July 29, 2011

Worst drive ever

We left home at about 6:30 last night to head to Illinois. I will start by saying the ride was HORRIBLE. I seriously thought we were going to die. (I will also inform you that I forgot to take a Xanax before we left, which I usually have to do because I have pretty bad anxiety in the car). But we were driving along I-94 E and there was a TON of construction, which was annoying. But the worst was all of the thunderstorms.

We could see an bunch of lightening ahead of us, and then about 5 minutes later, it started POURING rain. I was panicking because I couldn't see a foot in front of the car. Jerry kept telling me it was okay, but I was still really worried about it. Thankfully, the kids were asleep so they didn't see me freaking out. We ended up driving through 5 thunderstorms, 3 of which were zero-visibility. We finally arrived at my sister's house at about 1:00 in the morning (her time--it would have been 2:00 AM in Michigan).

We stayed up for a little and then finally went to bed. In the morning, my sister had a scavenger/clue hunt set up for the boys. She gave them the first clue, and they had to go find the next clue, etc, until they found their prize at the end. She always does this when they go visit, and they love it!

Opening their gifts--Pokegon cards, which they love right now
After that, we headed to a hands-on museum. The kids had a lot of fun there, but I think I had more fun than they did :)  There was a body exhibit, that focused on having a healthy body. I did a flexibility test, a "hang" test to see how long I could hang from a bar, some sort of balance test, etc. I did pretty well! I wish I had written down my test results when I did this a few years ago at 250+ pounds, just to compare.

A "sit and reach" test... I scored "excellent" for my age at 18.5 inches

Holding on as long as I could... I scored way above average

This was fun! I had to create menus based on the criteria the computer gave me... you KNOW I rocked that test!
Jerry and I played a little game kind of like Battleship
Attempting "Chopsticks" on a keyboard ;)  I failed miserably.
In a mirror maze
 After the science center, we went to my sister's friend's house to let the boys swim. I didn't bring a suit, so I just sat by the pool and relaxed. Jerry wanted to swim, and he didn't bring a suit either, so he borrowed a bikini bottom from my sister... it was HILARIOUS. I won't post the pictures I took of that ;)
We're just going to hang out at my sister's house tonight, and order some really good Chicago-style pizza for a late dinner. My boys just took my sister's dogs for a walk--it was so cute! She has basset hounds, named Remington and Lucy.
Lucy is on the left with Noah, and Remy is on the right with Eli.

Tomorrow, Jerry and I will head to Madison for the night!! I'm super excited about that. Thanks for all the suggestions on things to do and places to eat! I can't wait to check out the farmer's market, and my husband was THRILLED to hear about a place where he can get a pasty. He loves those things!


  1. Chopsticks in heels? I can't even WALK in heels let alone HOP in them! I went clothes shopping with my husband the other day (I'm in a size 8 in Kohl's AND Fashion Bug! WOO HOO!) and he saw a pair of strappy heels, he was almost pining for them, but he knows it's never going to happen! I'm just not that girl, no matter how much weight I've lost! Have a great time on your date night!

  2. Aww it looks like you had so much fun!

    I love pastys too <3

  3. How fun! Seriously I wanna go!

    Your hubby sounds hilarious, especially letting you get away taking pictures of the bikini bottoms. Ha ha!

  4. yay for pasty!
    Is the hands on museum, the same thing as the city museum? I've always wanted to go there.


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