July 28, 2011

24 Hours

THAT is how long it took me to eat an entire box of cereal.

Thanks to Krista at My Journey to a Healthy Berg, I was introduced to Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Raisin Granola. She said it tasted exactly like an oatmeal raisin cookie... so naturally, I HAD to buy it. She wasn't joking about it tasting like a cookie!! Difference is, Krista used a measuring cup for her portion. My measuring cups were dirty I chose to pour the granola straight into the bowl. Twice. For breakfast. Then two more times. For lunch. If I didn't have a family to feed, I would have finished it off for dinner, but I waited until the following morning (yesterday) to eat the rest. I got 5 bowls out of it--and the box stated 8 servings.

I deliberately didn't even look at the ingredients when I bought it, because when something sounds too good to be true (oatmeal cookies for breakfast?!) then it probably is. Of course I checked the ingredients after I ate it, though. And I was right. The second ingredient is... SUGAR. Big surprise, right? ;)

See? I'm SHOCKED that cereal that tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies has 16 grams of sugar per serving. It wasn't that good, though, so don't buy it. IT WAS WORTH EVERY CALORIE!!!  Really. Don't buy it. TRY IT!!!

I took advantage of the sugar high by cleaning the fuck out of my house. My friend Renee is going to be coming over daily to take care of my cats when we're away. When we had two cats, we could just leave a ton of food and water out for them... but with FOUR, the litter box needs to be cleaned at least once a day. Ugh. So I didn't want her to see my disgusting house that I've been too busy to clean properly, so I mopped and dusted and vacuumed. It'll be nice to come home to a clean house, so I'm glad I got it done.

I went for a 30-minute bike ride and a HUGE bug flew right into my arm. I heard a crunch when it hit, and then looked down. Just under my shoulder, there was a big plop of poop? dirt? guts? something or other on my arm. I left it there just so that I could take a picture when I got home and show it to you. I know, I'm so thoughtful!
Gross, right? Bug poop or guts.
Well, I would love to write more, but I have to finish packing for our trip. I'm running out of time! We leave when my husband gets home from work. I'll try to blog while I'm at my sister's house, but I'm not promising anything ;)


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    You're too funny!
    Good thing I don't like raisins...
    And not only is sugar the second "total" ingredient, but it's also the second ingredient in the crisp rice!

  2. Hmmm...I wonder if the cereal comes without raisins. I like raisins but not in my cookies. :)

  3. http://www.cascadianfarm.com/products/product_detail.aspx?cat=8&upc=0-21908-40772-2

    They make a chocolate almond granola!! I just happen to be stopping at the grocery store tonight. :)

  4. Absolutely hilarious blog. Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. By the way, the word I had to type to confirm myself before it would post my comment was URLORPO. Now that's the funniest word yet!

  6. I love oatmeal raisin cookies. I'm just going right for the cookies. Haha!

  7. Cookies for breakfast! I totally want some of that granola!!!! Cascadian Farm makes some amazing granola bars, too. YUM.

    Nice bug guts! Some nights I come from from my run clean, and other nights I'm covered in gross stuff.

  8. Haha - I had the same exact problem with this granola. It is so good. My husband likes it and when we buy it, I have to put it up high on top of the cupboards to keep me out of it.

  9. oh gross. i totally swallowed my first bug on a night bike ride last night. i almost choked on the bastard. ick!

  10. Haha isn't that cereal SO good?! I need to tell my mom not to buy it anymore...oh, and that whole measuring cup thing lasted one day.

  11. OMG you're friggin hilarious. Yeah, I'm not even going to try that cereal. I don't think I would be able to control myself. Thanks for being the guinea pig on this one.

  12. Cascadian Farms=NO WILLPOWER for me. What's really bad? I usually eat 2/3 cup (yes, I measure!) with 1 cup of Greek yogurt. For breakfast. A LOT. Sing it with me, "Sugar high!"


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