I think you did indeed "pay it forward," by not only letting your neighbor boy have your son's old bike, but my allowing him in your life everyday.
    Love all the clothes you got, now I'm thinking I might have to try thrift store shopping.

  14. this is a fantastic post!
    it's so wonderful of you to have helped out that little boy with a bike! <3
    and i LOVE the clothes that you bought! what awesome deals! I am absolutely a big fan of thrift shopping!! but i do find their prices seem to be climbing higher and higher(at least that's the case here in canada!) I sure wouldn't buy a tshirt for 5.99 there when i can find them cheaper at oldnavy new!
    But anywho! lol.
    And i love that whole pay it forward thing! I hear of so many people that do that! soooo wonderful! I don't think that i've ever been a recipient(i think i'd for sure remember!!) and i sure wish i could be one of those awesome people who pays for the car behind them at starbucks or whatever..

    Anywho! Keep smiling! :)

  15. Hi thanks for this post you inspired me to go to an consignment store in my area where I found jeans for my 8 and 9 year old girls for $1 a piece, some even had tags on them too. You have open a light bulb in my head about shopping now. Thanks, and how is the grocery shopping budget going, it is so hard for me to stick a budget when I go, I do try though. I really love your blog, you are so real when it come to issues and I love that! You stick to what works for you to meet your goal too, people need to realize that people are different and what works for them may not work for you :)

  16. Hello there. I happened to run into your info on Sparkpeople today and I think it was meant to be. Three years ago I lost 70 pounds and have kept it off for the most part. I have been really stressed out the last few months and gained back 10 pounds. I have been beating myself up and feeling awful that I let it go. Reading your story has shown me that people do vary and gain a few then lose a few and we are not failures just because we aren't perfect. A big thank you to you today, you have helped me get inspired again!


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