March 05, 2023

On This Day (March 5)

As I mentioned yesterday, I just needed a break from the blog. I've been super productive getting things done around the house, though! I'm going to do another (almost) wordless post today and then back to the grind tomorrow with Jerry's weigh-in.

Here are a few pictures from March 5 in previous years. March 5 apparently wasn't a very good day for taking photos, because I don't have many. And the ones I do have aren't super exciting!

Eli LOVED playing Army when he was little, and his creative mind saw these Sorry! game pieces as cannons.

Jessica and I had a 13-mile run on the schedule when we were marathon training, and it was a bummer we wouldn't get anything for running a half-marathon. So, I made some Runs for Cookies half-marathon "medals" out of paper and ribbon, haha.

This is just an aviator hat that I made for Luke--he was born three days later.

And this is Duck with his paper balls. He brings them over to his bowl, but as you can see, they don't really make it in there! He's patiently waiting for me to pick them up and throw them again.

Okay, I'm going to continue to work on spring cleaning and I'll write a "real" post tomorrow!


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