March 07, 2023

Jerry Loses His Dad Bod: Week 8

This week went by so quickly I'm not even really sure what to say about it. I definitely noticed Jerry being more careful about his portions and about how much food he takes to work with him (he is always saying that he takes too much and if he brings it with him, he eats it--whether he's hungry or not). It's been kind of nice having us both on the same page as far as our eating habits go, though!

I won't speak for Jerry about his week, so I'll shift the spotlight over to him...

Welcome back to another episode of 'Jerry Loses His Dad Bod'. I'm your host, Jerry. And I'm trying to lose my dad bod. Over the last couple weeks it's been increasingly difficult to get the weight off. I do feel like there is a plateau and I've run right into it.

I'm only down 0.2 from before. Does that even count? I started at 193.6 at the beginning of this dad bod thing. 

Think of the weight loss as the cartoon road runner... and that would make ME Wile E. Coyote. All my weight loss ideas and attempts I make are ACME products and I just keep getting blown up or run into the ground. I'm always going back to the drawing board and trying to figure out what went wrong. I've come to the following conclusions: 

1. I need to start weighing or measuring out my food. My portions might be too big. I always make excuses in my head about the fact that the food I eat is plant-based. However, calories are calories in the long run. I haven't been super snacky, and I have been eating more fruits. But, ultimately, I have been eating too large portions of feed and it's getting me. 

2. Exercise. I ran once last week and felt okay. I didn't push myself too hard and stopped when I started to feel pain in my knees. In the past I've run through the pain to finish a run. I'm thinking it's only made my knees worse. So, I'm going to finally listen to Katie and just start slow and build up to the milage I want and stop when the pain comes. 

Overall, I think of myself as healthier than a lot of people my age. All of my numbers have always been good. And I am making progress, very slow as it may be. 

Stuff on the horizon... well, I'm trying to fix my car which wouldn't start the other day. I found that the battery was dead and needed to be replaced. Normally it's an easy fix by just replacing the battery but the cable end on one of the battery posts was somehow fused to the post and the terminal pulled completely from the battery. I'm waiting on parts to finish that up. Katie's already working on making a sexy calendar of me posing in front of my hot rod.

Season 3 of Star Wars; The Mandalorian started last week and I'm waiting for the kids to both be home so we can all watch it together, and I'm excited for that. 

Anyways, thanks for reading. Always. Your comments are always welcome and always so nice. Til next week, this is the way. 

Katie here again. I really like reading Jerry's thoughts each week--we don't normally talk about our eating habits, so it's kind of news to me too when I read his post every Tuesday. I can definitely echo a lot of his thoughts--especially about using vegan/plant-based food as a reason to eat more. Even though it's totally subconscious, I think that sometimes because of my vegan diet, I probably eat more than I should. (And yes, I did just recently write about how it's very possible to eat an unhealthy vegan diet!)

Well, my weigh-in is tomorrow and even though I've had a good week, I don't expect to see a big loss on the scale. All week, my weight has been up a touch from last week. I'm drinking lots of water today, so hopefully it'll help me let go of enough water weight to see a tiny loss on the scale! One of the most frustrating parts about losing weight is when you know you've done really well but it's just not reflected on the scale. I think that's a critical point, though--it's super easy to quit then--so if we keep going, it'll catch up eventually.

Now I need to go take a hot shower. I was working on the storm door outside and it's 30℉; it doesn't sound too cold for Michigan, but when you're standing out there for a couple of hours, the cold goes right into your bones. It feels impossible to get warm! 


  1. My recent "excuse" for eating too much has been not feeling well. While many people eat less when they don't feel good, I think I need a reward and any sense or plan goes out the window. Good luck!

  2. Jerry, those are nice poses. And Katie has a good idea about the calendar. And I know it's cold out there, but you're really over-dressed for the poses,,,haha!

  3. As someone who seems to gain & lose the same few pounds, Jerry should be pleased he lost about pounds & has kept it off. I hope it gets better for him.


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