July 09, 2011

Obesity hurts the ones you love

Okay, I'm cracking up at that title, because I mean it quite literally. I've had a not-so-great day because of this. I was brushing Chandler, my cat, and I realized his fur was kind of gross. I don't know how else to describe it. So I showed Jerry, and we realized that we hadn't seen Chandler groom more than his face and paws in a long time. Apparently, my cat has gotten so fucking fat that he's unable to groom himself anymore!

I decided that I was going to give him a bath and then put him on a diet. He's never had a bath before, so I wasn't expecting it to go well. That was an understatement.

The second I put him in the tub, he started making these noises like I was stabbing him to death. And about ten seconds later, he bit my hand so hard that I felt his canine tooth puncture DEEP into me and he just held it there. After a few seconds I got my hand free, and I was shocked. He's never bitten anyone before, let alone ME. And the puncture wound was really deep. It didn't look bad from the surface, but I saw how deep his tooth went into my skin.

It looks like a small scratch, but it was really deep!

I immediately flushed it out with peroxide. Shortly after, the pain set in, and it hurt so bad that I sobbed. I know that cat bites can be bad and almost always get infected, so I decided to go to Urgent Care. This was at 3:00, and Jerry had to leave for work at 4:45, which I hoped would be plenty of time. I sat in the waiting room until almost 4:00, and then I just had to leave without seeing the doctor. I didn't have my cell with me, so I couldn't call Jerry. When I got home, my hand was hurting so badly that Jerry told me to go back and he would just use a vacation day today.

I went back to Urgent Care, and they gave me a tetanus shot and antibiotics. My left arm is throbbing from the shot, and my right hand is in horrible pain from the bite. My hand is REALLY swollen now, too.

Oh! I asked the medical assistant if she could tell me what my highest recorded weight was, and it was 254. I've always thought my highest was 253. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but my "dream" goal can now be 127 (to be half my size) instead of 126 :)

Anyways, I actually got to go on a bike ride sans kids today! I rode 7.3 miles, and WOW--what a workout! I always thought biking seemed so much easier than running, but that was tough. I was hoping to do 10 miles, but my thighs were killing me (in an awesome workout kind of way).

I rode on some roads that didn't have shoulders, and that was terrifying. I'll never do that again! I kept praying I wouldn't get smoked by a car.

Across the lake is the peninsula I like to run on

This road didn't have shoulders, but I didn't encounter any cars, either.

This road was TERRIFYING. Tons of cars, no shoulders, and a shitty road.

We just went to a graduation party next door, and they have slices of cake the size of my head. I'm dead serious! You all know my love affair with buttercream frosting... well I split a piece of cake with Noah, even though I was SO tempted to eat a whole piece. They had some of the food catered by one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Jerry and I used to eat it all the time when we were fat. I hadn't eat it in 2 years. Today I took a small scoop of their mostaccioli and savored every bite. Very satisfying! Again, tempted to eat more, but I didn't.

What is the most tempting food that you come across at parties? Mine is definitely cake! Especially with lots of frosting.


  1. I ran across your blog a couple of weeks ago and kept thinking that I had seen you somewhere. I just realized that I had seen you on Spark! I also thought biking would be easier than jogging. I see I was mistaken. At parties I also have trouble with cake, but chips and any kind of cheese dip are my nemesis too!

  2. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    I love how Chandler is hanging his head in shame! I'm guessing he didn't get that bath and will be heading to the groomers in the future? I hope you're ok!

    I just started following your blog since seeing your success story on FB. I find that reading other people's successes help inspire me and keep me going. I started this particular journey on 8/17/09 and I've since lost 73 pounds. I discovered myfitnesspal.com in April and I've lost over 25 pounds finally counting calories and eating consciously.

    I started running last March when my husband asked me while watching the Biggest Loser marathon if I ever thought of doing that. I knew I had to start small, so I headed to the hs track and started walking. I was 229 pounds then. I gradually added some running intervals until I could run about a mile. Then I found C25K and I followed that from week 4 or 5. I actually love running. I do get anxious before every run I do, wondering if I can get through it and push myself harder this time... My husband and I are running a 5K on 8/7 in Yankee Stadium. I can't wait!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I love following your progress and you're hysterical! One question? Do you recommend the Garmin you are wearing and will I need a PhD in order to work the dang thing?

    Linda Kuil

  3. I can't believe your cat bit you????.....he must have been so scared of the water......

    Party's always get me with the breads, spreads, kielbasa, cheese and chips.....I am a salt freak

  4. I'm with Bonnie - give me some salt!! I can say no to icing, but I do love cake and cookies. And bread. Oh, boy, do I love bread. Wanna know my real weakness at a party? Beer and wine. Mmmmmm. I have discovered I can eat like a pig and somehow burn off the calories within the week, but when I get to drinking it takes my body a couple weeks to recover and show ANY loss! I guess I could be honest at this point and say I can only eat so much when pigging out, but there really appears to be no limit with the drinking. Sorry, I'm all about total honesty these days. :)

    I love your blog. Thanks for being here!! I also love fat cats. Diet-shmiet. Just don't try to bathe him again!!

  5. @e655c450-aa8b-11e0-a32b-000bcdca4d7a
    I love love LOVE my Garmin! I cannot bring myself to run (or now bike) without it. It helps me to be competitive with myself, and always strive to go a little faster or a little farther on my runs. I love that you don't have to plan out a route before you go--you just run wherever you want and it tells you how far you've gone.
    It's not hard to use--you may have to use the manual the first few times until you get used to it, but you'll pick up on it fast.
    FYI--Mine is the Garmin Forerunner 305, which has a heart rate monitor. There is a 205 that is the same, only cheaper and without the heart rate monitor.

  6. Yow! Our cat goes crazy when we try to do things he doesn't like (like make him take meds) but he doesn't bite. Instead he does a lot of scratching, high-pitched yowling, and foams a lot at the mouth. We usually wrap him up in a quilt before attempting things like that...I can't imagine trying to give him a bath!

    Deadliest party foods for me are potato chips and pizza. Both are binge-inducing foods in a person who doesn't normally binge on things.

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  8. I had a cat that was terribly afraid of water - she actually climbed the tile wall by sticking her nails in the grout once when we tried to bathe her. It was bizarre.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

    At parties I get sucked into the chips even though I am not a big chip eater usually - it's so hard to have just a few!

  9. I really dont have anything I like at parties. I love chocolate.. That is a big downfall for me. I dont have any pets I have a big heart but with my boys and being a clean freak I am constantly cleaning it seems like. I dont want a pet to add to that madness....

  10. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE buttercream frosing! In my family instead of birthday cakes we always got the giant cookie cakes from Mrs. Fields covered in buttercream frosting. To this day when I see those giant frosting covered cookies I slober a little. Damn cookies! I would say anything with buttercream frosting is hard for me to stay away from but I also fight with staying away from chips and dips too. : )

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  11. Chandler was not a happy bather! Maybe if you had given him candles and a toy boat, and perhaps joined him the tub? (you know--like on Friends?) Hope your hand gets well soon.
    My favorite food at parties is wedding mints. Well I guess that would be at wedding parties. I also love any kind of chips and dip!
    I think it's interesting you asked at the doctor's office how much you weighed at the most. I had to do the same thing. I didn't own a scale back then--what was the point--it was too depressing! Good to know you only need to get to 127 to achieve your dream. Although I think you're living a dream right now!!! Well except for the cat bite that is!

  12. buttercream frosting is the devil! i could eat it all day long!!!! and my mom had to go and buy a damn cake on clearance last week that was covered in buttercream frosting! i didnt eat the cake right away but by the end of the day i was taking my finger to the side of the box scooping up the icing that got left from where other people had taken pieces of cake!


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